Thursday, May 29, 2014


Here is what's going to happen... The private exchanges will happen first!!! Then the general public will be allowed to exchange!!! That's the way it will go like it or not!!! The private exchanges are taking place right now!!! Let's all be just a little more patient!!!
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My Guesswork: Who is watching the results of the Bilderberg meeting?

BRICS economies are rising under stress, about to skyrocket Must be using Russian thrusters.

US is detouring the GCR.

UN is MAD about the delays / tactics, doesn't want any more excuses from the US.

The Clock is ticking.

Right now, heads are rolling, Today, but US is claiming they are too busy right now.

A group is trying to eliminate the scoundrels / thieves / malfeasants,
Opposition / struggle of final deliveries are being squashed.

The  bad guys are arming up, but we should keep calm, good always triumphs over evil.

The final confrontation / showdown and indictments / penalties are being delivered by citizen activists, citizen journalists.

Hong Kong platforms showing trillions in bonds flowing.

Sunday, flows of humanitarian funding coming soon in the trillions.
Bank platforms ready right now, confirmed.

So we wait some more for the imminent things to happen that always get stalled.
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