Monday, January 22, 2018

An interesting response to a craigslist rant I found. - Food for thought

 I posted this because it seems to reflect a reality that many try to ignore. I have been through two divorces and when I read this it was a perfect fit for my experiences. ~Freewill

The woman that posted the original post "Question for the men" but later deleted her post, was whining how men treated her unfairly in her past relationships. 

She was likely falling for the bad boy type in her younger years and now she wants a nice beta male simp to cater to her. She let the bad boy type use her and allow them have her beauty and youth be used up by them, and now she wants a 'nice guy' to get the left overs. She was hoping to be pitied, but instead she got called out on being a chameleon and got spanked for it. If someone is triggered by me calling out this chameleon, it's not my problem. You chose feminism, and you shouldn't need a man anymore. You are 'strong' woman, remember that when you're loading heaving stuff at Home Depot. YOU DON'T NEED A MAN. All men know that relationships lead to marriage, and marriage leads to a nagging, man-bashing wife, and in most cases step children that despise a man. And dare a man disagree with his feminist wife, she turns into an eye bulging, neck popping short-fused gorilla. And if a man does not want to get married all together, he is labeled an asshole and looked upon as having used a woman just for sex. Hence feminists coined the saying that all men only care about sex (because no one wants to deal with a nagging wife and her step children that despise a man and walk all over him). These women quickly lose abstract thinking when they are being called out. I am not saying that ALL women are this way. There are very few women that treat their husbands proper and fulfill their role in the family. But a few good women does not make MANY batshit crazy chameleons good. Hence the "I am not like everybody else", what a woman really means is "I am better than all other women, you should choose me over them". For some reason women think that when men see positive qualities of one woman, and they will magically sprinkle vaginal yeast on the rest of the women out there, and those women will rise to the top like the loaf of bread. Haven't you ever noticed that when one woman is honored with an achievement, all the surrounding women get that sparkle in their eyes, and they believe that just because one woman is being honored, they too are receiving a part of that honor. For some odd reason women think that men give good accomplishments to all women based on a few good women. So, by sharing your sob story, and telling all the men on here that you treated your past boyfriends well, you want all the men on here to believe that you are one of the very few good women out there. Which I call bs. There are too many "I am not like everybody else" copycats out there, and a man buying into this lie is the same as a man playing a Russian roulette.

In western society, men are being taught since grade school that if they become good, polite beta males, that there will be a golden honey pot at the end of a timber rainbow. Instead there is nothing more than a bunch of women that look like used up leprechauns polishing their gold plated fool's hole. Divorce rate is all time high, and men are starting to realize that the cards are stacked against them. Women chose the state to be their McDaddy, and the husband gets taken to the cleaners, and in some cases commits suicide because the ex-wife lied to the judge that her husband is physically and emotionally abusive and should not be allowed to see his kids. And shortly after the divorce is finalized, the ex-wife is showing off her new bling on instagram and facebook, and spinning the tinder cock carousel. After the divorce, most of these women feel liberated and emancipated as if they were being held hostage in marriage, or not allowed to breathe.

"Expectations also lie behind the curious finding that performing household chores makes men statistically less likely to become depressed but contributes to depression in women. Taking on housework seems to encourage men to judge themselves as generally likeable, fair-minded dudes, kindly reducing their wives' load. On the other hand, taking on housework seems to make women feel exploited."
The Guardian

I think most women reading this get the point. If you say that you don't need men, then your only other agenda for having a man in your life is to use him for his resources, waste his time, and to exploit him to be your emotional tampon and be your target practice when your narcissistic mood strikes and you become a self-centered short-fused gorilla. Women are quick to band together when bashing men. "Aren't you a gentleman?" usually follows suit, in other words, being a gentleman means being a suck up. How come women don't band together and buy each other lunches, drinks, and take each other to the movies? What the hell do you need men for if they are so terrible in your words? I will tell you what you need men for. You're sick of your girlfriends' gossip, jealousy, and drama. You want an old-fashioned, dominant man like your father once was. So you come here asking men for advice while pretending to be a victim and hoping to be pitied. The only men that will pity you are the beta male manginas that you will soon come to despise.


Anonymous said...

Being a woman, just got to say that I didn't like being around other women while growing up as they were always catty, jealous, mean, and gossiped all the time about others. I stay away from women like this as I don't have time or my brain to waste on this type of emotional vampires, real brain drains and accomplish nothing. I always though the guys were so much more interesting and learned a lot from them. Used to hang out and watch my dad working on the cars and stuff and asked him lots of questions. My dad was really a nice guy. Used to open my mother's and my door all of the time on car, house, wherever and everyone liked him because he used to help people and do things for others. It would be wonderful to have a guy like this for any woman. Women have allowed themselves to be brainwashed by people like Gloria Steinham, Merle Streep, Streisand and all of the other messed up activists. They are commies and this is how they achieve their goals of destroying the family. Too bad!

Freewill said...

I wish there were many more like you. The world would be a much better place.
Most men love to shape their world around a good woman. A good woman seldom realizes what she means to a good man. I watched my grandparents celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary and they knew exactly what they were to each other.

Anonymous said...

Freewill I agree with your analysis. I to have a PHD in marriage and on #4. What a minute don't presume it is a deadly tool that wives have to destroy relationships. 1st marriage 12 years 2 great sons and a wife that had a 3 year relationship with my brother! Not a wise thing to do to a Vietnam Vet raised in Chicago. Gave it all to her for my Boys and started again after all she was a stay at home Mom at her choice. Then 7 years on #2 and pushed her career to double her income but I found a greater love in the bible so from party animal to pulpit animal. Can't disagree but really appreciated and loved the honesty and split the wealth.. #3 was 12 years a supposed Christian women with twin daughters I raised and prepared thru college. Love the girls but Mom needed a midlife crisis love to feel complete while I thought retiring at 48 to have a full relationship was the answer for the rest of my life.Split the houses and went onto retirement and investments and still the bible. By 56 years old I met a foreign woman, never married, not dating at 33 years old living under the authority of her Father as Asians normally do outside of America. We were blessed with a son at 60 years old and have chosen to live outside of America and now in our 13th year of marriage. Going to be 70 years old this year with 2 sons that are internationally known chefs disciplined, focused, successful and one never married and the other just married a foreign woman of another race while raising my 10 years old son as a stay at home retired Dad of 22 years. Lots of thoughts and discussions with my boys and all have agreed I can endure long term relationships, spouses either grow together or apart in truth and most important foreign women respect and want men and appreciate the protection and stability of authority that has been established by God as used properly. No one is better than the other but positions of authority are as acceptable in the home as they are on the job by foreign women as they are as much resented by American women. I learned in the free love movement of the 1960's after the introduction of the pill to let the women say and believe what they want and they will give you what you want! Everyone goes home happy! Then the feminist movement came it and positions of authority changed and I found out Free Love is never Free. BTW for the presumptuous out there, I was not a Nam baby killer, alcoholic, druggie, physical or mental abuser, never arrested punk from Chicago but I was 4 degreed with Doctorate, hard working with patents all over the world that sought and found the truth and chose to live by it at all costs. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Loved all the women but faithful to one! Frewill I can really relate to you.

Freewill said...

Thank You! I do relate to you. My younger brother was smart. He met a Philippine girl online and went to the Philippines to meet her. That was 10 years ago and now they live full happy lives here in the states with love that gets stronger every day. His wife refuses to buy into the feminism of today. He is lucky. She worships the ground he walks on. He treats her just like my grandpa treated my grandma. I can see them having 70 years of happiness.

Anonymous said...

Freewill, you have a wise Brother and your wisdom to see it and appreciate it is commendable. I am happy for them and pray they continue to be a good example to others. Love is simple in the heart, for you simply cherish someone more than yourself but in application social mores and cultural differences sadly can get in the way. Our American culture has evolved over the decades to destroy mankind via hatred through race, religion, sex, politics and money. The shameful truth is we lost our focus as a nation by attacking who is right or wrong which never solves anything and ignoring what is right or wrong which solves all problems! My family is a tri racial family plus American Native and LOVE has no barriers and no hatred!