Thursday, January 25, 2018

Open letter to Freewill

An open letter to Freewill and to all men responding on this blog, emailed by reader with request to post...............

F : After many years of hard work by John and more recently Olive Oyl and Popeye, you have turned this blog in to a cheap bitching rag sheet, revealing your own personal problems disguised as being a national problem. Is that what you believe John McHaffie had in mind when, during the phone calls regarding the many computer problems he was experiencing from attempts to hack the blog, you volunteered to help him with his computer problems? John spoke with and had many friends, but we never heard him put women down or refer to them on this blog with any four letter words or in a degrading manner.

You complain about American women, yet you don't admit to the faults of many American men, including yourself. Want to know why some women turn away from some men?  Watch what comes out of your mouth, including all manner of disrespectful four letter words. Watch your attitude. And don't profess 'Christian' when you are anything BUT. Lies will always be exposed.

A male would be well advised to take regular/daily showers, brush your teeth and use mouthwash, use deodorant and wear clean clothes and shoes so he doesn't stink.  Comb your hair and beards.  Clean the crap from your beards.  Don't chew tobacco and drool down your beards and spit in empty pop cans. In short, don't smell and look like big foot - or worse.

Clean your transportation and the place where you live - inside and outside. No woman wants to live in or be around filth. 

A woman isn't interested in being your personal maid service or personal prostitute. Women are not made to be your personal toys to f**k. If you want a woman who is nothing more than a sex slave, then find one at your local hangout - topless club - IF you can get one to respond to you. 

Women have feelings and can love and care for others in a multitude of ways, but they don't like to be manhandled and rushed in to a bed or on the floor to be used for the male's gratification and then tossed aside with no real concern for her.  And for sure most women are not interested in dirty smelly filthy slobs for sex.

The reason most foreign women will marry an American man is because they believe the fairy tale that the American male is successful and has allot to offer the woman by her coming to America - a nice clean home in a nice area, a nice clean car, the money to purchase clothing and to take care of the children when born. Then, when they get here - and are guarded like they are in a prison and not allowed to return home to be with their families - the anger comes forth and the battles begin.  So, instead of taking care of your own personal issues to improve yourself, go ahead and seek a woman in a foreign country and see how well you succeed there.

It would appear that you and friends have similar standards. What are your living conditions like?  It would seem you may be one of those who wants to be a mountain man or frontier man out in the woods? Perhaps a bit aggressive even to the point of destructive or abusive? No woman wants to live without plumbing, or toilets or showers, no running water, no heating and air conditioning, and living out in the sticks with no one to talk to or transportation to get away.   Most women agreeing to live like that passed with the demise of the wagon trains. 

As a whole, women are not deceptive - any more then you men are. Women have had to learn to be self reliant because many men don't take care of the family and home business responsively. Some of that is picked up from their own upraising, some from irresponsibility - not working or spending money on wine, women and song, and some from just being AHOs.

A woman being feminine is what attracts you men. You want the women to be clean, attractive and responsive but stupid and able to be easily manipulated for your personal gain. If you have had several 'relationships' and none have succeeded, instead of blaming the women - take a good long honest hard look at yourself.  No woman - any more than a man - wants a thug or a selfish, lazy, dirty, smelly, bossy demanding or stupid man in her life. Easier to be alone than to become some male's maid and personal prostitute. 

If a man cannot 'trust' a woman, WHAT would be the cause behind that? The very issues already mentioned here? Is that her fault, too?  Or could it be that the male isn't presenting himself in a responsible, caring and loving manner?  Or is not able to provide what she is looking for in a permanent relationship, in particular taking financial responsibility for the children?  She may feel insecure and that perhaps she has made a terrible mistake? 

We live in a country that fortunately still offers multiple choices, including to be able to choose to leave a 'relationship' that is not providing what each is looking for.  Give the other person the freedom to leave if she wants to. You will both be much happier for it.  In the meantime, take a long hard honest look at yourself and admit to whether you are what a woman would want in her life.  Misrepresenting your lifestyle and choices is only misleading others who read what you post - but the savvy can see through that. In the meantime, this blog is being destroyed.  We grieve for that and for our friend John, and we grieve for OO and PE who served faithfully for the benefit of all the readers. 


Unknown said...

The poster missed the point. Radical feminism has changed America and the church at large. The rant makes it sound like the poster has a personal axe to grind.

beccagallop said...

Jeez OO, this is crazy. I'm sure you and Pp havh had an amazing life much like my parents have. But the hard facts of the way that things are today, versus what my parents had to deal with, have, degenerated into a divide and conquer mentality. The Battle of the sexes only is potent when you can divide the family. Both men and women are under attack in this scenario, and I must say I wish that it wasn't so. I would have liked nothing more than to partner and thrive together, versus constantly battling propaganda designed to attack both sexes.

Olive Oyl said...

The 'poster' was me. I did NOT write the message - only posted at the sender's request as I have done for many others in recent years. So don't put words in my mouth Tom. Reread it and get it right this time. For that matter, 'radical feminism' may have made some changes - but there are two sexes and the way I see it there are major problems on BOTH sides.

Olive Oyl said...

I agree with you - times have changed, especially with the past 3 to 4 corporation president administrations. Uunfortunately life in our nation has changed as a result. Hopefully some of that will change for the better again with the current President now in office and the resulting cleaning of the swamp in DC. The islamic/ marxist/socialist mentality is diametrically opposed to traditional conservative - even Christian - morals and values, and it affects both sexes. The huge win for Trump demonstrates the thinking of the American people is not only awake but moving back to traditional values. We can hope - and pray - that it is not too late and the people can be delivered and healed of past hurts. Prayer changes things.

Freewill said...

I read your letter completely and what you say is quite correct for the norm. But while reading it I didn't see anything that fit my personality, expectations, ideals or who I am and what went on in my two previous divorces. First wife attracted me and used me to escape her mother. I didn't see this. I thought it was the real thing. We were both young. I started working at the age of 12 working for a cousin of mine making $150 a week during good weather seasons. Always worked since. I kept the home clean, dishes done, laundry done, fridge and cupboards full and a pantry full. Bills paid. Gave her money for what ever she wanted. I am not of any violent nature. No drinking, no drugs, and have an optimist personality. We had a child together and she would not get out of bed to take care of our baby boy while I was at work. She would be up all night keeping me from getting the sleep I needed for work night after night. My neighbor had to go over to take care of my son. One time the thermocouple went out on the furnace in January in below zero degree weather and she refused to get out of bed to take care of our baby boy that was in his crib. Neighbor came over again and found my son trembling and turning blue from the cold. I treated my wife good. I tended to her needs and communicated well with her. But I had to get stern with her because of her treatment of our baby son simply because she could not get out of bed and be a mother. After the 4th year she decided to cheat on me with a guy I was working with. Funny part about this is her mother was a Devoted Baptist and was always hounding me snooping to see if I was having any external relationships. That's not me. Can't do it. I am a one woman man. Her mother totally flipped on her religion when she found her daughter cheated on me. I casually said to her that she was spying on the wrong one. So I divorced her for cheating on me and set up equal everything. Her mother decided to move to Florida and she decided to take off with my son and chase her mother to Florida. She has since kept my son away from me and I have not seen him since 2003. No courts would enforce visitation. They didn't care. All they care about is money. I lost. My son lost. So as you can see from what you wrote and the story on my first wife, You don't have a clue to me or what I have been submitted to. Now I will make a second comment below telling about my experiences with the second ex.

just some dude with dsl said...

This had to be written by a lesbian or guy and that,s pretty sad... Whoever you are, you are waaaaay out of line buddy! Freewill, Olive Oyl, and Popeye are fricken the only reason your on this site d bag... John would be very proud of them and what they have to deal with to keep this going! I am very proud of them. This open letter is an attack intended to provoke... Screw this guy Freewill! I read your comment and man I really feel bad for you... I have a sister that basically abused her kids and I was powerless (unless I wanted jail time) to do anything. So man Im here for ya. Your all doing amazing work John is proud I just know he is!!!!!!

Freewill said...

Now for the second wife story.
Several years went by since my first divorce giving myself some time to heal. I stayed to myself. I met the second wife through a mutual friend. She was 3 years older than me and I thought she was more mature than the first. She had 2 daughters 7 and 3 years old that I became daddy to. After marriage I rented a big beautiful home with a 10 acre front yard for $1,750 per month that had a pool house nicer than most people's homes. Life was good. Her daughters loved me as their daddy and I treated them as they were my kids. After the first year we bought a 1 year old home for $186,000 dollars and moved in. Payment was $1,036 per month so I gave my wife $500 a week to go spend as she wanted. I got horses for the girls and taught them how to care for them and ride. The younger one didn't even know i wasn't her father. The wife for some reason or another started accusing me of looking at other women. Could,'t even go to the store together without her saying "what are you looking at" anytime there was a woman in sight checking a mail box or out in a front yard watering flowers. Got to the point I didn't want to go anywhere with her. After loosing the home to foreclosure in 2008 housing bubble burst, she went nuclear on me and it got bad. So we moved to Arkansas and I worked driving truck for gas well drillers. Things were better for a couple months then she started it again. I ended up leaving and returned to Michigan and both her daughters wanted to leave with me. The oldest one did leave with me. I was their daddy and they were not going to let me go. Lot more things went on after this time and the wife ended up coming back to Michigan and back under my roof. She had a hard time coping with the girls and their bond with me. At the 10th year she cheated on me and told me about it. The guilty accuse is something i learned the hard way. There are too many more things that I don't have the next 10 hours to write about that happened. So after the 2nd divorce I stayed to myself closed off from any mingling of any kind until a childhood friend contacted me a few months ago. She came and stayed with me and that didn't last long. I refuse to live with a whiskey drinking drunk that turns into Mrs. Hyde at the bottom of a 5th of Canada House. So that is a basic outline of my past. Nothing like what you portrayed in the open letter to me.

Freewill said...

Yeah! What he said!

Freewill said...

I am not intimidated by those who try to control me with the "Oh! John wouldn't approve of this!" mentality being thrown at me! Actually it compels me to push harder as when nerves get struck and you screech.. There is more to it! I am a testosterone saturated man that has had enough with the BS and is educated in the right areas that need to be addressed! Like I said in the other post that went viral and at the top... There will be many triggered by what I am posting because of it being so sensitive. When someone no longer has anything to lose, he will be unstoppable! If you can't handle it then don't participate.

Anonymous said...

Ok, people, let's get back to the reason for this blog and stop the personal attacks and everything. Unless you know someone personally, FIRSTHAND, there is absolutely NO POSSIBLE WAY you could know who they are or how they live. And remember, whenever you are pointing a finger at someone, there are three more pointing right back at you!
P.S. If I were a new person to this blog, I would be immediately turned off by the hatred and other useless banter.

Anonymous said...

Think and don't judge! I am around 60. Fact woman played a important part with the family back in the day. She did not have all the convenience that they do today. Now they have everything at their beck and call and have too much time to think about what they believe they see on TV and the media and how to think. The system implicated conquer and divide at any cost. My third partner of 30 years and to this day said if I wear a man I would be gay! Why I asked? Woman are baked the way they think and talk about their husbands! She works in the office with mostly all woman that make 100 grand a year. Back when I went to school there were moral boundaries and today none. The church, politicians and its associates, w-man decide to take up the cause and feed the snake. Man and woman are nothing but jar heads. Meaning can't think for their self's but mimic church, politicians the corporations which made everybody believe that it is a government by name only. Most live in a fiction body mine and sole perpetuating selfishness is what the snake feeds on out of greed and self destruction. Their is nothing more that scares them more then a strong family. Remember the older homes had six bedrooms now down to three which is half and now they want you wondering around alone with your head up your you know what. Men are too busy supporting this delusion to make woman and the total break down of society and most important this immoral system happy. Read the LAW OF PEACE Vol 1 that was hidden from the public printed out by the military and moral responsibility. You not only have a moral responsibility to your family and community but to put the wanton be immoral cops, social workers, judges, clerks attorneys, HHS and any other alphabet gang member on notice.

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah yeah. Woman is made from the rib of Adam and Adam was made from clay. Woman was for Adam's companionship, not to be discerned with ownership or unequal rights but rather equal roles in life.

Man would not be women! Men love women, but woman cheated and ate from the tree of life after her seductress, the serpeant, tempted her. Eve, hence, cheated on Adam.

Conclusion, Man is so loving and forgiving that Eve was forgiven by MAN but our 'heavenly father' "God" placed the burden of birth pain as a symbol and statement that the sin of woman was to not be forgotten. Therefore, feminism in itself must also be a sin, just saying simple philosophy 101 symbolic deductive reasoning.

So what does a woman say about that?

Anonymous said...

Hello Freewill,
please do not forget that from Europe we also read this blog.
In the last time I don't enjoy it reading here, because the subjects - feminism, personal matters are boring for the most of us. Personal matters and opinions are with lots of pro and contra arguments, causing endless discussions.
Concentrate please on the facts and news.
Your recommendation for Bitcoin amazed me! Bitcoin is anonymous, nobody know who created and who is behind it! You can loose youre money easily and you cannot complaine! There is opinions that this kind of anonymous platform is created by the cabal and financing the AI! Why you are supporting it and do even publicity for it??!

Freewill said...

I know very well Europe and many other countries read this blog. It is avaliable in many different domain extensions. for Canada and many other countries have their own extensions. Europe has bad problems as well as many other countries. The people of the world has a common enemy and we the people of the world need to free ourselves from this common enemy. Once we free ourselves then we can finally evolve into our full potential.

Freewill said...

Just got an update on my first ex. She married a good man that was in the Navy and had a daughter between the two of them. I did talk with him once when he contacted me asking about my ex. I informed him of what she did to me and to be careful. I told him that I learned if a woman did it once, she will do it again. So he was warned and he acknowledged it. I found out through my second ex that my first ex and her husband were having problems and she was cheating on him. No surprise to me. Just found out tonight that she has now accused him of molesting his own daughter because they are in divorce and he is filing for full custody. She is lying and using her daughter as a weapon. He is now in jail and my son that is 18 years old is trying to get him out. This is in Texas. My son's mother left with their daughter and went back to Florida to her mother just like she did with me. I am attempting to get in touch with my son and will assist him in getting his step father out and assist him with going for the throat in Federal court with a DeJure grand jury and put that bitch in prison! A state court will refuse justice but a Federal grand jury is a whole different ballgame! Looks like my son's eyes have been opened to what his mother is and I am sure he is having his doubts about what his mother told him about me.