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Jeff (Sun Tzu) Goes To Washington County Elections Board To Run for REAL PUBLIC OFFICE, not the FAKE PRIVATE OFFICES that the United States sells you as being PUBLIC, as they are all paid employee positions inside a foreign owned corporation, operating at MAXIMUM PROFIT, through BLOOD SPILT and REAL GOOD PEOPLES LIVES DESTROYED.

Sun Tzu say:
I got a stellar recording of the Washington County Oregon Elections Office upon my visit to exercise my right as defined in the 1871 Act of Congress, known as "An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia."

It would be even cooler if I'd brought my digital recorder the visit before, when I went into the Washington County Oregon elections office and presented the, "Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia," which was the Original Service Agreement Terms & Conditions, when the foreign owned corporation, "United States Inc" was hired by the Republic to provide limited government services, but that the United States was required to at all times preserve all of the de jure PUBLIC OFFICES, like constable and justice of the peace, you could not hold these offices and be a card carrying member of the B.A.R. = LAWYER = TRAITOR.

I told the the lower level people who greeted me first that I desired to run for de jure PUBLIC OFFICE of justice of the peace, to which they responded, "The position is already filled by Dan so and so in the court room next door."
To which i responded, "Is he a lawyer, a card carrying member of the BAR, and an employee of Washington County Corporation, owned by State of Oregon Corporation, owned by United States Corporation?

"Yes he is," they responded.
I then rebutted them, informing them that "Dan next door" was not a "PUBLIC OFFICIAL," and that he was a "PRIVATE CORPORATE GOON," though I said it in nicer words.

At this point the top employee in Washington County elections office walked up and introduced herself.  I informed her that the gentlemen "Dan so and so" next door, was not a justice of the peace, and that he was in fact just a corporate administrator, that he was not holding PUBLIC office, and that he was holding a PRIVATE OFFICE, and that he was just an employee of the corporation, "United States Inc," which is a "FOREIGN-BRITISH-OWNED corporation," operating for MAXIMUM PROFIT, and that the document in my hand, called, "An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia enacted by the Republic USA in 1871, proved, in SECTION 17, that the United States Inc was responsible and REQUIRED TO ALWAYS PRESERVE THE TRUE de jure PUBLIC OFFICES.

At that time, she said to me,....
"What if we created an administrator position for you?"
I responded, "You mean like a judgeship and a full time job working for the corporation?"
She smiled, "Yes, exactly like that."

"Wow," i responded, "that is awfully nice of you," but I apologize, that is not what i am looking for, <BIG SMILE> [BRIBERY = BRIBE]

I wish I had my digital recorder for that, which is why the next time I went in a couple days later with all my paperwork filled out to get my name on the ballot, i did take my digital recorder with me and was met with a fight, and the second highest ranking official in the elections office agreed with me that slavery by BILLIONS of STATUTES was not FREEDOM, LOVE, and PEACE. 

Below is the digital audio recording of my visit to the Washington County Elections Office, After Receiving A Bribe of A Full Time Judgeship To Drop My Request To Run For Public Office of Justice of the Peace, since there has not been an occupant of a Justice of the Peace for over 50 years, and the "United States Inc," is contractually required to keep the spot filled, and with salary, and required to enter my name on the Ballot for the Election.  

The above Act was past by the Forty-First Congress, session III, chapter, 62, go read SECTION 17. 
This document at library of congress, here:

Did you see that?  Enacted by the "Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America," which then defines the District of Columbia (our capital) as being a occupied by a foreign-British-Owned corporation (for profit) named, "United States Inc."  In other words, DO NOT CONFUSE "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," WITH THE FAKE, "UNITED STATES INC."
This is the official reading into the Republic's record of a service contract complete with terms and conditions and the hiring of "Hired Help," a foreign-owned, British-Owned, corporation, named, "United States."  The TERMS & CONDITIONS, are below (THESE COULD NOT BE AMENDED, COULD NOT BE CHANGED)

The above proves that the corporation, "United States Inc," is in violation of its original, "Terms & Conditions":

1.   "United States Inc," corporation was required to not only "preserve all de jure public offices," but also had a requirement to provide them with salary to function.

2.  "United States Inc," corporation was required to NEVER limit in whole or in part the liability of; itself, its subsidiaries, any other corporation, or entity.  Evidence of breach of contract is very evident by the "legal definition person," which through a stroke of "legalese" did all of the above in One Single Evil Sentence, "However, corporations, counties, and cities cannot have the emotions of humans such as malice, and therefore are not liable for punitive damages..."

3.  The creation of the Federal Reserve and permission to print money by a foreign owned corporation is in violation of the above 1871 Charter, and I quote, "nor shall the legislative assembly have the power to establish any bank of circulation, nor to authorize any company or individual to issue notes for circulation as money or currency."

Time for the Lawful Courts of Justice, recently reestablished, by the Michigan General Jural Assembly to declare "Breaches of Contract," and then declare the whole contract, 


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Repost from May 2016: We THE People Interim President Dejure Republic


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About the assemblies and something to be aware of. A plan of attack?

There is a safe way and a dangerous way to reseat the original jurisdiction assemblies. The safe way is to follow the footsteps of the founding fathers. The dangerous way is to create something different or new. Creating something different or new can be considered a coup. Creating a coup can attract the attention of the corporation in a seriously negative way. Our actions and workings must reflect our founding documents and the language used within. Words are defined using the 1828 Webster's Dictionary because it is the closest dictionary to the time of our country's founding. The experience and due diligence of tracing history has been done and blueprinted. The MGJA did this over a decade of experience and research in assembly.

Here is a taste of the works done by the MGJA over the years.

Now a project for the readers of this article. The cabal and the deep state can smell their end coming. If you think they will ignore the assemblies, you are in for a surprise. The project is to sit down and write on a piece of paper what the assemblies are, who is behind them, and who is doing the teaching to the other states. Now you want to obstruct and destroy the assemblies so the people do not lawfully return to self governing. You need to review your resources and abilities.

1. Who has big influence over the people that can be turned against them?
2. How can we use our resources of the combined agencies to pull a psyop?
3. How about the proven CIA operation Dismantle?
4. Do we have any Illuminati or Masons involved anywhere?
5. Do we have anyone that has been involved with the Pope or has a Catholic background that we can force to do our bidding?
6. Do we have the ability to use any directed energy weapons to force compliance?
7. Any silver tongues available who can inject rhetoric without proof and make people believe it?
8. Do we have a team of lawyers that can do some creative writing to inject Roman Admiralty words and phrases into the assemblies through an inside agent?
9. Can we sway the states coordinators from a proven system with bad information that seems appealing?
10. Can we get the Italian mafia involved?
11. Can we interrupt their communications?
12. Can we attack their websites?
13. Can we train provocateurs with the Rules For Radicals book?
14. Can we demonize the MGJA and those with knowledge who did it right?
15. How far can we push them before they catch on?
16. Can anyone think of anything else to inject?

Now with all this in mind, what would you do to stop the states assemblies or get them outside of the lawful path they are on? How can you kill a movement that is unrebutted for 7 years and stop the other states from duplicating it? What would the plan be? Are the people stupid enough to fall for it? Can it already be in play?

Dear heavenly father, please forgive them for they know not what they do.

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Unanswered Questions for Anna Why do these remain unanswered?

 These questions have been asked of Anna by some white hat feds some time ago and she has failed to answer them. These questions are valid and remain unanswered. Passed to me through a couple acquaintances. Will she answer? Will she provide the actual documents? Anna has answered with no documentation. Hearsay does not work!

Who swore you in as Judge? - please provide doc 

What oath did you take? and please provide a copy 

By what authority has made your husband Head of State?

What impact did the 1783 Treaty of Peace have for We the People being recognized as sovereign people?

What impact did the 1st Act of Congress 1789 have on the oath of office?

What have you accomplished for the people of your home state Alaska?

Originally posted 3.4.19

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What it takes to be a U.S. Citizen

There is a lot of slander running amok. Maybe this can be cleared up.

What are the requirements published by the defunct U.S. Corporation to be a U.S. Citizen?

Answer is simple. Read their U.S Code Title 18 section 911 requirements.

I never met those requirements, Never tried. how many people reading this have followed the requirements? I bet nobody has unless they either have federal paycheck stubs or migrated from another country requesting to be a U.S. Citizen. Come on people, read and learn. See through the B.S. being pumped out with no material backing it. A claim with nothing backing it is just an opinion. Seems we are flooded with opinions. I prefer to point to references therefore having verifyable solid facts and foundations to support claims I make.

Beware the poison dart hidden in the raisin tart.

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Session 50 National Assembly recording dealing with Anna Von Reitz issues

Recording Link for session 50

172 Callers present 28 states at Roll Call

About the National Assembly and it's function versus the states assemblies

The National Assembly is a communications conduit for the states assemblies! It is a focal point for information and how people can reach out to their county and state assemblies! The National Assembly has no membership of it's own. The National Assembly has no leadership but the states themselves. When an email request to be connected with a state coordinator is received, the request is forwarded to who ever stepped up to receive the requests for your state assembly. Going through the content manager email protects the privacy of the parties involved. This is why the states coordinators / communications secretaries contact info is not on public display. When a new introduction post is created in the national assembly forums in your state's introductions sections, it is up to the states to deal with them. The National Assembly can do no more! All the power and action happens in your county and state assemblies! The National Assembly is not a reflection of a central bank! It is a reflection of many independent states who send reps forward to a central point at a national level to maintain harmony with each other.

When someone sends a request of removal to the national assembly email, what do you expect to happen? The National Assembly has no power to control what ever a state assembly decides what they do with their membership or records. You have a severe lack of understanding in the process of self governance if you are asking the national assembly to take any action to change a state assembly's business or records. The correct process is to have your county or state assembly handle your membership requests. Many states have members that the National Assembly does not know about. Not the National Assembly's business. If the states choose to keep the national level records current with their records in case something happens in the state assembly so there is a backup, then the states may do so. This is logic 101 folks! Show you have something between your ears! Do it right! Our founding fathers created this system to keep the power in the people's hands and within their state. Not at a national level that is proven dangerous to the people if the power is present there! Stop with the indoctrination of how a de facto corporation works! That does not apply here! This is the de jure! That means of your own right! So far the Utah assembly has figured this out and has done this procedure correctly. A few people wanted out and notified the Utah coordinator. Cheers to the Utah assembly and the members of it! Cheers to the people who wanted to go their own way! Got some pretty intelligent people there who know how to do it. The rest of us in our states have work to do and we are doing it.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

The tipping point Deep State v. The People Deciding factor tonight! Thursday February 28th. Who will win? Who is Who?

There is a battle going on between the good and the bad! But who is who? Tonight's National Assembly call will be the deciding factor!

On tonight's call there will be a rather large multi state de jure grand jury session where evidence from both sides will be presented and questions asked and hopefully answered if both sides show up. Both sides are invited. After the presentation of valid claims and testimonies the general body of the consensus will be the deciding factor. This will also be educational for everyone.

Deep State terrified of the assemblies! Deep State/ Vatican/ DOJ/ CIA operatives attempting to block the people from doing it right and setting up the people for a serious crash and burn! Beware the silver tongue, beware the poison dart hidden in the raisin tart! Beware of Satan's minions!

Call Number: 1-712-770-4160  Participant Access Code: 226823# 
9pm Eastern time 

Tune in next week for the finish. All is good for the states and people.

The De Facto to De Jure Handbook has been hijacked, modified, and being sold on Amazon!

WARNING! The De Facto to De Jure Handbook that is the blueprint of how the Michigan General Jural Assembly did it right has been hijacked! The handbook has been perverted=altered from it's original form and is being sold on Amazon for profit! Do not use that fraudulent version! It WILL get you into trouble! Only reference the original handbook available for free on the national assembly website.

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Google crossed the line! Google posting pornographic crap on this blog!

Google injected some pornographic material into this blog. Time to pull the plug on this blog and go to our private hosted blog. I will be working on it tonight to do the changeover. Old links will still reference posts here but posting and commenting will be turned off. I will install a redirect into the html code of the front page to automatically redirect visitors to the new blog.

Repost: Quo Warranto Board of Inquiry Notice and Announcement Documents of Authority

Original Posted Notice:

Repost: NOTICE & ANNOUNCEMENT Michigan a Free and Independent Nation=State Quo Warranto Board of Inquiry <<>> PART1

Legal Notices, Bids & Proposals
Displaying 1 - 25 of 27
NOTICE & ANNOUNCEMENT Michigan a Free and Independent Nation=State Quo Warranto Board of Inquiry has been established to address the lack of Moral and Ethical actions pressed upon We THE People of Michigan by the MI CORP's. Full Document of may be read at The Quo Warranto Board of Inquiry will operate and function in concert with a Citizens Grand Jury. Notice to the Principle is Notice to the Agent. Notice to the Agent is Notice to the Principle.
The opinions and views stated herein are not the opinions and views of this publisher.
From Detroit Free Press & The Detroit News on 2013-06-10


Original Notice:


Repost: We THE People of the Michigan General Jural Assembly Order, sentence and decree, a Quo Warranto Board of Inquiry Rules for Operation and Functioning

These rules while being modeled and citing statutes are to be used as guiding the Quo Warranto Board of Inquiry in its deliberations on all claims with the emphasis on looking to what has been done and whether or not justice has been achieved=served. As the judiciary of the defacto progressed it became all about the money and not about justice. We can be and do better by looking at the information contained herein and weigh the claims against past bad acts and bless the parties with justice with decision that serve to balance the scales as was intended from biblical times to present time.

It shall be the intent and purpose of this Claimant's Quo Warranto Board of Inquiry to review all present=law changing case=cause that has been detrimental to We THE People nunc pro tunc of having truth and justice in the judicial system. The Claimant's Quo Warranto Board of Inquiry shall have and exercise absolute jurisdiction and venue of the re-set=re-assembly of the United States of America.

1. Rules to Govern All Inquiry: Exceptions
(a) These rules shall govern all Inquiry in which Claimant or Respondent is, has been, or may be made a Party and shall be construed to supply the final rule of Decision of all such Inquiry, with the exception to Inquire where the Claimant shall be involved in crimes malainse*.

*Crimes malainse embrace acts immoral or wrong in themselves, such as burglary, arson, larceny, rape, murder, theft and breach of peace.

(1b) Crimes malaprohibita* do not confer jurisdiction to any other local, state, or federal court.

*Crimes malaprohibita embrace things prohibited by statute as infringing on another's or others' rights, though no moral turpitude may attach and constituting crimes only because they are so prohibited by the force of a legislative enacted common law.

(1c) All persons bringing any action against the Claimant contrary to these Rules and the decision of this
Quo Warranto Board of Inquiry shall be accountable to Claimant's secured rights.

Notes: *After March 9, 1933, the federal government, along with local and state governments, have formed a new deal statutory emergency partnership under uniform law so national application of admiralty jurisdiction, further seizing private rights through a mixed war by considering "all persons within the United States of America or any place subject to the jurisdiction thereof' to be the enemy of the United States of America as Congressionally declared in the 48 Statutes at Large, page 1.

*There is little, or no, difference between a state of emergency and a state of war.

*In 1966, unification of the federal jurisdiction was completed. The advisory committee notes on this amendment of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, hereafter F.R.C.P., specifically states:"This is the fundamental change necessary to effect unification of the civil and admiralty procedure. Just as the

2013.04.26 Quo Warranto Board of Inquiry
Rules of Deliberation

Page 1of 19

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Nesaranews and the assemblies are under fire

Nesaranews is being shadowbanned big time! Google is blocking comments! More than 24 hours has gone by without a comment. This is unheard of. Goes to show when you are over the target, you get shot at!

The National Assembly is being attacked. Not the website but those who are facilitating the educating are being attacked. The world knows Michigan did it right and remains unrebutted. Many countries around the world are forming their assemblies using the principles used by Michigan. Though only interim and not in effect, just the presence of the counties and states assemblies interim is intimidating to the corporate UNITED STATES and the deep state. 

The entire corporation and deep state is under a direct threat by the Article1 lawful act of the people returning to self governing so the corporation and deep state is doing every underhanded trick they can to halt the reseating of the assemblies. Few people who have influence over many are being compromised and forced to go against the reseating of the assemblies by demonizing the facilitators. It's not their fault when compromised. They had their hand forced by what ever means used. The national level assembly has no power or control over the states. This is a point misunderstood by the provocateurs and the deep state as they are so ingrained by the system of the corporation that they do not understand their rhetoric aimed at the facilitators and the national level is not working. Messages are going out to the people to distance themselves from the national assembly. Good part is the messages are not directed at the counties and their assemblies. That is where the damage can happen.

The national assembly has no members and has no power. Only the states have the power granted by their counties. Only the counties have members. That is why the membership documents are for the county assembly. This system created by our founding fathers eliminates any focal point of control as the control comes from the local communities only. This means those who are compromised and provocateuring will fail as they cannot target every county and it's local communities. Attacking the national level is moot. The national level assembly is only made up of representatives from the states. So to those who are trying to disway the people in their communities, good luck as the only ones who will be effected are those who will blindly follow you. The critical thinkers capable of self governing will not be effected by the rhetoric therefore you are doing the assemblies a favor by removing the excess baggage that would normally slow down those who get it. Most people are intelligent and understand what is explained here. When you are over the target, you will be fired at. So for this we need to forgive the opposition that is firing at us and continue rebuilding America. Love thy enemy. 

Our founding fathers warned us about central banks. Central government is no different. Independent banks work for the people, not against them. Same with the independent county and state assemblies.

The De Facto to De Jure Handbook is proven to be correct, effective, and keep people safe while assembling. Research from about 50 people with knowledge and study of 50+ years each developed the handbook. For the last 10 years nobody has gone to jail or been harassed for being involved with the interim county and state assemblies. The handbook is the blueprint of how Michigan reseated it's de jure interim government. As Q and Forbes both published recognition of this fact as referenced in Q post 2854 and many other places over the last six years. The intelligent people who comprehend this will say to themselves "Why fix it if it's not broken?", "Why try to reinvent the wheel?". "If it works, use it!" Don't inject extracurricular things into it. That can damage the validity and safety. If it's not in the handbook, then don't do it.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Interesting times! The crazyness of sanity v. Satan's minions.

What a world we are living in! Definitely no lack for excitement! Seeing many things going on that comes strait out of Saul Alinsky's book Rules for Radicals.

Since the people are assembling and the news is becoming global, all the creeps, dreeps, perps, gools, and fools are rearing their heads up and provocateuring  everywhere!  It is actually amusing in a way to watch them come out right on que! Some flip flop like a Mackerel, others are on a dead head mission to obstruct, and others just like to leave as many dirty diapers laying around as they can! Some will turn on you like a vicious snake and others will simply spread garbage doing as they are paid to do. Watching the people's psyche during these times is very fascinating. Watching the results of the Cabal's indoctrination of the general populous is sad but serious. 

The book of Enoch talks about the assemblies and that the assembled people are the meek who shall inherit the earth in the end. That took me by surprise when I discovered it. I take it as an omen that we are on the right path. Satan's minions will fail. It is written in scriptures. History does repeat itself. Nothing new is going on. Events going on today with both sides are the same as the events in the past. Only difference today is we remember the real past and know how to correct the flaws made in the past. This is the age of increased knowledge thanks to tech. Happenings today are predictable like an old horror movie. 

The provocateurs must continue. They have no choice. They are programmed and their programming includes denial of it. Satan's almost perfect mental program engineered for the weak mind. It appears as what everyone seeks and wants on the outside but on the inside.. beware! Hence the poison dart hidden in the raisin tart.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

GooBle really SUX!

Can't create polls no more.
Comments are being shadowbanned
This blog is shadowbanned from search engines
Google Sux
Google stinks
Google is evil

I wanted to put up a poll for public input for ditching this Soros owned Google platform this blog is on. Blogger killed the polls. I have back up and running. We cound simply stop posting here and start posting on I could put a redirect on this blog to autoredirect new visitors to the blog which I host on one of my own servers.

What say you?

  I have up and running. I need to do some work on it customizing to fit our style. I am using b2evolution software which is a good solid platform. Not the easiest to work with on the back end but it appears to be the best available for private server hosting. The options and features are way better than blogger. Feel free to visit and make comments. You may create a member account if you want to take advantage of additional features.


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Google screwing with nesaranews again.

Search engines being blocked, Comments being blocked, statistics being screwed with. 

I still have and may get it back up and running to replace this blog.

We will see...

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

How it works. De Jure v. De Facto

This is a flat fact. Only one can exist at any given time. Both cannot coexist simultaneously. AMJ book 38a page 340 first paragraph first line reads "When the de jure grand jury rises the de facto jury must sit". There is a reason why you cannot use any of the united states of America with an Apostille. You have to use another country like Netherlands or Taiwan for example. The united states of America are interim and most seats are vacant. They are not in effect. The only way the united states of America can be in effect is with a majority of the seats occupied. Until the seats are occupied and activated the united states of America will remain out of effect. The Corporate UNITED STATES INC. will remain illegitimate but in effect (de facto). Until the de jure seats are occupied.  The united states of America body politic has no standing on the international plane until the de facto sits.
Many people expatriate or rebut the residence of the corporation to claim American National status.

The unanswered question remains. Where do you go when you exit the corporation?

Bernie Bershershe (or how ever you spell his name) expatriated himself right out of the corporation and was forced off the north American continent like many others. He now lives in Panama. This is an example of my point. Beware setting status or expatriating. Not telling you to do it or not. That is your individual private choice. But be aware of possible consequences.

Best move to make is to reseat the de jure body politic in accordance with our founding fathers and our founding documents. Reassemble the original jurisdiction assemblies In a peaceful manner per Article1 of the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.


Sun Tzu adds:
"If anyone wants to know what life is like after Expatriating, and without a driver's license, without a social security card, without the permitting to travel, without the ability to get a bank account, without the ability to get a Paypal account, then just ask FREEWILL(author of above) because he expatriated and that is what happened to him.  But as he mentioned above, since the actual de jure is not yet seated, your expatriation leaves you in limbo, as he says above, "What did you expatriate to?" You become a lost soul with no homeland.  This is what Anna Von Reitz and others were trying to get you all to do.

The reason why Anna did that, is because most of you would succumb to the suffering quickly post expatriating, and the rest would never build up the gall to do it in the first place, and thus the Jural Assemblies would never form under Anna Von Reitz's Cock Block Road Block."

Past Full Retard

Thursday, February 14, 2019

These two videos go hand in hand with the assemblies. A must watch!

If you have already watched these two videos, SCROLL DOWN for NEW POSTS!!!

Watch these two videos a few times and let them sink in. You really need to think about these and ask yourself "What can I do for my country?"

1.     Fwd: Watch "How the States Can Save America" on YouTube 

Interesting format to look at...then use it.

2.     Watch "What's Happening to Trump?" on YouTube

By Billy Rights


National Assembly Tee Shirts and Hoodie

A member of the Michigan General Jural Assembly is presenting Tee Shirts and a Hoodie for sale. $5 of each sale goes toward the National Assembly to help cover costs.


Friday, February 8, 2019

Robert Steele: Lee Wanta — A Good Man Lost? Trillions That Could Help America?

via SatCom 7777        In God We Trust                  ksi536 / kbf373



Publisher - International Currency Review / London

Subject: Robert Steele: Lee Wanta — A Good Man Lost? Trillions That Could Help America?
Sent: Wednesday, January 02, 2019 at 6:15 AM
From: "Public Intelligence Blog"

Subject: Robert Steele: Lee Wanta — A Good Man Lost? Trillions That Could Help America?
posted: "Recently I visited Lee Wanta and we had a talk over lunch and then at a place whose location I will never reveal, where he lives and works. In this photo taken with his permission, the Trump cap is my gift to him, the Navy cap is from one of his special m"

New post on Public Intelligence Blog

Robert Steele: Lee Wanta — A Good Man Lost? Trillions That Could Help America?

Recently I visited Lee Wanta and we had a talk over lunch and then at a place whose location I will never reveal, where he lives and works. In this photo taken with his permission, the Trump cap is my gift to him, the Navy cap is from one of his special missions long ago.
I was not going to discuss all of this ever in public -- my objective in visiting was to help Lee Wanta and his family, help our President, and help our public treasury, but recently a defamatory and rather stupid alternative media crap piece has been published:
My best guess is that these clowns and their known associates -- who do not appear to have held serious jobs ever -- are paid media assets for the Zionists, each earning perhaps $2000 a month. This was, in my view, a paid hit job.
Some of the writing about me at the above link is defamatory and legally liable.  I don't remember every dealing with these people, and based on the crap they have published at the above link, will be certain never to deal with them in the future. My life is open, start at
After discussing this with Lee Wanta as well as Gordon Duff and one other top gun, I offer the following:
Here is my report.
01 Lee Wanta is authentic. While I have not personally examined all of the documentation he has available to him, his overall account strikes me as credible and worthy of a proper deposition by someone trusted by President Trump.
02 Lee Wanta is losing it. In the course of four hours, two of them at his home office, he kept printing stuff off for me that in the end was mixed garbage repeated three times.
03 Lee Wanta says that Eric Trump has been sniffing around him to include direct telephone calls, but gave up on him.  I can understand why.
04 Whoever is sending emails out from "Ambassador Lee Wanta" is totally discrediting Lee, a good man who may now be on the verge of losing sight of the reality of the possible and thus any hope of recovering any amount of money for his good family to inherit. I believe everyone receiving those emails has relegated them to spam,
05 While Lee Wanta claims to have court findings in his favor, the one court case he gave me, which I happened to be familiar with from my past life in CIA, was  that of a Soviet couple that defected and wanted CIA to reinstate payments to them when  their existing sources of income established with CIA help in the beginning, collapsed.  CIA was under no obligation to do so. I have seen no evidence at all that George Tenet every validated Lee Wanta's status as an agent (not a government employee -- we are called officers).
06 In my view Lee Wanta is incorrect in believing that the trillions of dollars are his. Had Lee been a Non-Official Cover (NOC) officer, or even a contractor buying and selling rubles as an agent of the US Government (which I believe he did do and do very well), the money belongs to the public. I do believe a case can be made that there are trillions of dollars in off budget earnings that were created in an act ordered by President Ronald Reagan and/or George H. W. Bush that should revert to the US Treasury with an appropriate recovery fee to Lee Wanta.
07 In my view Lee Wanta has one shot at giving his family a billion dollar or even ten billion dollar inheritance, and that is to work with Eric Trump and Jefferson Sessions, still my favorite, to get to a spread sheet that can be acted upon so as to recover trillions for the US Treasury (not the Federal Reserve). Time is running out -- making this deal now, before 1 March 2019, would be most beneficial to Lee's family and to the President and the public.
I will always be ready to help Lee Wanta, but on his present course all he has is stacks of paper,  totally disorganized, that he keeps printing and emailing over and over and over again. There is a pot of gold, but he has no idea how to get it and will not listen to those who do.
See Also:

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