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1 Million Earth Soldiers Fighting Aliens - Nukes Not Used in Underground Bases by CLS Operation "Gray Skies"

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1 Million Earth Soldiers Fighting Aliens - Nukes Not Used in Underground Bases by CLS Operation "Gray Skies"
Posted By: mroxygen [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 22-Sep-2011 06:50:40
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9/21/2011 1 Million Earth Soldiers Fighting Aliens - Nukes Not Used in Underground Bases by CLS Operation "Gray Skies"
I have been watching the stories of the earthquakes / underground alien bases being destroyed in Denver, and Virginia, and elsewhere, evolve.
People on the net are declaring they have inside information, and then further declaring nuclear devices were used, except they weren't used, and now we see the first reports starting to come out stating there are no detectable radiation levels or anything else being found except residues. I decided it was again time to speak up.
We see the sinkholes showing up over the sites, and the reports now say there are only residues being found in the completely empty installations where everything else is gone. Obviously super advanced weapons are in play.
I have been writing about the joint U.S.A. and other benevolent Earth human force recruits being gathered up throughout time going back all the way to approximately 500 AD. These forces next all being equipped and trained in Earth defense by Creation Lightship Lightbeings from Source's Universe of True Light.
What I have been explaining as best I can since these "Operation Gray Skies" joint Earth Chrononaut and Lightbeing combined military operations commenced, are not just stories. There really are beings from the Universe of True Light above time and space who have temporary come here to help us save our world from hidden and overt alien invasion, and us from terrible abductions, takeovers, etc.
I have been accurately summarizing these historical action reports as they first started happening - starting with the destruction of the first invading slaver cloaked alien mothership over New York City last October, 2010. No one else has these first hand reports available.
Search RMN for "Mroxygen" as author in the archives for the complete chronology of my action reports, which are also now stored on
A Lightbeing who entered his body here at 6 months of age told me there are approximately 1 million Earth human soldiers that have so far been recruited by the joint U.S.A. United States of America underground military and Creation Lightship Forces. These people are not the NWO corporation, details in my previous writings, but the important points here are that very advanced Creation Lightship defense "weaponry" was brought to bear on the various underground alien slaver complexes.
The alien underground bases were negative in the extreme, as they housed the genetic breeding and replace the humans one by one clone factories. They also housed the instantly transporting portals that sucked in humans and took them away to concentration - and worse - camps in remote time and space locations within the negative stronghold domains. The alien slavers and their minions - who are all confined to darkness's time worlds and dimensions - are no longer safe anywhere, anytime, or anyplace. Source is now active in restoring the natural balance to our sector of existence.
Remember, the Creation Lightship forces can do anything, because they are above time and space and vibrations, existing in the Eternal Now, and have mastery of Source Creation Energy itself. Their mission here is simply to defend and clean up Earth to better prepare it for the True Ascension which, unlike all the loudly assumed darkness speculations, will not be dated or announced.
The reason the true Ascension is not announced is to prevent darkness from, in the milliseconds just before it happens, putting Spirited beings on alternate darkness timelines to circumvent their ascension. Darkness lives off our Spirits, so it needs to keep us trapped in bodies. Ascension ends that evil game.
No wonder the Earth freedom military would partner with CLS to defend our world. Two examples of the Earth/CLS weaponry deployed are: Concentrating so much Source Now Light energy in one time and place that nothing negative, or from darkness, or time, can exist. This would be akin to a Source Light "laser cannon." And a second possible weapon would be a time weapon where all base inhabitants are instantly teleported away to some other time and place, or used at the same time as the Light cannon/bomb so nothing but a residue is left.
Usually the Spiritless beings are simply uncreated, as they were not supposed to be here in the first place. Earth was once a paradise before they showed up long ago and corrupted everything.
I previously described the use of Source Light Energy cannon in battle by the joint CLS/U.S.A. forces, and that clean weaponry is the only classification of weaponry they would use. They have assured us that what they used would not leave anything harmful on our planet, so it is no surprise that Mr. Fulford and Mr. Wilcox's third hand sources, for example, would end up confused.
What amazes me is how quickly the erroneous conflicting reports spread, as people jockey for position as insiders, or disinformation agents, and yet still our CLS Military Action Reports historically reporting exactly what happened, when, and where on RMN are hardly noticed.
All my reports came from a Lightbeing who was personally in the actions, directly explaining what happened to me immediately after, as he said, "because people do have the right to know what is happening on their planet."
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1 Million Earth Soldiers Fighting Aliens - Nukes Not Used in Underground Bases by CLS Operation "Gray Skies" Posted By: mroxygen, Date: Thurs, 22-Sep-2011 // link is :
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