Monday, September 19, 2011

US-led BlackOps syndicate which organised 9/11 attacks used $2.3 trillion "lost" from Pentagon accounts to fund Blackwater/Xe private army.

Monday, September 19, 2011
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US-led BlackOps syndicate which organised 9/11 attacks used $2.3 trillion "lost" from Pentagon accounts to fund Blackwater/Xe private army. Now the syndicate is isolated and running out of money to pay its goons.
On Monday 10th September 2001, the US Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, a Western Cabal protégé of Frank Carlucci, went on US mainstream television to announce that £2.3 trillion was unaccounted for in Pentagon military transactions (video here).

It has emerged that these monies were used, covertly, for seed-corn funding of the Blackwater/Xe private army of "defense contractors". This was intended to be an unaccountable, extra-governmental, élite SS-style corps which could bully the regular US military.

Events around, and following, the Monaco Colloquium of late August 2011 indicate that the 9/11 syndicate has now been isolated, and is running out of funds to pay for its private army personnel and bases worldwide.

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A related incident occurred on Tuesday 23rd August 2011, on the east coast of the United States of America. What the local mainstream media (examples here and here) were directed to describe as a 5.9 magnitude earthquake was recorded. However, the geological vibration footprint was anomalous and did not accord with standard patterns for such an event.
A week later it emerged that, in fact, the tremor was the result of two highly secret underground cities being nuked by the Pentagon-CIA-NSA syndicate now aligned with the Asian-led White Dragon Society and the Monaco Colloquium. These cities were pre-planned bolt-holes for the Skull and Bones Nazi-continuum bankster group in the US which had perpetrated the 9/11 attacks. One of the underground cities was close to the Washington DC deep subterranean tunnel system. During its destruction, masonry was dislodged from the top of the Washington Monument.
Further away, the other Cabal underground city destroyed was adjacent to Denver, Colorado. This was the huge subterranean facility linked into the lower tunnel levels of the Denver International Airport. DIA is, by land size, the largest airport in the US. It was designed by David Rockefeller and (curiously) the musician Charles Ansbacher, for Illuminati / New World Order use. The multi-level underground base beneath DIA is thought to be a centre for off-limit genetics and human / alien hybrid research. Some say that it also has a connection with recent child disappearances in Colorado and neighbouring states. It is not clear which US federal government agency (if any) is now actually running the underground sections of the Denver International Airport. The independent media have always been rigorously excluded from the facility.
AB note: The Rockefeller-Kissinger-Bush Nazi-continuum syndicate is sometimes referred to as The Odessa Group (Organization Der Ehemahlige SS Angehorige) or as DVD Dachau (Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst).
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