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September 25, 2011 - WHITE HATS REPORT #29 ----- EXCELLENT

September 25, 2011 - WHITE HATS REPORT #29

Obama, Bush and the true, Sordid State of Our Cabal Controlled Union.

It has been a little bit of time since we last posted an article.  Although we have volumes to report, we do not have the time to author stories of more scandals, it’s just more of the same and vastly larger than reported in the past.  We promise we will.  In reality, we have been working with world leaders, numerous security agencies and the legitimate or clean guys in the banking industry to bring the Global Settlement to a conclusion.  We have certainly seen the results of the Dark Cabal's work for nearly fifty plus years, the depth of the tentacles’ of the Bush Clan in all aspects of the banking industry.  What is more interesting is the picture that is developing around the secret organizations that support the new version of the World War II German Reich.  Seems like some of the old guard are still hanging around in very clandestine, quiet places and are at the helm of the banking Cabal including the Bush’s.  This is an amazing world we are living in.  Every American and every person in the free world should be stepping up to the plate and questioning every aspect of our representatives and their intentions.  We support the total removal of incumbents from our leadership and a process for the thorough vetting of candidates on a state by state basis prior to their ability to hold office on a Federal basis.  We no longer can have the extremely poor leadership that has been commonplace for these many past decades.

America is the shining star of freedom in the world and we can no longer afford to elect the types of people that will be intimidated by or want to only cooperate for profit with the secret under body of the world.  We need people that will put their lives on the line to root out the individuals and groups that have divisive plans to control the world through manipulation of the political process, the financial markets and the main stream media.  It is up to the American public, our clean world leaders and the people of the world to literally force the tough questions and push the bastards out of office.  It is up to the common folks to wake up and spread the word to their neighbors to show what 308 million Americans can do. We can report all day long but if YOU won’t act or even question then it is all for naught and you will continue to suffer for your lack of action.  We hope that YOU are not waiting for us to do all of the work.  We do the heavy lifting but many hands (minds and voices) will complete the task and improve the world we live in.

During the last few weeks as Washington, D.C. was on vacation, The White Hats have been working diligently behind the scenes with intelligence sources to expose the dark cabal.  We have been holding in reserve supporting evidence, which portray the depth of corruption and complicity of the Beltway Federal establishment, still controlled by George H.W. Bush Sr.  Our Constitutional values are still being dismantled and replaced by the dictates of a criminal Cabal, a pretend president and his illegal, administration.   Homeland Security has failed to recognize that our greatest enemy is already within. This enemy is the greatest threat to the liberties and freedoms we love as Americans;  a failing president controlled by a dark cabal conspiring to profiteer from their insatiable greed.   The world knows what is unfolding as Israel has now sold 46% of its US Treasuries and Russia has sold 95% of its own US Treasury holdings. 

The truth is widely known among the nations, who are asking why these criminals have been allowed to perpetuate their criminal control unchecked?  Bush Senior and Obama are blatantly compromising, not only America's economic recovery, but the World’s by continuing to extort and unlawfully use the Global Settlements and all of the funds they have stolen for years.  They refuse to release funds which are not theirs while maximizing Bank Trading Program payments for their own offshore accounts.  As recent as this week a wire transfer of funds to Wells Fargo Bank for a true Patriotic Beneficiary was illegally stopped so they could continue their felonious activities.

Geithner was appointed to head up the US Treasury for one reason. He was appointed as the Gatekeeper to stop any independent ethical appointee from having oversight over the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, whose criminal Ponzi and racketeering activities have crippled America with debt obligations beyond anyone's imagination.  Geithner fronts a cover up as a bought slave to his Master Bush.  Geithner has taken combined payouts from the theft of the Falcone Bank Program funds set up by Bush Senior, which he is now seeking to hide behind discretionary Nominees fronting for him via The Royal Bank of Canada accounts in London, which we are tracking.

We know Geithner's illegal Banking as he desperately seeks to avoid our monitoring investigators.

We know about Bush Seniors, Biden’s, the Clinton’s, and Romney’s offshore accounts, which will be exposed and deny Romney the Presidency.  We watch Obama's desperate attempts to hide his own accounts totaling in excess of 11 Billion Dollars.  We know the full extent of the CIA Bank Program trafficking. These will be exposed and moves are in process by Falcone’s own attorneys to get all identified accounts frozen. 

Both our Senate, Congress, Pentagon and all Agency leaders know fully that Obama is an illegal President, as do the Supreme Court Justices.  Slowly International media is waking up and challenging the inadequacies and transgressions of Obama and his criminal Chicago support team. Visibly, the protective compliant media shell is now cracking as questions and challenges to Obama and the Bush criminal cabal are mounting.    The wheels are coming off their Gravy Train.

The very role of FRB New York, Geithner's former home, is now being debated and challenged. This is their Achilles heel.

We outline again the clear and simple facts which will be rigorously challenged as their empire disintegrates.
  • Obama is not able to be a Lawful American President. He is a criminal Usurper.
  • Obama knowingly and fraudulently tendered a FALSE Birth Certificate, that in itself is a criminal act. He is a Fraud! The whole world sees it, with exception of the US Regulators. 
  • Obama has been facilitated with Offshore Bank Program trading accounts and vast profits by Bush 41, using again the notorious Josef Ackermann, Chairman of Deutsche Bank. His accounts are being tracked and monitored ready to be frozen when he is eventually arraigned. Obama’s prime objective now is to maximise his illegal accounts for when he is removed from office. He wants to cut and run as a wealthy man with his fat proceeds of crime in office.  It will end in tears once removed from his Chicago and Texan support umbilicals. 
  • Obama has knowingly and fraudulently used the ID number of a dead 19 year old Connecticut boy. Congress knows this as do all Senators. Failure to act on such a deeply humiliating criminal transgression is a Congressional disgrace raising again the integrity of this now neutered House. This raises the question of Representatives for whom because they no longer represent the American people or protect our Constitution or values.
  • Obama fraudulently obtained a US passport with bogus papers. Why has no one checked this? How can Homeland Security allow a Bogus illegal to penetrate so far?  
  • Under what legal accord is Obama even married to a US citizen with false papers?
  • Why has Obama failed to act with clear evidence that Biden, his own Vice President has taken bribes of $200M from Clinton acting for Bush Sr. It IS a Criminal offense to bribe a Public Official! It IS a Criminal offense for Biden to take the bribe and for Bush to bribe him. All of this is on record as the Edward Falcone issue proceeds now towards litigation, which has now passed the disclosure demand stages.   
  • Geithner will be exposed by future White Hats articles waiting release for vast frauds abusing Americas allies for many $Trillions; Hegemony of the worst kind. We will soon expose the depth of the US Treasury / FRB NY Bait and Switch scams with damning evidence and bank records.
  • Can David Petreus, with his Political aspirations, afford to become tarnished at the Agency with the visible corruption he has inherited and theft of the Falcone funds? Obama promised him he would get this fiasco settled to avoid public exposure. 
  • Who allowed Bush to use US Government planes to fly CIA Agents around the world falsifying bank records and moving Biden’s bribery money in desperation to shelter the audit trail? How can David Dewhurst, ex CIA agent, now Lt Governor of Texas, who set up and helped defraud Falcone, expect to clear vetting for his Senate ambitions? Litigation is now imminent. This is a delicate appointment Rick Perry as Governor needs to review and distance him away from as a key Presidential contender himself. 
  • Donald Rumsfeld has now been stripped of immunity in the case involving torture of 2 FBI Informants in Iraq in 2006, Donald Vance and Nathan Ertel. The case is now proceeding. It will open up the systematic inhuman mass brutality and torture of prisoners in Abu Ghraib, which Rumsfeld authorised as part of the Bush murderous campaign of mass brutality now unfolding. This long overdue and merited removal of Rumsfeld's immunity sends a clear signal that crimes against humanity and American citizens will not be tolerated, no matter who the perpetrators were. Those who invoked such vile repressions will be identified and held accountable. The Rapes and Sodomy in Abu Ghraib, in many cases against teenage children, will all be exposed, and those responsible held accountable. 
  • Bush, Jr. dares not even travel to Canada now for fear of War Crimes arrest, nor Switzerland, where committed groups also wait to have warrants issued and detain him for a Hague tribunal. History will judge them in ignominy.  Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice are culpable of destroying the US economy, America’s global image and our face. 
  • As we indicated above and reported previously, Obama has been attempting to hide his stolen funds in several different areas of the world.  He knows we are watching.  In fact, shortly after The White Hats reported that Obama personally was working some of his stolen funds directly with Josef Ackerman of Deutsch Bank, he reacted by immediately pulling his funds out of the trading program .  Please do not be fooled. Obama knows his time is limited and his only focus is to increase these stolen funds with  hopes of doubling the 11 Billion before he has to leave office.  His own party has become split and Obama's Chicago backers are now pulling away realizing that Obama's time is short.  Fortunately, the world leaders have become awakened to the truth about Obama and he will have little chance of actually spending these ill gotten gains.


Anonymous said...

source is:

Anonymous said...

We have been reading about these bad boys for years and nothing has been done. The news media won't touch it so who is going to help us.

All of us know Romney has 400 million stolen funds from the Falcone fund but who is going to tell it. I have tried and was completely ignored.

We need to keep sending the news media these reports and ask them when they plan to report it. The media hates Republicans and I find it odd that they will not report the Romney theft.

So..we continue to read, wait and wish.

Anonymous said...

These allegations and enuendos have been going on for years. Nothing will come of them. It's all talk and no action. Just who is going to prosecute and take these guys down? No One! Not the Supreme Court or the World Court. Not our lawmakers or military! You can post all the talk of what's going to happen to these characters, but you're just wasting you're time. These people are just sitting back and laughing their asses off cause they know they have the upper hand and will continue doing what they have planned. If you think anyone or any organization is going to bring them down, you're delusional.

Anonymous said...

The news media is not the parent, they are the child.
Maxim of Law: A creation is not greater than the Creator.
(paraphrasing since I'm not looking directly at it.)

Stop whining. If you wanted it reported, you got a car? A sign? Where's our responsibility when speaking the 'truth' and if you don't know if it's true, then state it as an opinion and seek the truth.

Stop pretending you are 'free' and can 'handle your business' when you want someone else to do it.

White Hats are saying it's time...stand up...what are you doing about the situation? Really? Produce a link, so stink...I mean really, show us something.

Stop getting mad about that's's fiat...yet everyday people still spend it. They spend Legal Tender, when the constitution specifically says coins is the currency of the land.

How many 'real men' feel 'feminine' by not having 'false dollars' in their wallet with fake digits pretending to be worth $20, when $20 - $1 coins is really worth $20(dollars). Puleeze, when I see changes maybe I'll listen, but until then...STFU..for real though.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it all sounds nice but none of this will ever reach your evening news.

Anonymous said...

First, I want to thank you for going above and beyond your patriotic duty by gaining all of this intelligence on these scum bags, which includes putting your lives and the lives of your family on the line. THANK YOU! However, the American public are too brainwashed to wake-up. I see this in my own family, whom by the way, know what is going on and they are just as frightened as anyone but they will not stand up! I have explained and e-mailed and gotten upset until I am blue in the face. I have showed them the chemtrails right over their heads and given them the web-sites and they still cannot believe that the government is EVIL enough to poison them. Same situation for the fluoride in the water to the GMO foods. Their response is, there is nothing that I can do about it. Stop getting soooo upset! WHAT?? I have called my senator; my congressman and all 100 senators about Obama and asking for investigations and the chemtrailing and the GMO and Fluoride in the water. I have even called my Governor; Attorney General and state congress. NOTHING IS BEING DONE TO SAVE US! They are all too scared and too corrupt or both to care. Not to mention that they hang up on you and Label YOU the nut-job. My point is there are appox. 305,000,000 people in the U.S and even if one quarter of the people are not brainwashed and know about what is going on only a handful of those people will do something about it. Why? Because they do not see it with their own eyes. SO YES, YOU WILL HAVE TO DO THE HEAVY LIFTING. But it cannot be done behind the scenes because it becomes conspiratorial! No one is going to believe that Romney Stole one billion dollars BECAUSE IT IS NOT ON FOX NEWS, ABC,CNN and so on and so forth. They are BRAINWASHED!!! The evidence must be in front of the American people or else they will do nothing because they do not see it nor do they believe it. Marching Obama out of the Whitehouse in handcuffs would get them a bit motivated and then do the rest with the senate and congress whom are just a culpable allowing him to do all of these things and then profiting from it! If there is proof as to what is happening behind the scenes then you will get the support. My other question is: If there is proof where are the people that have the authority to arrest them and bring them to justice?? Where? We hear that there are mass arrests but we do not see it. There are plenty of people like me that have done more than their fair share with no support and therefore we have gotten no results because it is too conspiratorial! Please do not think that I am ungrateful for what you are doing. Far from it but I just want to let you know why no matter How much evidence you have unless it is on the news and arrests are made it will take something major before the people wake up and rise up!

John MacHaffie said...

To Anon 3:06 PM

Very well said and I am in agreement. We need to see some results on mass media.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new here that we haven't already heard. Give me a break...talking about D.H.S. like it's a lawful entity, separate from the slime...talking about the electoral system as if it wasn't totally corrupt and controlled. The only way is for the military to step up and do their duty...we have to undress the "bad guys" before we can redress; but you don't think the military 'leaders'(the ones with the authority and power to arrest) could also be corrupt...NAAAAAAH!!!

Anonymous said...

I will continue to spread the news to my community and waking up the brainwashed and sleepy heads whether they like it or not. Through past experience I find many like to followed that's when I take over. GO WHITE HATS!