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Question -- What is the goal of this website? Why do we share different
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"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought 
without accepting it." – Aristotle

Friday, September 30, 2011

Those who obeyed that will reap a harvest that will delight and overwhelm them.


The Spirit of the Lord says:

The moratorium has been lifted, the waiting is over! I placed you for awhile in My hiding place until you were completely broken, and pulled up, so that I could set you up. My chosen ones have rent their hearts, not only the outer works. For only from this place of being broken can I truly build and plant. The difficulty has always been when you are trying to build on what others have begun in your past. You will keep repeating the same weakness from your previous generations. When you fight against Me as I clear the ground to plant, and you keep throwing old seeds into my garden, it will tend to bring only confusion to you. I want to lay a foundation that no other can compare too, but you must let Me tear down and destroy the old foundations in order to begin anew. I will not fight against your will, you must be willing. To those who have resisted, I ask, are you not tired of the results of trying to be your own God?

In this present season, many will receive a harvest that they did not expect, for they only planted what they thought was best. Yet they deceived themselves to believe a lie. It will not be good for them. Many would not heed My voice as I spoke clearly and often to them to pluck up the seeds that they planted. At the same time and quite often in the same house, there will be those who obeyed that will reap a harvest that will delight and overwhelm them. These are My hero-warriors, those who did not quit or run from the transition. They allowed Me to do the necessary clearing of the land in their hearts. It was hard at times but they endured, now they will come forth as gold, pure gold! For all who have rent their hearts and changed their minds to meet up to My conditions, I will leave a greater blessing than they can believe. There is nothing that you have lost in the past season that I will not restore to you double during this harvest season. I must remind you of this, your heart is the most important ground. 

That is why you must guard and keep your heart, and have your eyes and mind fixed on the goal of the Kingdom.

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