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Monday, September 19, 2011

Fulford 9-19-11 - Dark Cabal network being dismantled’s-illegal-control-network-is-being-dismantled/

Benjamin Fulford, 9-19-11…”the Cabal’s illegal control network is [being] dismantled”

Okay, that’s not Ben’s title, which is “Obama authorizes stationing of Japanese troops on US soil”. But that phrase in this blog’s title was the “+” part to me.
So, this week’s weekly Ben starts out with that magic word, “Obama”, stirrer of some people’s emotions, like “What the heck is he doing THAT for?” Honestly, I don’t know, and actually I am not on a “want to know” basis. Ben states that it is to “defend Japanese corporate interests”. May have something to do with udon and sushi (“Protect the uni!” (that’s sea urchin)).
Although there are some strong references as to what is being done worldwide, and although what Obama’s precise role and intent here is unknown, Ben presents more indications that the cabal is still coming apart at the seams.
One more thing, the email that I posted in this earlier article was, according to Ben a “disinformation report”. As always, use discernment of the Higher variety.
Some of this information was presented in David Wilcock’s Ben interview article, and the mp3 of the interview.
  • …Japanese soldiers to be stationed on US soil, according to a Japanese military intelligence agent…move was made in anticipation of severe rioting and turmoil in the US over the coming months, he said.
  • …87 nations have now agreed to participate in the launch of the new financial system…
  • There were disinformation reports out that a European financial meeting this last weekend was a follow-up to the Monaco meeting. This is not true…[it was] members of the old cabal… trying to somehow keep their fiat currencies from imploding.
  • …there have been serious developments in the move towards a new financial system. Soon all financial trading programs or “platforms” will the shut down for an indeterminate period of time.
  • The main Japanese gangs… have been offered an opportunity to formally take on their now informal rule as Japanese intelligence operatives.
  • One of the most treasonous agencies in Japan is the Mitsubishi banking group. This bank is going to be broken up and liquidated once the new financial system starts, according to Japanese military intelligence.
  • White Dragon Society member Neil Keenan is the nephew of both Tokyo war crimes Prosecutor Joseph Keenan and General MacArthur aide General George Keenan… Keenan is seen as a hero amongst the Japanese nationalists.
  • Research into the Keenan fund has also revealed more of the hidden history of World War two.
  • Much…confiscated gold remains in tunnels near the city of Matsumoto, Japan as well as in the Philippines and other parts of Asia. It has yet to be returned to its rightful owners.
  • Fortunately, however, we are hearing the Paraguayan and South American land bought by the Bushes and other cabal members with stolen gold will be confiscated. Their illegal Australian investments will also be liquidated and the funds will be returned to the Australian people.
  • Similar moves are expected worldwide as the cabal’s illegal control network is dismantled.