Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Night before RV

Night before RV

It was night before RV and all across the land, not a Dinarian was chatting even Tony or Dan,Rayren kept singing his RV song, and all Dinarians were praying it wouldn't be long.

With eyes glued to their screens -- fingers stuck to the keys, they all mumbled quietly, "RV pretty please!"

    The speakers they hummed with the conference call, while we dinarians wondered at the truth of it all.
    The erbil is done, the sanctions are lifted, peace is restored...oops everythings shifted.
    Maliki is stubborn and always says no, Allawi calls foul and does a no show.
    Obama wants more, it's always the same...power and money, the name of the game.
    Tuesday thru thursday, today is the day, Tony is sure and Dan says Nay.
    Hopeful and wanting the Dinarians sleep, counting dinars instead of sheep.
    But Shabbibis been busy when we weren't looking, he has a plan that he has been cooking.
    Lift the zeros, get everything ready, make sure the govt is nice and steady.....
    And out of night, the text how it comes, oh how beautiful that cellphone hums
    We can all feel it as we rush to our screen and our eyes glaze over in the color of green
    Dan and Tony they share the good news, and Rusty breaks open the bar and the booze,
    Laughing and happy, all dinarian Rayren still singing, looses his voice.

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