Saturday, September 17, 2011

We will produce a great bang!


The Spirit of the Lord says:

Now more than ever before is time for you to take a stand, keep your position and do not be moved. Every thing has tried to get you to take steps back and the push is from the spirit of the wicked one. I have taken delight in many of My strong ones that have learned to lean on Me, when the storms of great adversities begin to try and blow them off course. My strong ones have held on tight to My Word and have refused all of the lies of this world and of the spirit of religion. My children have not committed adultery with the idols of this world and all of its enticements to sin. They have looked right on, in spite of the many distractions that have tried to pull them to other ways. Now, listen, My strong ones, when you hear My voice you must not halt between two opinions. You must be quick and powerful to stop the smooth talking lies of the enemy. We knew this time would come, where you would be tried and your faith tested, and you have fought a good fight. Continue to hold fast to My promises, and do not be weary in doing right.

I see all that you have done in My name, and not one of those labors of love have been forgotten. Just as you have endured some things that you could have never seen coming, wait on Me. I have some surprises for you, yes, some things that you could never have dreamed or conceived. All of My strong ones that have learned the value of patiently enduring without giving up, I have laid up for you gifts and benefits that you will begin to see crop up in your daily life. I have prepared this strong generation of righteous ones to carry forth a mighty work now at the time of the end. We will produce a great bang! All will pay attention and take notice of My children. All who have set their faces like a flint, and have refused to back down and give any place to the enemy, they will enjoy a new level of walking in a heightened awareness of the Kingdom and heaven's aid. They will be more attuned to the assistance from the ministering angels and they will be more in harmony with Holy Spirit.

You will hear Me with greater clarity which will make you more perceptive and make your steps more accurate. You will be My holy instrument to strike down the strongholds of the enemy. You will be so sharp that you will easily slice through barriers, obstacles, and hindrances. Many will see that you have truly gone through a renewal, you will no longer be the same. You will now allow the transforming power of your Father to work through you untampered with. You will no longer try to water down all that I cause to move through you, just to be palatable to man. This is the greatest time to be alive and living in Me, for together we are about to do marvelous wonders. My strong ones and I will be like a shooting star as it blazes across the night skies, so we will blaze across the dark night of evil, everyone will look and be amazed, for We will shine! Many will come and be snatched from hell's fire because you will walk in the days of every opportunity that I Am presented to you now.

Scripture References: Isa.41:10-15; Isa. 48:6-7; 1 Tim.6:11-12; 2 Tim. 4:7-8; Heb. 6:10-15; Heb. 10:19-23

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