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Answers to many Questions - Underground Bases / Elenin / Galactics & more

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Answers to many Questions - Underground Bases / Elenin / Galactics & more
Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 26-Sep-2011 02:28:21

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THE GALACTIC WAR IS OVER AND THE LIGHT HAS WON. In my last article I said: “The second woe has passed; behold the third woe is soon to come. Then the seventh angel blew his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven saying the kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he shall reign for ever and ever. It’s the time for rewarding the servants, the prophets, and the saints and those who love thy name, and it is the time for destroying the destroyers of the Earth.” Revelation chapter 11.
On August 22 there was a 5.5 earthquake in Colorado on 37 N latitude. The underground base called Dulce, which is technically in New Mexico but close to Colorado, was wiped out by a magnetic pulse beam from one of the light ships that are now here in our vicinity. Dulce is on 37 N latitude. They beamed the people out of the bases before they destroyed it with their beam weapon which totally pulverized the underground base. As far as I know the underground city under the Denver airport is unharmed, which is where our President Barack Obama will be on September 27th.
On August 23 they sent another beam to destroy the underground base under Wash, D.C. and Virginia. This was a very important base and had all kinds of technology such as computers with everything about all of us on those computers. They also had mind control technology. This base was controlled by the negative ETs who are the Beings who have controlled everything on Earth for a long time. They were the Masters of the negative Beings who live here on Earth. This base was also connected with a negative base on the dark side of the moon, and one on Mars which were also taken out.
On the night of August 23 there was also what the scientists call a Super Nova on the handle of the Big Dipper. I believe it was another dark base that was taken out by the light side. That base was the controlling center for our whole area. It says in the Book of Knowledge the Keys of Enoch that at the end of time we will see the war of the heavens and the coming of the Host of Michael. This will free the planetary intelligences from the influences of Ursa Major. It goes on to say that the High Command intelligence works with our solar system through the Mid-Way station of Arcturus, which will open the lower heavens by breaking the controlling handle of the Big Dipper of Ursa Major. This is where the explosion happened in our heavens on August 23, 2011. We are having Divine Intervention.
My Shaman friend Mona was asked by her guides several months ago to go to Chaco Canyon on August 24, 2011 and have a ceremony there at exactly 11:00 AM. There were three other women with her at this ceremony. Her job was to open a doorway from Chaco Canyon to a galaxy so remote it is unknown to us. In 1996 a light brighter than a billion suns was guided through the shaft of a wormhole in space and reached Earth in that year. This event was recorded by a telescope in New Mexico. This light triggered something that had lain dormant for 1200 years in Chaco Canyon. Now the doorway is open to that remote galaxy.
Then on August 29th a reptilian ship fired one of their weapons at what is called comet Elenin. This ship was not hurt because they put up their shield, which is in the form of a tetrahedron and was seen on a picture from NASA. There is nothing to be afraid of with Elenin, it is on our side and that is why I say the Light has won. We needed outside help to get out from under the control of the Dark Masters and that has happened. As Elenin passed by the Sun there were many large solar flares and huge CMEs. Today is September 24 and the flares continue to happen. Elenin seems to be having a very large affect on the Sun.
Today I received an email about how more underground bases might have been destroyed. I believe there was a base in India where the recent earthquake happened. This is the end of the rule of the Dark side. I know that God is everything including both light and dark, although the dark part of God got kind of out of balance here on the Earth plane and we had to be brought back into neutral, which is the balance between light and dark and is where love resides.
In my last article I mentioned the dream I had on September 10 a couple of years ago about being with a group of people on top of a hill and singing “The light has won, Love now rules the world”. On September 8, 2011 a group of us went up the hill on the Indian Sacred Site that is close to my house and had a ceremony. Tamara wrote a song for the occasion called “The Light has won, Love now rules the world.”
The words to the song are on my blog The song is very beautiful.
I knew we would see a physical manifestation from the ceremony and there was a 6.4 quake on Vancouver Island the next day which is the acupuncture point for the Pacific Northwest Grid. I believe this area was opened up to sixth or seventh dimension consciousness.
The dream I had on September 16 a couple of years ago was about being with a group of people on the beach and we all fell asleep and when we woke up everything had changed. This could possibly refer to the three days of darkness that is supposed to be on the agenda soon. The next part of the dream was about a new governing system of light that was being set up. We’ll see how that works out.
Today is September 24 and many people are expecting a big event on September 26, 27 and 28th. Our congress is on vacation and many other governing places will also be on vacation. What is up? Will this be the expected three days of darkness, or is something going to happen with the financial system which appears to be on the verge of a major change right now? Or maybe nothing will happen. Who knows?
The 20th chapter of Revelation talks about the downfall of the ET controllers and that is happening right now. Watch what happens on Earth now because of that event. The next two chapters talk all about living on the New Heaven and the New Earth. I can hardly wait. This is when the fun starts.
The Harry Potter movie came out in July which was the conclusion of the war with the dark side. That just happened. That movie was full of magic and excitement. We are in the year of magic and miracles that started on July 26, 2011. We are in that year until July 26, 2012. It is the year of the wizard and the wizard is a tool of light and a conduit for the work of Spirit. A wise Wizard allows magic to happen.
The Mayan glyph for this Fall Equinox was the Red Skywalker. This is the glyph that can bring heaven to earth. It’s up to us. It is also interesting that the 6th night of Carl Calleman’s Mayan calendar started on
September 23 and goes until October 10. This glyph is ruled by the planet Mars and the negative base that was on that planet was just taken out, so we can now call Mars the planet of peace. Mars is now moving through the fire sign Leo. This sign rules heart energy and we can now safely open our hearts to love.
Leo is the 5th sign of the zodiac and is the constellation the planet Maldek was destroyed in a long time ago. That is when the 5th chord disappeared. Spirit Beings were working for a long time to bring that constellation back into balance. This was accomplished a few years ago. You might want to read the book called The Arcturus Probe by Jose Arguelles. It is very interesting, and it talks about the sounding of the Chord of the fifth force. Jose is the one who was the instigator of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 that brought us into the time-line of the 4th dimension. Now the Earth is ready for the 5th level of consciousness.
Be prepared on all levels because no one knows what will happen next. Our friends from space are here to help us. Isn’t that exciting? They might even appear openly in our heavens. It says in the Bible that the ships will appear in the clouds of heaven for all to see. Victory is in sight! It’s about time! Don’t get caught in any fear; be it about the financial system changing or anything else. Concentrate on having love in your heart and remember we are in the year of magic and miracles. So Be It! Love and light to all of you!
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Anonymous said...

Mr Ed; You wrote: "night of August 23 there was also what the scientists call a Super Nova on the handle of the Big Dipper...."
I would ask how you know the date of this supposed event, considering that the light from such an event will not reach us for many more years. Did you sense a "disturbance in the force..."?

Bishop e. bernard Jordan said...

This is a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! I hope to read more of your post which is very informative and useful to all the readers. I salute writers like you for doing a great job!

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