Friday, September 30, 2011

100 Days to Set the Course for the Future!

100 Days to Set the Course for the Future!
September 29, 2011
When I was in Alaska less than two weeks ago, the Lord began to speak about the 100 days ahead. I looked up and saw a window. Within the window were 100 doors. This looked like an Advent Calendar, where you open a door a day to find a unique surprise each day. Not only is there a surprise, but each day you uncover revelation that reveals a story and gives you a clear vision for the season ahead! During our Head of the Year Gathering the Lord began to give additional revelation:

"Nations Stand at Crossroads"

"I am sending My lightnings! I have been waiting to fill My children's mouths with the voice of Heaven! I am sending forth My messengers of lightening this hour. I have a people that will become lightning rods! They will then become storms in the earth. You will create storms and you will storm atmospheres of darkness in days ahead.

"You stand at crossroads. Nations stand at crossroads. The nations are yearning and saying, 'It is time for us to run. Show us which way to run.' My people will determine the way nations in the Valley of Decision will choose to go! My people will split the occult powers that are holding entire nations captive.

"I am entering you into a 100 day window where you will begin to open what has not yet flowed down from My Throne, to create the disturbances in the atmospheres of the earth. For now is My time that the disturbances of earth will occur. You are entering into a season where the earth will be disturbed! This will allow glory to rise. You will be like one who penetrates what has not been penetrated. You will pierce through and into structures that have refused to give up captured blessings!

"The Treasuries of Heaven and Earth will Shake"

"You are entering an apostolic and accelerating season! I will send you into places where My Government does not exist! You are entering the apostolic season of going forth. Be willing to go to places that you have never gone before! Be willing to be on teams that will demonstrate My power! Separation has now been activated. Those who have separated will now go forth and illuminate.

"Visit the threshing floor! At the threshing floors of your ministry and territories, the separation that is necessary to pull in your next wealth structure will occur! I am watching and waiting for you to stand on the threshing floor! Then, wealth can be released.

"The Treasuries of Heaven and Earth will shake. Watch and hear the announcements of the Treasury over these next 100 days! The announcement of the treasuries of the earth will mean that I am shifting My people into a new anointing.

"I am separating the Esaus and Jacobs in your region. That which has warred in your midst as Esau, against My Jacobs, will now change! Lightning is falling on the Jacobs of this hour.

"Mothers of Israel..."

"To the mothers of Israel, I say, 'Rise up and prophecy what I have shown you! I have shown you what is to come, but you have submitted that into the atmosphere wrongly! Prophesy and submit to the atmosphere. Cry out in the temples what is to come. Just as I revealed to Rebekah Jacob's call, I have revealed already to the mothers of Israel the calls of My leaders for the future.

"Open your mouths and speak these calls forth. I am expanding My people and I am bringing down within you that which will explode and cause you to expand. Move with Me, for even the place you stand in here is not the place in which I intend to perform My acts.'

"This is the beginning of preparing the way into the miracle acts for the future. Know this: I now am activating you and you will be those that target what you were afraid to target in the last season. I will show you how to shoot that arrow that is rising up from within the depths of your belly. The arrow will come from your mouth and will penetrate what you could not previously penetrate.

"Get ready. You have been activated into the season called 'Lightning'. You have been commissioned to go forth and break open and demonstrate My plan in the season ahead.

"Do not allow the votes of some nation to cause you to back away. I have a Bride that is captured in those nations that are set against Me. I will now activate and send My people in like lightning strikes, to cause the Bride to be liberated.

"Deliverance Will Now Explode Throughout the Earth Realm"

"You are entering a 'going' season. You are entering an 'activated' season. You are entering a season of demonstration. You are entering a season when every thought you have you will activate and produce victory. You are entering a season of corporate deliverance. Entire congregations will be delivered in a day. You stand at the crossroads of deliverance for cities and nations. Deliverance is now being released into the earth. Deliverance will now explode throughout the earth realm. I am positioning and synergizing My gifts NOW for this hour.

"Your left foot will now be able to be used to crush heads of serpents. I am anointing that left foot to crush serpents. Your right foot will find its hold to climb." (Then I saw the side of a mountain with people's left feet going on a serpents' heads and right feet allowing people to crush and leap.) "You are entering into a season of crushing and leaping. You will crush the enemy and leap onto the next ledge for vision. Get ready. You are going forth crushing and leaping into the year ahead."


golden1101 said...

Powerful stuff . . .

Anonymous said...


Be glad to see when all this "now" happens.

How many of these are we up to now?

Waiting....waiting.....waiting....Now? (not quiiite yet!)....waiting.....waiting.....Now?(hold on, we're at the edge)......waiting.....waiting.....

Dude, you'll still be "waiting" 20 years from now lol.

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