Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting Calls from Debt Collectors?

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Getting Calls from Debt Collectors? Your chance to turn those calls into money in your pocket.
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Date: Monday, 19-Sep-2011 17:02:18
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Recapturing your own, personal power in the theme of our show today. Listen as our guests show you how to do it and learn from the ongoing campaign to force accountability on the Family Law Courts.

Reclaim Your Power and generate hard cash - Learn how to make thousands of dollars by holding debt collectors to the law. Millions of Americans today are falling into the hands of third party debt collection agencies whose ruthless standard practices violate the law. Thanks to our guest, Jesse Tacoronte, instead of a stab of fear when the phone rings or the mailman delivers thousands of people are grabbing the phone, recorder and pen in hand and viewing those ugly collection letters as manna from heaven. Meet Jesse and discover an unexpected source for income and to recapture your own power. Find Jesse's site at What Lies In Your Debt.

Guest - Jesse

Understand the Corruption of the courts: The Genocide Treaty - Two cases, Julia's, a practicing Orthodox Jew and our second guest in the third hour. Charles Lincoln, a disbarred attorney who learned the hard way how corrupt the courts in Texas truly are is now taking on human rights and family law with the Genocide Treaty.Judicial Accounting
\ Guests - Charles Edward Lincoln, III and Julia Gelb
Slavery surfaces in a new form - Lincoln freed the slaves? Not in Orange County, California

Guests - Charles Edward Lincoln, III and Kim Miller


TLGA said...

Jesse's process is 100% percent legit. We have been teaching this on our Wednesday night calls since May. I received my first settlement check this past Friday and that is just the first of dozens more since I learned how simple the truth and remedy are.

I too await the ringing of the phone, pen in hand, why? Because each of those calls is worth $500.00 to me minimum!

Jesse's calls are open to the public on Tuesday nights at 8pm est.... Conference Call Information:
Day and Time: Tuesday (TONIGHT), 8pm EST
Web Access (to listen to the call only):
Dial-in Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 98842# then if you are a guest to Talk Shoe hit 1#

debt collectors said...

Take this hint. If, when questioned, the caller refuses to disclose the full name or address of the collection agency they claim to represent. It is a scam.