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Message from the Pleiadians

Messenger Greg Giles
Sept. 20, 2011

You are about to witness events once thought only made for motion pictures. Hollywood could not invent such a compelling story, true in its sincere portrayals of the two competing (yet on another level collaborating), sides in this battle of good versus evil, or dark versus light. In this epic saga, the light will triumph, and all that is good, and all that is love, and all that is light, justice, fairness, which holds integrity and harmonious balance will prevail to shine on your new day and your new way that you will experience God’s most grand theater.
Along your journey you have met friends, foes, challenges, triumphs, failures, love, loss, good times and hard times. You danced in lighted ball rooms, you fought on darkened battlefields, you helped and inspired others, and you were picked up when you were downtrodden. All according to your needs, wants, ambitions, and higher calling to mold your wings to one day soar from this reality into a new golden dream that will cater to your hearts most inspired desires to add to God’s incredible creation.
All the tools you will ever need or wish for will be at your disposal to add your own colors, your own splash, and your own original vibration to the already gorgeous canvas that is the multi-dimensional universes. Seek out what it is you love, what it is your heart desires, for it is just this that you shall have very soon, my dears. Just as a child gazes through the glass enclosures of a candy shop display, so too shall you be offered such mouth-watering choices for your sweet tooth for excitement and adventure. If it is travel that vibrates your heartstrings, to the ends of this and other universes you shall journey. If it is a dance with beings from all across the universe who jump in rhythm to a beat of love and light, it is this beat that shall fill your ears so very soon.
The time is upon you, the orchestra is tuning up for the overture to your symphony. Be brave, be joyful, help others understand and assimilate the changes that are many and that can be quite radical to some. It is your task to help ease your world into the new paradigm. You have trained for this mission throughout many lifetimes, it is now time for you to take center stage and do what it is you do best.
There will be many who fall under fears powerful spell, and this is an area many of you have trained long and hard to become specialists in; recognizing, responding, transmuting, and shielding as many needing souls within your sphere of influence. The ‘wounded’ will come to you. Infuse them with your light. You are an expert at lightwork. You are a master universal Lightworker. That is why you are here. You have been able to ascertain and understand the events that are about to unfold, events that to many others around you will be mind-blowing. Ease their pain, their suffering of this fear. There is nothing to fear. All is, and will be according to the decree of the creator, as carried out to the letter in love and light by the spiritual hierarchies and the Ascended Masters who comprise the Galactic Federation fleets. Your well-being is our highest priority. Your ascension into a higher state of existence is our final goal of many and sometimes quite involved tasks. We are highly qualified in every area of this grand endeavor and we will succeed. We have trained extensively to be of service in these times. It is now time for us, all of us, to complete our tasks and return your planet to the utopia it once was. Enjoy this spectacular ride.

We are your Star family.

Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message - September 20-27, 2011

Messenger Julie Miller
September 20, 2011

I see so many eager faces, so many just waking to the call of walking in the Light, and so many still finding new ways to learn and progress along their journey. There are countless areas of information and learning for all children of the Light. Start with one, and work your way from there.

The journey you are on dear ones requires a great deal of patience, self-TRUST, unveiling many truths that are not so true anymore, and a huge amount of LOVE. Let us begin with patience. Patience requires a lot of reflection, possibly deep breaths, and understanding of oneself and of others. Patience is very hard to master. I have seen people who claim themselves to be ‘most patient’ to come across a situation suddenly that challenges that claim. Patience requires a lot of effort at first to maintain, and focus to keep. Once Mastery is reached, you only need to keep an eye on it once in a while. Ground yourself with the Earth, practice deep breathing, learn the many different ways to meditate, find ways that is both creative and calming that will help minimize the possibility of your losing that patience you have recently Mastered. If you have not yet mastered this skill and characteristic, it’s never too late to begin working at it. Patience is needed in every aspect of your life. Some things you do not require so much focus, but you know, not everything remains simple.

I mentioned Self-TRUST; another big area that requires attention. Self-trust mingles around a few other areas of your journey. Learning to trust yourself and what YOU feel to be true is very important. What you think is true today, may very well not be so true in 20 years, but we are not talking of the future we are talking of today. Focus on today, on NOW. The future is coming quick enough. Trust yourself to make choices on your own, without the influence of others. Seek others for guidance and ideas, but let it be your thoughts and your heart that guides you to what to do next. ONLY you can live your life, not your friend or the person across the screen in the computer. Learn to trust the choices you are making are for the best interest of YOU. Allow your guides to help you, think with your heart before you choose.

Along the way and throughout the journey of being in the Light you will discover many of the truths told to you when you were a young child no longer hold much value or has changed so much that those truths do not seem so valid now. You have changed, so does what you have learned back then. Now you are at a new era, where adopting a newer and more efficient way of being and thinking are needed. This newer way is filled with love and compassion for your fellow human, not only for a select few. Not only are you learning to love all people equally, you are learning that underneath their skin color or ethnic beliefs, they live and breathe just as you do, and all deserve to be loved and treated with respect and kindness. Some of the truths you may unveil that are of a personal nature will definitely require a bit of reflection and time to sort out. There is no rush. Time is irrelevant to us of the Divine. Take as long as you need to sort out all the many truths and untruths. Come to terms with what you discover as you are also discovering yourself.

See the person in the mirror, YOU and see what there is that is so beautiful. It is not the make-up; it is not the pretty or handsome haircut, or fancy clothes. What makes you beautiful is what is underneath all that. It is your very essence, and your spirit. It is this that is beautiful. The more you learn to live with pure love coming from your heart, you will notice you understand more. You will understand and see the world differently. When pure love enters your spirit, it is a most wonderful feeling. It doesn’t just go away. The many paths and side roads you have taken so far have all led you where you were meant to be. You have learned so much, and accomplished even more; spiritually and personally. Sometimes it is hard to see the accomplishments when you live in the physical world, but they are there before you and within you. Take the time dear ones to see and appreciate yourself for all you have done. It is not over. There is so much more.

Continue working with your guides, learn to follow your intuition. Know that you are loved very much by me and by the ever loving Creator. I am leaving now, but I am never very far. I am a stern teacher, but I will guide you, support you and love you whenever you need assistance from me.

And so it is…Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller

This truly is a time of great expectations

Messenger John Smallman
A message from Saul
Sept. 21, 2011
To awaken is to know God. It is His Will that you do so, and as you are one with Him it is also your will. Consequently, it is impossible for you not to do so. Your intent to awaken is growing stronger each day as your desire to be awake intensifies and the moment for it to happen draws ever closer.
In the spiritual realms, delight and excitement are rampant as we observe ever more of humanity twitching and stirring as you move towards wakefulness. This truly is a time of great expectations which will be mightily surpassed when awakening occurs, and you, as it were, open your eyes, stretch, yawn, rub the sleepiness from your eyes, and stare with wonder and amazement at the sight that greets you, and the awareness dawns – you are Home! The ecstasy of that most fantastic moment is waiting to welcome you.
Your inner vision, given to you when you were created, has been your permanent ally, your constant companion, the Flame within beckoning you to come Home from the world of dreams and nightmares, into the brilliant perfection of Reality. It has been calling to you since the moment of separation, attempting to attract your attention in order to lead you out from the illusion. But you were captivated by the environment that you had built and you ignored its calls to you, knowing that it would always be there for you should you ever want it, while thinking that you never would – the illusion was far too much fun. However, by the time you changed your mind you had forgotten how to make contact, and so you started to invent rituals and ceremonies that you hoped would show you the way out. None did … and yet you were still being called. Eventually a few did hear the call, without really recognizing it for what it was, as they sat in silent awe-filled contemplation of the moon, the stars, the forests, the rivers, the oceans, sunrise and sunset, and they became aware of a great and unfulfilled longing within them, but for what they did not know. The awe that they experienced while in contemplation encouraged them to spend more time there, and they began to hear the call more strongly, confirming their hope that they were not alone, and these few became your teachers and guides over many incarnations.
Over the eons, their teachings spread by word of mouth, were written down, and were made available to genuine seekers of the knowledge of God. Some of the teachings became corrupted, but the main message “Love and honor one another as your Father loves and honors you” was never lost, even though it was frequently ignored, as some men set themselves up as better than others and gave themselves the right to judge and condemn.
That time has passed, but the message of love and honor has endured, inspiring many to live their lives in voluntary service to others where they found peace and satisfaction, even amidst great pain and suffering, as they continued to share that message of salvation. By loving and honoring one another you are saved – saved from the self-destruction that the darkness of hate and self-righteousness brings upon those who follow that path. But that path, like all of the illusion, will disintegrate because all will turn away from it and head towards the Light, honoring and loving as they go. All are saved because self-destruction is part of the illusion and cannot last, although some may choose to follow that painful path for a little longer.
For the majority, awakening is no idle fantasy as the illusion would suggest; it is the culmination of eons of determined effort they have made to find their way Home, even when not consciously aware of having made that choice. Those who seek peace and love will find them because they are Reality, All That Exists, and their apparent failings and sins are just that … apparent, part of the illusion that will dissolve when belief in sins is released and the Love eternally embracing them is accepted. When Love is truly and consciously accepted, everything else falls away. And you are all shortly to move into that state of acceptance and experience the wonder of that divine and eternal state.
With so very much love, Saul.

A message from Council of Twelve

Messenger Ann A.
A message from the Council of Twelve
Sept. 21, 2011
We are the Council of Twelve. We are observing the meetings and speeches at the United Nations. We are most particularly interested in the conversations that are behind the scenes. Much negotiation and deal-making is in progress, much that will not be reported in your media. For the most part, the conversations are productive and progressive in nature. There are still big pockets of resistance to change. This is to be expected. However, the tide has turned in the direction of expansion, openness and disclosure.
These changes will be instituted and will filter into your daily lives over a period of months. As we mentioned before, the upcoming changes will happen incrementally, and many will not notice them. We are talking about greater ability to speak, publish, dissent, vote, live, breathe and work. A gradual expansion of daily life freedoms will be available in many areas that are currently constricted.
Breathe these changes into being. Help the light into the light with your positive intention. Areas of the Middle East especially need your assistance. You can help to manifest a more rapid expansion and higher degree of human interaction by sending your prayers and thoughts to areas of the world that exist in the shadows.
You may have noticed that the hikers who were arrested in Iran are being released. This event has symbolic value. Ponder on it. Would you like to walk where you wish? Would you like the planet to be a place where free exchanges of people are cultures are the norm? It is in progress. The changes are underway. We thank you for your service. Carry on.


Equinox September 2011: Towards 11/11/11...Diving Deeper

A message from Celia Fenn
20th September

As we move towards what I think of as our "date with destiny" on the 11/11/11. I have been finding that words are not flowing as easily as in the past. It is almost like I have developed an aversion to the clever "mind bytes" and sage advice that is so common these days. Advice on how to live, what to think, how to make money and what to say....and yet....the desire is to go deeper and deeper.....deeper into the very truth of Who we Are and what we Feel in our Heart and Soul.

This is not surprising really, given that with the opening of the Lion's Gate in August of 2011, we opened the Gates of the Sixth Dimension and anchored the Flow of the Dreamtime energy on the Earth. And this energy is INTENSE. We are literally "living the Dream" in Full Technicolor now, with all the hues, tones, accents and nuances of being an Angelic Spirit being in a Human Angelic Body! that again....we have arrived! We are fully aware of Who We Are and that We are here to "experience" Life in all its intensity and flow.

When we are still in the grip of the mental energies, we think that the purpose of life is to be successful, happy and wealthy. Well...yes....that is always a good place to start from, but many successful, happy and wealthy people often forget to actually live. The pursuit of these things becomes a replacement for the experience of the adventure of life. As you shift into the Fifth Dimension and then the Sixth, you realize that the "security" of success, happiness and wealth is not a guarantee that you will experience the Adventure of Life. You can buy some great toys and have a good time, but unless you dive deeper and deeper, you may only be skimming the surface of what is possible in this New Earth reality.

We are here to Create and Adventure and experience this magnificent adventure in all of its textures and hues. And of course, the textures and tones of Love and Peace are Magnificent, but so is the "lift" of creating art, laughing, sharing, dancing, eating new foods, travelling and trying out new things.....or just walking on the beach!

In the Technicolor "Dreamtime" the true magnificence of the Planet as a "playground" of dreams and experiences is revealed. But, we cannot fully appreciate the richness of this exotic banquet of life until we open ourselves to feel and experience fully.

This understanding came to me recently when I was in Denmark in late summer, sitting on a beach with a group of friends, eating mussels freshly harvested from the ocean and cooked with fresh vegetables in an iron pot over a fire. It was a brilliant sunny day with great company and great food and great was like something from a movie. I was reminded of a film I once saw called "Babette's Feast", about a Danish woman who prepares a sumptuous feast as a Celebration of Life.

The Sixth Dimension of Consciousness is about a Celebration of Life in Full Technicolor! The "Projector" is your Heart, and the Director of the Movie is your Soul and Higher Self. You are the Star in this movie, and it is whatever you create together following the directions of the Higher Guidance. But you are the magnificent Star. must be willing to be the Star in your own life and play your part with Courage and Perseverance and Intelligence. Do not be afraid, but allow yourself to experience all the feelings, emotions and tones of life.

At this Equinox, many of you will be feeling this pull to open your Hearts and align with this powerful Flow of Creative Dream Energy, this River of Dreams that flows from the Cosmic Heart of the Divine Consciousness. You will seek to fully connect with the "directions" of your Soul as you work together to express your Life Purpose. You will want to move beyond the superficial, the shallow...the the deep Essence of self and the deep feelings of the Heart.

This is the Gift of the Sixth Dimension of Consciousness as you open to and express your Magical Child!

And then, as you balance into this Energy at the Equinox, you will be aligning for the final steps into the 11/11/11 portal of full Multi-Dimensional Consciousness. Between the 23rd of September and the 11th of November, you will feel this intense energy of your Soul expressing its desire to live fully and completely in the Earth "Dream".

For the Equinox on Friday, I will be posting a Meditation from Archangel Michael to prepare us for our alignment with the Great Rose Stargate of the 11/11/11.

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