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Posted By: watcher51445
Date: Wednesday, 28-Sep-2011 18:02:38
Last evening I talked to Russell's Golden Boy.. Had'nt heard from him for a while but something said "call him".. I called him, he was recovering from a sever beating which resulted in his pelvis being fractured like an egg shell which was instigated by those gentlemen who at the 'behest' of those old boys who offered me $40 Billion Dollars if "I" would cover those two unauthorized $120 Billion Dollar Transactions back in 1991 which eventually was the catylist which brought down the World Trade Towers with a direct hit on Cantor Fitzgerald, also destroying another 'participant' office of Goldman Sachs on 9/11/01. (If you remember I accepted on the terms of the $40Billion being in Gold Bullion, Core Drilled, Assayed and Re-certified, then delivered to my bank of choice. Which resulted in every bank around the globe discovering they held 'gold plated tungsten.. instead of Gold Bullion.)
To all of our surprise: Suddenly, Monday Sept. 6, 2011.. Englands LONDON 'GOLD' EXCHANGE IS PERMENTLY CLOSED FOR BUSINESS ???
As all of this is going on.. BOGUS Liens are showing up
9/18/11 LEINS ON "U.S." NAWAPA.

Lloyd's insurer sues Saudi Arabia for 'funding 9/11 attacks'
September 19, 2011, The Independent (One of the UK's leading newspapers)

Then all the scuttlebutt about Tim Geithner showing the Northernly portion of the lower quadrant of his South Bound Body to the International Bankers..
Rumors, Rumors, more rumors and more scuttlebutt.. While trying to sit and get some peace and quiet this afternoon out on the carport, watching the squirrels.. a car pulls up, two men get out and walk over to me.. One asked me if I was V.K. Durham, I replied 'yes.' We are investigating what appears to be a global banking and financial fraud. Do you know anything about this? I was asked. Well, yes.. have written about it every day since my husband was murdered by those who forged and notarized his signature four years after his death. Done everything but stand on old Resolute, strip off naked and do a cooch dance, I replied.
We would like to see your documents of ownership, one of the gentlemen said. Fine! Go over on my web site scroll down on the first page.. you will fine everything you need.. Thats It! Thats what we get!? Hell yes! Your damned lucky to get that much!
You do realize there is a world wide investigation, don't you? Well, I've heard the rumors, I replied. Would you be willing to provide us with documentation regarding information you might have regarding this current 'banking crisis'..? It's out there in the Court of Public Opinion posted on the site I gave you before and at and many sites around the world have the information.. I believe we've done enought helping. No one wanted to know what was going on! No one wanted to listen!
I have reached the conclusion the American People are about as fed up with this 'superior' attitude which has been placed on that dirty end of the US Corporate Stick beating all of us over the heads with it, as I was about my husband after all those many years of telling him "I Love You".. which fell by the wayside.. and finally, after all those years of the "I love yous" one day as I walked out of his bedroom about 18 days before he died.. he said "I love you" to me. I turned around and said: Don't you dare after all these years of you sluffing me off are you going to be allowed to tell me that when after it slowly and finally got past your arrogance and sunk into your head, and you have finally realize now they are going to kill you and I can't do one f#%king thing to help you. Don't you dare lay that 'trip' off on me now!
I honestly believe that the hurt, the anger, the hostility is the way the american people feel right now..after all these years of being ignored when they cried out "Help Me!" as their homes, farms, life insurances etc were being ripped away and stolen by foreign bankers.. and now it's come to a head.. Americans don't want to hear that same old story any longer.
Needless to say.. the two men left empty handed with the exception of the two web site address's.
I just don't want to hear about this any more!
After they left I called the Golden Boy, told him what had happened... he was about as put out as I was over this mess.
We discussed the "Jamie Diamon and little Timmy Geithner" business of 'kicking the slats out of their "banking play pen" around the world trying to make the world believe they owned something they did'nt own.. being exposed by the GOLD CARTEL BANKS..
He was of the same opinion as I... What the hell took them so long!? WHY NOW!?

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VKD Re: SOMETHING MUST BE GOING ON.. STRANGE AFTERNOON HERE TODAY Posted By: watcher51445 Date: Wed, 28-Sep-2011 19:42:21 Asked for Id.. NONE WAS PRODUCED. VERY POLITE. Tan Slacks, Brown Shoes, Dark Blue Blazer, white pull overs.. well manicured. Black suburban. Thats it. Talked to the "golden boy", he believes it was 'agency'.. So do I.
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