Monday, September 19, 2011

Real Time Nazis With Their Finger In Every Pie

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Real Time Nazis With Their Finger In Every Pie
Posted By: Lion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 19-Sep-2011 11:49:23
The world of the insane international power brokers is governed by a select few.
The blatant absurdity is they are allowed to walk free anywhere on the face of the planet.
Yes, they are all Nazis - those who wish to implement the 'Fourth Reich' on planet Earth.
Whether or not you personally believe these individuals are all working for the same cause - world domination - matters not.
The simple fact remains; if these individuals are not stripped of their wealth , power, influence, and their false-front of legitimacy, they will succeed - and their world is NOT one in which you want to live.
If you wish for a world free of war, famine, and destruction - you will do everything in your power to see these international criminals brought to justice.
Maurice Strong

Zbginiew Brzezinski

"Dick" Cheney

Alan Greenspan

Ben Berna(n)ke

Benjamin Netanyahu

David Rockefeller

George Soros

George H W Bush Sr

Henry "Heinz" Kissinger

Joe Ratzinger

Joseph Ackerman

Nicoleon Sarkozy

Charles Philip Arthur George

Elizabeth Windsor


Anonymous said...

they are all a bunch of old crooked farts and it is time for them to go down!

Anonymous said...

These are the people who rule the world and the question is - who has the power to bring these evil doers to justice? They have been in control for years and years and they are not going quietly.

Please Dear God, take control.

Anonymous said...

When the world community band together and say enough is enough, it send a strong message. Fear is their only strongest message!

Anonymous said...

But don't forget! Those in position to take their places are no better! You know...Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro aka Harrison J. Bounell and all the other Alinskyites, Union Thugs, Radicals and Muslims he has surrounded himself with. May God help us!

TLGA said...

I don't think God gave us two feet just to use them to hold down the coffee table while watching the mind control machine while they pump sub harmonic sound waves into our ears....


Anonymous said...

Just looks like a bunch of prunes on their last leg, Hide their meds. and they'll be dead in a week. You notice they say nothing about wills and his bride being amongst the evil elite. But he is one of them. I'm all for burning them at the stake. But thats just my opinion.