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God has not given us a spirit of fear, but power, love and a sound mind!! These emails just keep coming from different sources.......something is truly up and only Holy Spirit can show us. Anyone willing to stand with me on the wall in fasting and praying/interceding over this? Please share with me what the Father is showing you!! I have included a couple of links at the bottom of this article......I don't know this Pastor - the links are where his articles and information can be found. Please everyone do due diligence and see what comes up. I am just passing along the messages. I am also going and doing my due diligence. I just know something big is up since these keep coming from so many sources. I have attached a couple of others that I sent last night for those who haven't had a chance to either get them or read them yet.
Praise God - He alone is moving Mightily!!!
Merry Joy
Haggai 2:18-23
Subject: September 23rd.....

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
     "23" is the Bible number associated with "death and destruction," and is set forth this way numerous times in the Bible.  For further verification see Biblical Mathematics by Ed Vallowee, or perhaps some of you still have copies of the now out of print books on Bible Numbers written by G. E. Jones many years ago.
      This week, September 23rd, is the day the so-called "Palestinians" have ask the United Nations to vote on them becoming a new independent nation by dividing and taking land from the sovereign nation of Israel.  Give serious thought to what the Lord God of Heaven thinks about this move!  Read again Genesis 12:3 and Joel 3:2.  There is going to be a terrible price paid by the nations [Gentiles] for dividing the land of Israel. 
     The same day a huge space rocket [satellite] is going to fall out of the sky.  This ship was placed in orbit in 1991, but since that time the systems on it have slowly "died," and the rocket is now tumbling through space around the earth out of control.  According to ABC News this morning this space rocket is orbiting the earth in a north to south orbit, meaning that it is mostly over land on both sides of the Earth.  Therefore, NASA authorities are expecting it to fall to the Earth over land anywhere from the northern tip of Canada to the southern tip of South America.  If it should crash in a populated area, especially in a city, it will cause tremendous death and destruction.  The ABC news media this morning reported that it will break up on entry into earth's atmosphere and parts of it will be scattered over a 400 mile area regardless of where the main bulk of it crashes to the Earth.  As to the exact spot that it will land, even NASA says that this cannot be calculated until 2 hours before it crashes.  Think about it!
     In case you haven't noticed, September 23rd is also the first day of Autumn after the end of the summer season on September 22nd.  In view of Bible prophecy, I suggest reading again the lament of Israel and the Jewish people in Jeremiah 8:20. 
     Further, there is a group that are pressuring the news services all over the world to declare an international "news blackout" on September 22nd, 23rd, and 24th.  Their supposed justification for wanting such a world wide "news blackout" is to give humanity "a rest" from all the bad news and a time to meditate and see how the world can be made a better place for all of us.  Sick!  I smell something highly odorous, and it smells to me like trying to "cover up" something the NWO PTB don't want the public to know about. 
     Those who are independently monitoring Elenin and Planet X are stating with absolute certainty that Elenin is going to move between the Earth and the Sun  late on September 25th, and due to the humongous size of Elenin [a brown dwarf star] the entire Earth will be plunged into total darkness for three days  on September 26th, 27th, and 28th.  The only thing which can or will prevent this from happening is the direct intervention of the Lord God of Heaven, for Elenin passing through the solar system is on a direct course to bring it between the Sun and the Earth on the dates stated. 
     I would remind God's people that some 2,000 years ago the Apostle Peter, transliteraing from Joel's prophecy, explictly stated, "the sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come," Acts 2:20.  After seriously and intensely studying God's Word for the past 57 years, and comparing the prophecies with world events which have occurred during this present dispensation, I have never found a place where this particular inspired prophecy given by Peter has ever been fulfilled in the past.  But it sure appears that it is going to be, this coming week.  Are you prepared, spiritually and mentally, to face it?  The Lord Himself explicitly stated that "men's hearts" would fail them "for looking after those things which are coming on the earth," Luke 21:26.
     It is also stated seven times in the New Testament that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming for His people [rapture"as a thief in the night."  I think it should be obvious to anyone with mental intelligence, that if the Lord should come to resurrect and rapture His people to glory during these three days and nights that the whole earth is plunged into darkness, then He will most certainly come "as a thief in the night."       
    Also, it has already been publicly announced that President Obama is going to Denver, Colorado on September 27th.  It is now well known and a documented fact that the U.S. Military Industrial Complex spent years building a vast underground base beneath the Denver International Airport where important public officials such as the President and other public officials can "supposedly" be kept safe in view of chaotic world catastrophes which are beginning to come upon the Earth RIGHT NOW and will continue over the next seven years.  I said "supposedly" because God's inspired Word plainly states that the wicked cannot hide
from the wrath of Almighty God even if they "dig into hell" or flee into the heavens,  Amos 9:2-3.  Men haven't built a "bunker" yet that the Lord God Almighty cannot tear all to pieces.  Praise the Lord! 
     It is also glaringly obvious that all of these things are happening this week and next week just before the arrival of Rosh HaShanah on the Jewish calendar which will begin this year on the evening of September 28th and extend through September 29th-30th.  Is this Scripturally significant or not?  You decide! 
     Folks, I haven't predicted anything!  I have just reported what is occurring and is going to occur this week and next.  You be the judge of whether this information is important to God's people, and to others, and should be shared.  I had a burning conviction that it should be, therefore I wrote this article reporting it.  If you share my feelings that this information is important, then forward it on to those on your own email address list.  God bless you all!  I want to meet you all in glory.  Please don't disappoint me.  Salvation in Christ is the only wayJohn 14:6; Acts 4:12; Romans 10:8-13.   In the love of Christ,
                       Pastor F. M. Riley

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Jesus Christ is our Hope of Glory!!
Col. 1:27


Anonymous said...

This is fear mongering. please learn to discern.

Anonymous said...

FEAR: False evidence appearing reality

Anonymous said...

well nothing has happened has it, today is the 25. Nothing is going to happen.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sick and tired of Israel getting away with killing, raping and torturing people because the bible; which was written by man by the way, says it's okay to do so. Wake up sheeple!!!! Murder is Murder!!! The Israeli's are violating God's laws and breaking His Commandments!!! What do you so-called Christians have to say about that??? Nevermind, none of you can agree on anything the bible says anyway..that's why there's so many Protestant denominations.

Brace yourselves, the day of God's judgement being poured out upon Israel is imminent. Like maybe this week and I would not want to be anywhere near there when the shit hits the fan blades!