Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dinar Intel - PTR Call Notes 9-24-11

Still a great day – WHOLE lot of info out there…

They are waiting on MORE news may do another call later today

Telabani spoke that they are a sovereign nation…

Hidden messages in his speech – during morning services all Iraqis listened to his speech in mosques…

Was distracted by the Satellite hitting… Was told they are now a free country that world is watching them. BANKS are STILL on alert making appointments stating they are going to be a part of cashing out and setting up accounts only….

Two meetings tomorrow – one is with the World Bank in Wash DC and other one in Iraq with all the banks meeting in Iraq – they are supposedly with Parliament and getting new instructions for new procedures – not sure if it’s about RV but it is that they are a sovereign nation and Shabibi will meet with World bank tomorrow for new directions...

Tony states that means that the world bank meeting with Shabibi will take place tomorrow Saturday at 2pm ….but the meeting in Iraq will be tonight with Parliament so we could hear news from this meeting tonight… I like to credit those I work with to get Intel and been on phone since 5am – Today will be a great day – market is looking and every time this RV has been attempted GOLD goes OWN and today its down over $100 that is no explanation and some inside people are doing something… Banks were downgraded – IMF came out we were in a dangerous time in world economy something needs to be done and we KNOW what that is and this week stuff was approved, changed and signed - the RV is not showing yet – some are expecting it still today right after market closes –some say Sunday we may see it – If they do it today Friday it would show in the Forex systems by Monday – so this could happen for Sunday business…

Caller – do you think they have attempted to pull this trigger- TONY states let me think how much I can get away with telling you about that as some things I am not going say it supposed to day – TONY stats THERE has been NO GLITCH this week at all – We are basically waiting for one event – EVER BODY in EVERY PLACE is ready and waiting – so no failed attempts yet… Caller asks what event are we waiting on – TONY states that if I knew 100% I may not be able to tell you….

HOT OFF THE PRESS TONY ASKS TO HOLD….He can’t tell us what he was told as he has to confirm this ONE SINGLE EVENT they are waiting for it to take place now and we will hear later today and THERE WILL BE a second call to tell you about this when its confirmed….

Gary states they are now sovereign and trying to confirm on a key action going on right now and maybe today….This will go off with no announcement the rates will just go live… THEY CAN’T BE A SOVEREIGN NATION WITHOUT CURRENCY GET READY!

TONY states there will be two calls – there are some things going on and will be another call from PTR later today….Being sovereign means NO other world approval needed now…

TONY states - Something to do with the Government Agency that we are waiting on…. TODAY – Callers asks is this the UN and TONY states there is ONE MORE THING and we need to see this and that’s it…. So we wait as this is NOT a cat and mouse game – TONY states that certain things are not supposed to be known till after it happens – MOST get announced AFTER they take place MANY do not want this RV to happen and they do these things THEN ANNOUNCE them later….Banks, FOREX is ready and NO BODY is guessing if this will take place anymore –GET IT?

First hand in mosques today, we will have that later what was said to the people this morning…

TONY STATES We know Some things that will take place IN the Parliament meeting tomorrow which is our USA NIGHT TONIGHT – They are meeting with Ajanai and meeting with #2 guy Selah and the other banks will be there for the understanding on what’s about to happen with this RV and how to do this, and the rate, how they got the rate and they need to justify this rate and we heard that this middle of this rate scale is our RV amount…..and Sadar said this AM that Iraq is now able to stand on their own and he was saying so much by saying we have arrived now..= then Shabibi will meet with World Banks tomorrow ON HOW they are going to operate with their new currency = TONY STATES so the questions is: will RV take place BEFORE these meetings, between these meeting or after these meetings – TONY says there is PRIVATE meetings going on RIGHT NOW that if this is allowed to be told, we all will have a great weekend in just a little bit…We wait to see what has happened when I get a call today…

IF Dong does not happen with the Dinar – it will happen shortly after – if you do not see it with the Dinar you will see it shortly after – and possible rate could be $.03 - .05 cents and some say rate could be higher – as a lot do not believe this RV will be above $4-$5 either….

CALLER: On a previous call you mentioned last Fri an attempt was made for RV and didn't go through. If the group or individuals are the ones that push the button, why would they attempt if they knew something wasn't done. What held it up last Friday? TONY States 2 good questions. 2 options. You either believe your Intel or you don’t.. I believe they tried it . I know what held it up. If I believe the Irbil, HCL, ministers or whatever held up RV, I have to believe it’s here because Iraq couldn't be sovereign without them. Tony says all has been done. Don't see these problems being the focus anymore. These have been completed. Couldn't be announced until it was time for the RV. Reason attempted 6 times is what I said earlier. Some people don't want this to happen. T/back in Sept I know I saw it, chief saw it. On a UN document, said must at least equal 1 US dollar. Always knew it would be at least a dollar. Tony says c could still happen today. may go into tomorrow, but could very well happen today.

Caller - Okie ghost says banks in Iraq meeting right now. Iraq puts out lots of mis-info. Do you think that’s the case so we won't run out and buy more? TONY states they could be having a mtg now. Haven't checked w/our people to see if they are in parliament right now. could be happening at this moment.

CALLER Thoughts on hearing a rate of $6 to $8 rate which is $4.41 to GBP ... that is what Tony states has been hearing and the caller got this info straight from Iraq TONY agreed he heard from Iraq the same thing
CALLER states - do you think RV by Sunday or Monday?
TONY STATES I think we will enjoy it on Monday ... could possible show up in the next two hours - it’s my belief they would not have been released from all the sanctions if this wasn't VERY close. Today, tomorrow anytime is a good time.

CALLER What's Dan saying about info from today?
TONY STATES Dan is saying from his resources he doesn't see it happening till next week at this time based on some other distractions.

CALLER George in LA. Talking about everyone pushing these buttons, but no statement that they were a sovereign nation. Confused.
TONY STATES You can have an RV before a country is a sovereign nation ... but can't be a sovereign nation without an RV.

TONY says any problems with Maliki is NO LONGER A PROBLEM new or old issues no longer a problem no matter what you are hearing
TONY states Shabs in DC tomorrow at World Bank. Others in Iraq mtg w/Parliament. At the mosque 5:30 this a.m. they were all told they were a sovereign nation. All will be watching them. Told to watch Taliban’s speech from UN. They were excited. I think Shabs will be in DC. As stated.. Shabibi already told the people they will be the strongest nation. He has explained how the money was going to work. Has already done all that. It just has to happen now.

CALLER- Calling to get verify on 15% tax. Looking at IRS page that shows bracket showing what rate is. If you're in short term, you pay 35%. Where did 15% come from. Has it been verified?
TONY states won't be verified till after announcement of RV



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Tell the "Banker" that you want to exchange UR Dinar for LAWFUL MONEY per 12 USC 411. NOT TAXABLE.

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