Friday, September 23, 2011



Muslim men are allowed to have as many as 4 wives. Many Muslims have immigrated into the U.S. and brought their 2-3-or 4 wives with them, but the U.S. does not allow multi marriages, so the man lists one wife as his, and signs the other 2 or 3 up as extended family on welfare and other free Government programs!

Michigan has the highest population of Muslims in the Unites States. When President Obama took office the United States paid several millions of dollars to have a large number of Palestinians, (All Muslim), immigrated here from Palestine. Why? I have no idea, do you! We don’t pay for other persons to immigrate here, and I’m sure that some of those Muslims moved into Michigan with the large current number of Muslims already established there.

So now in Michigan when you call the Public Assistance office you are told to “Press 1 for English. Press 2 for Spanish, or Press 3 for Arabic”! Here is the number 1-888-678-8914

Every time you add a new language to an American program it requires an additional number of persons fluent in that language to process those persons who refuse to learn English in order to live here at an additional cost to the taxpayer! Why are we even allowing persons to immigrate here who cannot provide for themselves, and putting them in our welfare system?

Press 3 for Arabic
This is quite alarming!!! This seems to have happened clandestinely, for, as far as I know, no public announcement, or opportunity to vote on this was offered to the American people. They're just adopting an official stance, and very likely using tax-payer money for it, in various capacities, without public knowledge or approval.

The following link takes you into the State of Michigan Public Assistance page, (as in Food Stamps etc). You won't have to scroll far before you see the assistance-letters options for...(get this).....English, Spanish, and ARABIC !!!

When did the ARABIC option sneak into our culture? Will we soon have to listen to our governmental offices, stores, and other venues offer us the option of "pressing 3 for ARABIC?"

Check it out for yourself.,1607,7-124-5453_5527---,00.html


Anonymous said...

To the republic of Michigan, band together and vote for a constitutional natural born american who' parents born on U.S soil, not only serve your state under common law, but can also outlaw any U.S corporation laws. In France, some statistic shows Muslims will be the majority in less then 10years you can look this up and I may be off. But you Michigan cannot afford delay take out your confidence do your duty!

If all 50 States do this, Satan's food supply of fiat money will be cut off and will drag his ass on the streets!

Anonymous said...

..from..Nenki....................... ....
../ Int.FreePress./
30,000 enfants devront faire face aux mesures d'austérités aux Michigan. Le 6 septembre, le Gouverneur Républicain Rick Snyder a signé dans la loi, une nouvelle limite pour recevoir des avantages sociaux dans l'Etat de Michigan, de 48 mois. Que feront-ils après cette période ? Des saccages ? ... pour plus d'articles. // in english. //
US: 30,000 Children Face Destitution from Welfare Cut in Michigan. Nancy Hanover, World Socialist Web Site, Fri, 16 Sep 2011 10:15 CDT
Governor Rick Snyder...pix..... / On September 6, Republican Governor Rick Snyder signed into law a new lifetime limit of 48 months for receiving cash welfare benefits in the state of Michigan. It is estimated that 12,600 families, including 11,188 adults and 29,707 children, will be affected immediately. These families will lose an average of $515 a month beginning October 1. ... ..

Anonymous said...

Well, I am concerned as well about people that are cut off from benefits in the state of Michigan IF THEY ARE UNABLE TO FIND EMPLOYMENT ONLY, not because they want to live off of the system. However, the bigger picture is the fact that Muslims are being brought over here not for any other reason than to overwhelm the system and to help bring into the state of Michigan, Sharia Law. Sharia Law that is being envoked in Dearborn is a HUGE concern to the people of Michigan and needs to be addressed as well by Governor Snyder