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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Your Chance to Personally Meet a real CLS LightBeing

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

Your Chance to Personally Meet a real CLS LightBeing & Walk-In In Person This Weekend @ LAX Hilton Conscious Life Expo
Posted By: mroxygen [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 29-Sep-2011 12:00:17
Your Chance to Meet a Real CLS LightBeing & Walk-In, In Person, This Weekend @ LAX Hilton Conscious Life Expo
Many have been enjoying reading the continuous CLS Military Action and other reports here on RMN, and a rare opportunity is right now available to us at the Los Angeles Hilton airport on Century Drive at LAX, and you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity to come this weekend if you can.
This weekend, anyone can have the experience of personally meeting a genuine CLS LightBeing from the Creation Lightship - a man who consciously walked into his human Earth body here at 6 months of age.
He is the only person on Earth in constant communication with the Creation Lightship stationed in the True Light Universe of NOW, beyond and above our limited space and time.
See for yourself just how real this is, and just how real their only Ambassador is.
As my previous posts indicated, along with the underground (Constitution loving) U.S.of A. chrononaut military, the CLS forces are busily defending our planet from alien slaver invaders on an ongoing basis using futuristic to us military style actions. I suggest thanking them in person this weekend.
Ron Amitron, the only CLS Ambassador to Earth, and a really nice unassuming guy, will be speaking several times over the weekend in lectures and on panels. He uses the same "only pure Source" healing energy Jesus from CLS did 2000 years ago. Schedule at Conscious Life Expo site:
The rest of the time he will be in booth 201. Ron is an expert on the upcoming real Ascension, the role of CLS in our space within time, the many battles they have waged for us, and all types of unique healings and clearings unknown to, and unable to be performed by regular Earth practitioners. This is because all humans necessarily must mix in with some darkness to get things done here - because they are Spirits trapped in human bio-suit bodies, and trapped in time. Ron is the only one here who can heal without using any darkness.
To experience these free and/or donation supported offerings has already changed the lives of countless people physically, emotionally, and mentally for the better, and right now everything available from CLS is available to you personally in LA this weekend.
You only gain more freedom here, there is no trap or gimmick. You are already in the trap. Only this is the way out of time.
All proceeds if any go toward paying the considerable travel, lodging, appearance, radio show, conference call, and phone and website expenses to bring these things to you. Ron has personally been teaching without stop 38 hours a week, plus designing and writing and consulting the rest of each day for years.
His dedication to reaching us is considered legendary, to say the least. Even Jesus had private donors supporting his work, but few have stepped up here these days due to much heavier darkness suppression.
Yes, there are miracles, but to require that all such Earthly things are magically free - or "they can't really be from Source," is a programmed into us darkness lie to keep you away from endeavors like this that must humanly support themselves on Earth. Source does not judge, so it leaves everything as it is. It would never interfere or take sides.
The CLS Light Infusion Chamber will be temporarily erected on site, and it is only available to us at Expos. Amazing experience, and a definite Don't Miss! Be There. Or somewhere else, but we know which free will choice is best for us all.


  1. You gotta be kidding! Ron Amitron, Light Being! Walked into his earth body at 6 months old. What happened to the poor soul of the 6 month old? Outright BS!!!! Poor guy had to pick the name of a cheap watch! Wonder how much it costs to see him? Maybe he'll bring Wild Colleen along to dance for the crowd.

  2. Some people really want to cling to anything. What a load of garbage. What ever happened to true religion? This is as false as it gets.