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Saturday, September 24, 2011

How does this Dinar RV Work?

This is very basic to allow anyone to grasp this concept.

Dinar is now valued at 1 IQD = .00085631 USD

After RV perhaps tomorrow (speculation)

1 Iraq Dinar IQD = $7.00 (maybe lower or higher - speculation)

Rate of return  --------- you do the math!

To be an instant millionaire USD - you need roughly 143,000 Dinars

At a cost of roughly $122.00 USD

Unbelievable - No Way - This is a Heavenly Blessing from Your Loving LORD


Anonymous said...

What RV means is that the old Dinar will become worthless and be replaced by a new Dinar which has a higher value in relation to US Dollars. It doesn't mean that the old Dinars are now worth as much in US Dollars as the new Dinars. The old ones will be worth zip!

Like when Germany's Marks were almost worthless and people would use them as wall paper and to start fires, etc. because they couldn't buy anything with them. They would need a wheelbarrow full of Marks to buy a loaf of bread, at that time. But when the Mark revalued the old Marks were worthless. People couldn't take a few billion of the old Marks and turn them in for the new ones. So I'm afraid that if you think you are going to trade your old Dinar in for Dollars I think you will be sadly mistaken.

For your sake I would love to be wrong but I don't think I am.

John MacHaffie said...

What did they do in Kuwait after the war?

John MacHaffie said...

to anon 8:45 am ---- your analogy relates to the Federal Reserve Note which may be repeating history!

The NEW Dinar has intrinsic value because of assets and world support.

The USD Federal Reserve Note is BROKE!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

same thing happened in Mexico when they changed their pesos in the past several years..I had a home over there for 15 years...the old pesos were NOT worthless -- they gave a specific amount of time to use/cash them in. If anyone tried to use/cash them in after "deadline" then they were worthless.

DCDubbs said...

The old dinars are worthless, the ones with Saddam Hussein on them, they were retired. The present dinar will RV to be recognized as an international currency, thus replacing the Federal Reserve Note that is used for that purpose at this time. Thus the new dinar will be used in and out of the country. The lower denominations will replace the higher ones as the currency finds it new strength.

Anonymous said...

What does RV stand for? Not the concept, but the actual meaning of the initials "RV?"

Latnora said...

Re Value May Be