Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tim Turner & Kelby Smith - Where are they?

I have received many, many inquiries and need to ask -----

What happened to Tim Turner and Kelby Smith?

Rumors are saying he has been arrested and isolated. Others say he is our new Republic President. 

Does anyone know for sure.



rpogue said...

You can hear Kelby Smith once a week at republicsg.info. I heard Tim Turner speak about two weeks ago on the regular Wednesday night call for the Republic. I wonder what you mean by where are they. If you are looking for them try republicfortheunitedstates.org

John MacHaffie said...

What I mean is --- They are suppose to be the self claimed leaders of our country.

And this is the best they can do? How about getting out to meet the people in the flesh.

Yea I know - too much to ask!

Anonymous said...

Are you part of that group? Are you a People or Citizen?

Anonymous said...

Who really cares? All lip-flippin' no action. Standard fare for those two.

Dan said...

They have financial problems, as Sovereign People can not use Federal Reserve Notes, do not have a SSN, do not have bank accounts, do not have employment with a regular employer, and so on.

They can not get funding for the Republics as even the states that claim they have their own are not spreading the word and not giving it to the united States Republic.

Maybe it was Obama's crew that took action with kidnapping these 2 after the "earthquakes" in Colorado and Virginia in August.

TLGA said...

At last count the majority of followers in 42 states have seen the light, smelled the roses and moved on. There are only a hand full of the most indoctrinated left. Turner can't show his face in person because he is being watched for. The FBI certainly are willing to go along with this government entrapment plan but they still DO WANT to nab the Dimitrions. Turner scooping them out of Hawaii from right under their noses has put the proverbial "egg" on some field agents faces. On top of that too many people have now connected, shared their personal stories of what was done to them by this guy and he is running scared on both fronts. I know of more than a few who would love to tar and feather him then hang him from the nearest tree. Not that they would but he is not quite sure they wouldn't.

Add to all that, the fact that he has failed in his Homeland Security (FEMA) mission abysmally, I don't imagine he even wants to report to his bosses. All in all he has painted himself into quite a corner and all he can do is continue to spout the same tired lies and claims, come up with a few more ridiculous schemes and scams like the dinar fiasco on national calls and hope a few more dummies will send him some money. LOL remember Bin Laden supposedly pulled off 911 from a cave without electricity while on Dialysis! Timmy is probably traveling around with Michael and Julianne in Jimmy Graham's motor home high jacking an open wi fi in a Wendy's parking lot and calling in by cell phone. In short... business as usual.

As for Kelby? Honestly who cares? He is a two bit con man who likes to bully women in private and blow smoke up their skirts in public and has the credibility of Snidely Whiplash. (some of you may be too young to get that). One look at his background check is all that is needed for anyone with an ounce of common sense to recognize a professional liar.

Anonymous said...

I know Kelby personally. He is a family member. I'd like to know where he is as we are all very worried about him.