Wednesday, September 28, 2011

John's Commentary on NYC police misconduct

Several readers asked my position on the NYC wall street protest and the Police misconduct.

This is my opinion which is obviously bias.

My wonderful old man, now deceased was a 30 yr veteran of the NYC Fire Dept. He served in the City and seen some rough duty.

Many of our friends and neighbors were NYC policemen. They were the greatest, caring and loving beings trying to do there job. They went out of there way trying to make difference.

I salute them for what they had to withstand in there job. They are better than me for I probably would have over reacted in some conditions of crowd control.

This one situation of the policeman pepper spraying a group of ladies was a case of over reaction. And this one policeman should be reprimanded.

I don't consider him a bad apple --- just needs some guidance and correction from his authorities.

GOD Bless these fellows.

John MacHaffie    --- Son of Jack MacHaffie, a great Lt. of Engine 46, The Bronx


Anonymous said...

How can you defend the pepper spraying of incarcerated women, un-armed at that, and by a white shirt. And to top it off, 3 of the other 6 posts on your current front page are "known to be" CIA operatives. 11:51, PST 9/28/11.

Shame on you John.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but if you pepper spray someone like that who is clearly not a threat, you are a bad cop.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes things aren't always as they seem. Something to think about.....