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Friday, March 9, 2012

Dinars - De La Rue Machine video

For those of you who have Iraqi Dinar, please view the following brief demonstration of the De La Rue Machine and its purpose of verifying the authenticity of your currency.  Also please note the explanation.  
I do not know the origin of this video, nor the writer of the recommendation within, but am passing it on for your information and consideration.
The Dinar is a “Currency” whose value transfers to the person who holds it.  Beware releasing it into the hands of others without receiving proper value in return.  Do not let it out of your personal “Eyes on” sight without receiving a “Validation” of the authenticity of your deposit.  A deposit slip for “Electronic Funds” does not necessarily validate your deposit, if the agency (bank) should wish to later declare that the currency deposited was counterfeit or non-valid.  You would have no standing in rebutting such a claim.
What you currently hold will potentially be worth Millions of U.S. Dollars.  Do not treat it lightly.  Trust, BUT Verify!  The author of this document suggests that you receive the signatures of high level bank personnel on your deposit and a statement of the validation of your currency.  Watch the video, it simply shows the machine that should be used to verify your currency.  
De La Rue is the U.K. printer of the currency for Iraq and many other countries’ currencies.  Many of your banks and credit unions use a different U.S. currency De La Rue Machine to dispense your money when  you ask for cash back.  I have 5 local banks/Credit Unions with U.S. Dollar dispensing De La Rue machines at the teller station area.  Check it out.  
The video shows a model that is specifically used to Identify the Iraqi Dinar!   Scam?  Not on your life!  Many banks will only have a Human Visual verification using a standard Book of Currency identification methods.  The dinar has 5 or 6 features to validate it.  Specific embedded metal strip, holographic image, black light visible markings, etc.  BUT remember, if you don’t get a signed validation of it having been inspected, they could claim that some of them later turned out to be false.  You would have no means of challenging them.  Get the Signatures of validation and have witness’s signatures accompany them.
This seems harsh, but realize that ONE 25,000 Dinar note being rejected falsely, could be a loss of $150,000 dollars U.S.D. to you if it exchanges at $6 per dinar.  An unscrupulous bank person could skim one dinar note per transaction and become wealthy.  The bank may not be to blame, but you are dealing with human interfaces that have been told by their bosses that the dinar was a scam, now you are turning up to cash in what they lost out on the opportunity to achieve, by being lied to.
Temptations will be great, because these bills have no personal registration showing ownership, just payable upon demand to the bearer.
I hope this helps you prepare for your soon to be wealth.
Keith Flint

Tuesday, February 21, 2012
De La Rue Currency Verification Machine video

This is a 51 second video on how the De La Rue currency verification machine works; the video shows how it picks out a counterfeit dinar amidst legitimate dinar. Those exchange locations that do not have a machine may be set up to verify your dinar by hand. If not, do NOT let them take your dinar from you to send it away to another location for verification. Instead, find another location to exchange your dinar where they will verify it in front of you (do not let them take it out of your sight to verify it). Also, before you leave the office, have at least 2 managers sign a paper that says that they verified that all your dinar as legitimate. This protects you from them coming back later and saying it was not legitimate dinar and deducting it from your account. <>
<> <>   

Keith Flint

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