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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fulford Posting On Rumormills IS BOGUS

This report was posted in Rumormill News


The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 

Benjamin Fulford Rescued from Montserrat, Alive, and Safe — But Now There are Two Fulfords!
Posted By: Susoni [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 16-Mar-2012 18:27:46

I just rec'd intel from an overseas Way Higher Up in the programs,  that the above posting is Totally Bogus and shall be denied by the one Fulford. Fulford just corresponded with my source and very annoyed at this nefarious attack from the bad guys.

There is no clone nor did the incident ever occurred. The ones fabricating this Bull Crap is doing the work of the dark cabal. This is a direct attack against the integrity of Mr. Fulford, a decent good man fighting for the people of this world. 

Mr. Fulford is involved in establishing a financial system for rectifying the damage caused by the  dark cabalists with their program of disinformation.

The attackers should be identified by Rumor Mill News for the benefit of its astute readership and the world. Whoever wrote this should identified and also be given to the White Knights for appropiate action. 

And Rumor Mill News owes Mr Fulford an apology and retraction for posting this lying garbage without checking first.

John MacHaffie --- a concerned soul


  1. thumbs up John !

  2. Thank you John ! I second the motion.

  3. Ben Fulford Alleged to Have Been Rescued from Montserrat Torture.
    2012 MARCH 17, Posted by Steve Beckow.
    Well, here is a story to be very circumspect about. But it is out there, so we very cautiously post it. There has been much speculation about the “screeching” that Ben has been doing lately, which pointed at there possibly being a clone loose. But there are many alarm bells that go off, with this account.
    The allegation that reptoids are still at work on the planet, would need to be confirmed for my peace of mind. Why the galactics could not have rescued Ben, is also an open question. That Ben would be so cheerful after the treatment he is alleged to have gone through, seems a stretch. So do use discernment.
    Thanks to Joyce. ///
    Benjamin Fulford Rescued from Montserrat, Alive, and Safe — But Now There are Two Fulfords!
    by Former White Hat, Confessions of a Former White Hat Operative
    (Undated but probably March 16, 2012)
    http://formerwhitehat.wordpress.com/2012/03/16/benjamin-fulford-rescued-from-montserrat-alive-and-safe-but-now-there-are-two-fulfords/ .....(....)

  4. From my understanding, reptoids have been completely cleared from the planet since 09.

    1. John Kettler said something similar. They very few left here, and they are prevented from leaving or coming here by benign ETs

    2. That would be at best, the full blooded reptoids, which I doubt are ALL gone, there are some left, last I heard most are gone and the left behinds are spoke about by psychic Chris Thomas who reads the Akashic Records, a green crystal that stores everything that ever happened on earth. The humans on this planet are all at least 3% reptoid DNA according to Stewart Swerdlow. There are remaining people on the planet who worked for the reptilians whom are not out of power yet. If you want to see someone I think is more reptilian than 3% I took a photo out of a LaRouche video of Glass Stegall, and he's got a web in his hand that is what it is. I'm surprised he didn't have surgery. I haven't found any information on it, I just saw it, took a snapshot and sit around wondering. George Noory said he has a niece that married into a reptilian based family and she had a son that was born with webbed feet. I began wondering about cats eyes...and they are warm blooded so....

    3. Reptilians gone? There's still murder, rape, theft, crimes of various kinds, money issues, war, bad weather, chemtrail planes, doctor's still "curing" people with killer pills and treatments instead of what works....Seems to me the reptilian agenda is in full force to this day, 3/18/2012.

  5. Where did this clone nonsense stem from anyway? What got people thinking Fulford was cloned?

    1. It's disinformation agents. Government or otherwise, they try to make activists like Fulford look stupid or dishonest.


  7. Movie? A movie's going to be made? Orson Wells' clone to be named as producer. Big budget. Have to check YouTube for the trailer......This clone garbage has to stop...LMFAO

  8. Hey, I'm a clone. All clones have defects and if you are a clone of a clone or a clone of a clone of a clone you have some real problems fitting in with humans. We clones might not have souls or a conscience and we usually have some missing or defective body parts, like a brain, but we have feelings. If you people keep insulting us clones I'm going to take my family and leave this big white house. POTUS

  9. I,knew this was disinfo just listening to how they mentioned the so called violation by the reptoids come on

  10. It's all disinformation from the Cabal, plain and simple. Don’t believe it even for a terasecond. They seem to be desperate enough to have to come up with this elaborate story which by the way, it looks as if they had to prepare very carefully in order to make it sound believable as much as they could while subliminally making it sound as if all that have to do with Benjamin is just a tale like this. On the other hand, for those who will be likely to be deceived with this well elaborated story, the idea is simply to convince them to distrust Mr. Fulford altogether. Either way, the story didn’t come from a friendly source.

  11. It comes from formerwhitehat.wordpress.com. Its a highly illogical blog filled with subtle fear porn. The purpose of the blog seems to be make people distrust their own discernment. It has not sat well with me. "SUSONI" who re-posted the Fulford Clone nonsense has on two occaisions re-written my replies to support his postings which I find really annoying. If you reply to one of his postings go through "HOBIE" or "MR ED", either one of those guys will post your replies in tact.

  12. It seems to be getting easier and easier to discern these days at least for me. My connection to spirit has strenghtened and has become clearer. I read it and nodded and then seemed to forget about it and didn't forward it to any of the couple people I might normally do that with. Now I know why. And apparently I did then as well, just not consciously yet.

    And yes it apprear that the Reptilians or at least the ones that used to stick to us like glue and influence us have been gone. I can attest to this as mine actually bid me farewell when it left in 2006 or 7.

  13. As I said before, they are getting more desperate all the time as they see that they are losing their battle and are using their paid a.. kissers to misinform the public the best way they can. However at the same time they are becoming more transparent all the time and it gets easier all the time to figure out the reason behind a posting someone made. I’m just sorry to see some (maybe or maybe not) well intentioned people reposting information that they shouldn’t repost if they see that the information may be coming from the Cabal itself and they are helping them disseminate it.

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  15. .....Kauilapele says: ....(....) So when I saw this thing on RMN about Benjamin Fulford/being a clone/ (here is the link, http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=233739), it was a call for the Higher Inner Discernment, to go to work. For me it was just a quick hit, saying, “This is not correct”. Something was off about it. Now, today on NesaraNews, another article comes out (here’s that link, http://nesaranews.blogspot.com/2012/03/fulford-posting-on-rumormills-is-bogus.html) and as you see from the link, it says the previous report is “bogus”. This particular one rings true, to Inner Discernment. .....(....)http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2012/03/17/be-aware-of-the-dis-information-by-application-of-the-best-dis-dis-information-tool-ever-inner-discernment/ **
    http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2012/03/19/the-benjamin-fulford-and-his-amaing-clone-story-a-comment-and-response-at-david-wilcocks-site/ **..........................................and.............
    (( David, This has got to be the strangest story ever; Ben Fulford has been missing since 12/13/11 and He was replaced by a Clone/??/. All updates since then, I am assuming, were done by the Clone?.... ))
    .....this is a comment from D. posted march 16th at: http://www.divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1026-financial-tyranny-final?start=3 ( 1402 comments ) //
    another comment: Ben,March 16, 2012: ...Pertaining to the link claiming that Benjamin Fulford is a clone: I had a bad feeling the entire time I went through that site, that it was dis-information. We all need to trust in our Higher Self for discernment. Can anyone please comment on their opinion? BF isn't completely accurate, but he's right in the centre of it, where there's more information and disinformation than most people.///// ***...................and.............
    Former white hat, now you've gone too far. Posted By: Revel [Send E-Mail] Date: Monday, 19-Mar-2012 22:56:25.In Response To: Former White Hat: David Wilcock - Half-Reptoid, ....//
    From the first article I read of this former white hat, I knew that they were full of crap. THIS CONFIRMS IT. This former white hat (that can't be seen or doesn't give out their name) is PURE DISINFORMATION. Anybody can make up stories like that! Only this ain't just a story, it is character assassination, it is Illuminati propaganda, and it is false. If former white hat had known what David is really about, then former white hat would at least do a better job than this, I mean come on! Even white house insider is more credible! (not really, but almost) This is a little bit laughable but a lot inexcusable..
    This is a person that cannot be seen, just like all these 'insiders'... (i always love their stories :) David works his ass off for the benefit of everyone, yourself included (anyone reading this) and anything David says or publishes can_actually_be_proven... in_real_life... This is not just satire. It has already gone too far. I now know who truly is a disinfo ARTIST, Former white hat. Beware people, beware.
    Disinformation is known to have bits of truth sprinkled in there... Here is the only truth --: "in his teens and early 20s, Wilcock drank a lot and used drugs. When he became sober, he explored his psychic powers" ..... "His claim that he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce is true." ..... EVERYTHING ELSE IS SIMPLY MADE UP = BS ..... http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=234113**