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Date: Sunday, 11-Mar-2012 18:08:34

Currently, four priests are being investigated for laundering money out of the Vatican’s official bank, the Institute for the Works of Religion, (IOR). According to official reports, dating back to 2010, which can be verified, there has been “hundreds of thousands of dollars” laundered through this bank by unknown sources. In order to stop the illegal hemorrhaging, Pope Benedict XVI put several stop gap measures into place as part of the Vatican’s “anti-money laundering laws.” The financial rabbit holes that run under the Vatican are both long and deep. Shadow banking is one of the reasons why the dots were unable to be connected to the mysterious death surrounding Pope John Paul I. He was found dead on September 29, 1978. Pope John Paul I had only served 33 days as the papal leader. The Vatican stated that he died of natural causes, a heart attack. Some sources refuse to acknowledge that Pope John Paul I died of a heart attack. These sources thought that he was murdered because there were too many mitigating factors. Pope John Paul I was about to make a number of appointments and dismissals of Cardinals that were the top managers of the Vatican banking operations. In addition, the opinions of Pope John Paul I regarding in vitro fertilization and contraception were not in line with the teachings of the church. He was going to grant his blessings for the use of birth control and acknowledge children which were not conceived naturally. Then, the first case was brought against a priest for sexually preying on children in the Catholic church that had been settled out of court, which Pope John Paul I was against. He thought the priest should have been tried in the court of law and suffered the outcome, whether good or bad.

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Date: Sunday, 11-Mar-2012 18:09:32

There are a number of Freemasons from Propaganda Due or P2 lodge that are secretly operating within the Vatican bank. These Masons are right wing conservatives, who originally formed the lodge in order to fight communism. Its members consist of Italian heads of State, other governmental officials, police chiefs, businessmen, and journalists. Pope Benedict XVI wants to make changes to the financial arm of the Vatican. His changes are not as revolutionary as those were of Pope John Paul I. Pope John Paul I wanted to clear the Vatican Bank of all the Freemasons and their dirty dealings. Supposedly, Robert Calvi, who headed the bank of Milan, was convicted of currency fraud. More than 1.3 billion had been missing from bank funds. A large portion of the missing money had been taken by the Vatican Bank. Over thirty people died under mysterious circumstances that were involved in this financial scheme. The top names among the dead were Pope John Paul I, an advisor to Pope John Paul I, Michele Sindona, who was poisoned in prison, Robert Calvi, who was found hanging from the Black Friars Bridge in London’s financial district. and Calvi’s private secretary, Graziella Corrocher, who jumped to her death. Nothing has changed in almost 30 years at the Vatican Bank. In the 1980’s the bank was responsible for providing financial kickbacks toward international politics and masonry activity, allowing money laundering by arms dealers and the Mafia, and permitted the CIA to funnel money through its bank to fund the Solidarity movement in Poland. The connecting of the dots throughout the years should give a clearer picture in 2012.


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Date: Sunday, 11-Mar-2012 18:11:12

Allegations of corruption were made regarding how the Vatican awards contracts, the Vatican bank was accused of money laundering, and supposedly there was an internal plot to kill Pope Benedict XVI. In January 2011, the US Department of Justice indicted 91 members along with 36 of their associates of the seven largest Mafia crime families. Heads of the International Drug Enforcement Units have stated that the Vatican may be at the hub of laundering drug money for the international members of the Mafia, a.k.a. La Cosa Nostra. The Vatican bank sent EURO23 million to JP Morgan Frankfurt, which is the location of Clearstream, SA, and EURO3 million was sent to Banca del Fucino, a central-Italian bank. However, the bank explained that they have not done anything wrong. They were just transferring funds between their own accounts. Even though the investigation is on-going, the money has been released back to the Vatican. These large monetary transfers took place at a time when certain governments in the Middle East and some parts of Africa were in danger of being overthrown by US operatives - - Arab Spring. The funds that generated revenue for these collapsing governments involved in Arab Spring were frozen by international authorities. So, who financially assisted these governments which were being taken over by anti-government forces? How was the money funneled to these governments in order to make the financial transactions seem legitimate? Built on the tradition of money and power, the secret Masonry society within the Vatican had the financial capabilities to thwart the spread of communism. Therefore, this secret society had the ability to send money overseas, the money would be processed through different banking institutions, and; then, the money would be sent to participating banks that helped finance governments which were in danger of being overthrown by US operatives.

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Date: Sunday, 11-Mar-2012 18:12:28

Islamic banks have been chipping away at the banking profits of the Rothschild’s. Shariah Law prevents these banks from charging interest. These banks are rapidly growing, have stability, and are very popular among the increasing Muslim majority. Therefore, North Africans, Middle Easterners and citizens from other countries no longer have the need to invest in Western banks. This could be why the US government has accused the Vatican bank of funding terrorism. In order to give the Vatican’s covert banking system an even playing field, Pope Benedict XVI appointed 22 new cardinals, which are “elector cardinals.” These appointments will give Europe 67 Cardinals, which is an advantage of 9 cardinals against 22 from Latin America, 21 from Africa and Asia, and 15 from North America. However, with praise and prediction, the Italian media said that Timothy Dolan, a US Archbishop appointed to Cardinal, has the potential of being the next Pope. These statements by the Italian media only confirm that the US is part of the internal power struggle within the Vatican because Dolan does not have enough votes in his favor to become Pope. As a result of these appointments by the Papacy, a secret group of Cardinals have been alienated. Then, information from a report that was written in German, which is the ethnicity of the Pope, in order to conceal the revelation about a plot to kill Pope Benedict XVI, was leaked to the international media.

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Date: Sunday, 11-Mar-2012 18:13:41

Some members of the Vatican think that the whistleblowers who told authorities on the Vatican’s illicit financial transactions were attempting to “discredit Benedict's papacy with "irresponsible and undignified behavior."’ The papacy stated that they are more than willing to make their business procedures within the Vatican banking system more transparent. Therefore, procedures have to be put into place and followed by the authorities of the Holy See in order to stop terrorism and money laundering. In the meantime, the Vatican bank has asked to be added to the “white list” of European countries that comply with the “international standards against tax fraud and money laundering.” The committee is expected to render its decision in June. On the other hand, there are other officials within the Vatican that have a problem with how much information the bank should provide before the new financial laws are to be put into place. The Vatican bank has always played both ends against the middle when it came to funding covert international operations. However, these new laws may prevent corruption; but as a consequence, they will prevent the Vatican from providing covert aid to governments which are in danger of being overthrown by communist operatives. Pope Benedict XVI, whose health is conveniently failing, turns 85 in April.


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