Friday, March 16, 2012

20,000+ extra resignations that no one is reporting

Over 20,000 resignations/house arrests are visible using data from
the SEC Securities and Exchange Commission.
    The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 requires that publicly traded companies must
    report to the SEC whenever a member of the Board or certain officers resign.
    Also, the SEC has a database named EDGAR that is open to the public. After a
    little research, what was discovered is that corporations must report said
    resignations on Form 8-K, Item 5.02. From there, it was a simple matter of
    searching only Form 8-Ks within a specific range of dates, and including the
    boolean search terms "Resigns" and "Resignation".
    I felt this would at least offer us a baseline comparison to see if there is
    truly an uptick in resignations, or if it just appears that way. I think you
    will be interested in the results.
    From the start of 2008 to the second quarter of 2011 the resignations remained
    steady @ about 2000 per quarter.
Suddenly in the 3rd quarter of 2011 they
    increased by 50% to 3000 for that quarter. (That's an extra 1000).
Then in the  4th quarter they jumped to 7000. (That's an additional extra 5000 resignations).
Now without the full quarter results for the first quarter of 2012 they are up
    to 16,000. (That's an extra 14,000 resignations & increasing fast).
    That's a total of 20,000+ extra resignations that no one is reporting in news
    papers & nothing of course in the major media!
These are people who were in sting situations but didn’t know it when their opportunistic
  thefts of funds became a trap providing evidence of their wrong doing.  Reports of
  their resignations usually involve house arrest in many cases including
  inability to leave the country.  Full exposure of their crimes will follow
  in due course.  This involves financial houses and banks worldwide.


Anonymous said...

I attempted to do this just now and the data only goes back 4 years to the day one does a search, in this case 16th March 2008. Then I tried to reproduce the exact results you found and I was not able to. So how did you in fact get such specific results?

Anonymous said...

You can perform boolean searches to narrow your results.

Anonymous said...

You can find the graph at this site

Anonymous said...

"Which News Lies the Most" should really include a box for ALL OF THEM, seems to me it would be a more accurate poll.

Anonymous said...

Divide and Conquer all part of the big plan for humans Re: Why Are Bankers Jumping Ship In Record Numbers?.
Posted By: mroxygen [ E-Mail] Date: Friday, 16-Mar-2012 11:06:08.In Response To: Why Are Bankers Jumping Ship In Record Numbers?, Financial Collapse Imminent? (Jordon)// You HAVE to please... watch the first from 3 to 9 minutes of this 4 part interview, of my friend Alex Collier.His 8th dimensional (From the future but still in time good-guys) Andromedan PHYSICAL, note, PHYSICAL contacts, not channels, are telling him the Cabal demi-gods recent backing up and capitulation and resignations, are a scam. They are purposely temporarily feinting weakness, so they can clean their own insane house and find out who all the good guys are, and get them. /What/All the recent resignations are, is allowing them to be getting rid of their OWN mid-management rats, so they can next bring in, the one world currency and total dominance and their open announcement / appearance, posing as our "gods," with fresh better controlled, less human management, without THEIR organizational weak links. This talk by Alex, is confirming what I have personally always thought, exactly this is, as their long term plan. //Alex Collier Interview March 3rd 2012, 1-4 // He also exposes later on, the 3 trusts the Vatican has, where they claim OWNERSHIP of all humans, our world, and our Souls.
We gotta clean faster. Blessings, Ed *********** Brandon Turbeville: : : On March 6, 2012, I wrote an article entitled, “Mass Banking Resignations Signal A Purging Has Begun?” in which I discussed the seemingly large number of banking resignations taking place all over the world. .... This past week saw yet another high-profile resignation, where an executive from Goldman Sachs quit in a blaze of glory taking aggressive swings at his former company and the finance industry as a whole, in a widely publicized resignation letter in the New York Times. As a result of Greg Smith's damning indictment of the "culture of greed" at Goldman Sachs, they lost over $2 billion in market share because of the bad press. The overall list of resignations, originally compiled by the independent blog, American Kabuki, raised a number of questions .... However, another recent post, may help shed a little light on this issue. Read more: ... Articles In This Thread:
Why Are Bankers Jumping Ship In Record Numbers?, Financial Collapse Imminent? (views: 1681) Jordon -- Friday, 16-Mar-2012 10:38:08.. Divide and Conquer all part of the big plan for humans Re: Why Are Bankers Jumping Ship In Record Numbers (views: 683) mroxygen -- Friday, 16-Mar-2012 11:06:08

henrik said...

what is the exact search string you entered in the search engine? People, you can do this search yourself before buying into this information:

Searching "form 8-K" without quotation marks produces NOTHING. Searching resignation produces NOTHING! form 5.02 = NOTHING

How did you produce the graph found at the the abovetopsecret link? Documenting your sources is important when making big claims as this.

Wouldn't be surprised if this comment is removed quickly!

Anonymous said...

What you have to remember when dealing with the various scum that rises to the top is that they function using Lies, Deceit and Betrayal and will continue to do so until they expire. Trust no one.

Susan said...

This is a huge problem. I did several searches, and returned no results. If someone made this up, it's a really cruel joke. If it's real, and someone has removed the info from the site, let us know. Otherwise your credibility is severely hampered. Please inform us as to whether this was a fabricated claim, or a credible search? If results were returned the date you did the search, but now, they are not, let us know. I'm getting nothing.

Susan said...

Ok, I just discovered that this link, provided by Henrik, does indeed, return no results. However, if you go directly to the Edgar database, you see the 20k results after entering search term=8-k. That link is at Go through the tutorial, and use the database from there. You will see the results.

Anonymous said...

I want to point out that I think the search terms presented are wrong.
Suggested: "8-k" AND "Resigns" AND "Resignation"
Should be: "8-k" AND ("Resigns" OR "Resignation")

The difference is that the original search terms return results containing ALL THREE terms.
What you really want is to return results that contain "8-K" AND either "Resigns" OR "Resignation", both aren't required (but both are allowed). The brackets may not be allowed with their search engine, you may have to look up how to do this.

Be careful: "8-k" AND "Resigns" OR "Resignation" may return ("8-k" AND "Resigns") OR "Resignation" which is not what we want. And doing two searches and combining the totals: ("8-k" AND "Resigns") then ("8-k" AND "Resignation") wont work because some / most will contain both terms ("Resigns" and "Resignation) which would skew the results.

The new result count should be higher, as not all results would contain BOTH "Resigns" and "Resignation".
Ideally you would want to search for "8-K" AND "Resign*" if wildcards are allowed.


Day Evermore said...

Great little item of research - I found the video first on YT, then worked my way back to your original post. I re-blogged it for you on my news blog at

Kindest regards!

CK Hunter

Anonymous said...

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Bernanke says gold standard wouldn't solve problems ,

Anonymous said...

^shut up troll... we all know what needs to be done and your fear mongering is useless.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you are quoting Bernanke as reliable?

Anonymous said...

One has to remember that the people are not the debtors. The US is in debt to the people. US has been bankrupt since day 1.They have been borrowing from us. People are creditors. Govs are banko corporations. Its backwards. When thinking of wealth, sort out what is real and what is fictional. The newscasters are talking to the trustees of a trust. not to us the beneficiaries. They took our gold in '33. they still havent compensated us for it. The whole debt based financial system is a fabricated fiction. The more the gov spends, the wealthier the people become-The more they are owed. Its a matter of making what is owed the people, able to be used as currency or credit, by the people.Probably the easiest way for the gov to extinguish their debt, would be to kill their creditors. This was the banksters plan. Soon to be foiled.

Anonymous said...

Along the path of trying to discern truth from the fiction and the mask from the vial, each and every one of us will talk aloud a thing that we believe at the time to be the truth, only later to find that we only had a half truth or were mistaken. Yet we must do this very thing in investigation. For if we do not communicate, even the "truth" as we believe it to be is lost and no one will become aware. The best foot forward is to ALWAYS question our own evidence and that of our piers, and at the same time dissect the knowledge at hand and not so much its messenger.

“The easy confidence with which I know another man's religion (or data) is folly teaches me to suspect that my own is also.”
― Mark Twain

Each of us has been and will be incorrect occasionally now and in the future. Lets not strive to be right. Lets strive together to become correct in our findings.


Anonymous said...

what ever happans brothers and sisters, have strong affiance! for the protection of our family is essentual.

no matter the trials & trials, no matter how complex the trickerie, stay strong but loveing.
Know your enermey and utilize the flaws they all posses, know yourself n your weaknesses an be honest to yourrself about it, for they will know them evan if you denie it to yourself.

Never sacrifice your ethics, conciousness, honor or friends they are all essentual.
With peace laden paciant tolerence, take no lie as justifyed, no truth as un-tainted, and no burden without Grand an joyus lessions, for all just iss so we need to just bee.
with love to you all i end this semi-unrelated post, with intention for insperation to you all, for times my seem to be close at hand but never forget that while appearnces are distinct, an surly we need not read any more of this book's cover to know its contents, there is awalys a ryme and a rythem(a reason) for everythink. For life awalys continues with lessons learnt to ensure a safer future free of athoratarian corruption. For without the knowledge of what complacency an miss-placed power can lead us too, how can we safly proceed in the advancement of the human races? we can't, safly that is.

So remember these global lessons and pass them down to our Children so it may never happan again, Do so never ensighting fear without hope, love and ethics for fear & hate is the tool used to self enslave nations of peoples, so warn loveingly, pittying the missguided and heavy footed apon this earth and with them embrace confadent of our succses, for the human mind is capible of all things only ur be-lie-fs' stop it power, for 200thousand years after man had fully developed our modern barin, for another 140 (ish) thousnad years after they stayed exactly the same as the less evolved versions of our races, untill 40thousand years ago when the first cave paintings where found, then around the world the beliefs changed almost simaltaniously.

well we are now told our dna has mutated in the last 5-10 years, what now? will we learn quicker this time? ofcorse, thats what we do, Progress, We ARE HUMAN, WE ARE OMNIPOTANT, We ARE one & as the miss-guided Crowley Said in his saner moments: " Dare, WIll & Be Silent!"
Live well, live as one, Make The internal external & my brothers and sisters, World peace will begin just without the Hegemony & or NWO thanks....
Good luck & good Riddens to the old & New World orders! XD yours truly, Prometheus, the one and only, Fire Bringer with a liver made of gold this time round.

Anonymous said...

Ps: to not so Anonymous ML michael (may 15, 2012, 3:12pm),
His words are NO LIEs or deciets, nor a pupited speech of satan or any other shit like that, this man is speeking the most important info ive heard from the net peoples' so far, it may not seem much but it IS VITAL!!!!!!!!! Please heed his to the fullest extent! and id lie to thank you brother for as george carlin said: "warn your kids, bullshit is comeing down the road!" an as john lenon said: "no religion is true" (untill media editor decided it should say "all religions are true"...)
make of this what you will, but i have only the gole to Ensure complete truth an freedom with my words. so takeing into account everythink we've been tort is misslead or a lie then sould we not test our Religous Beliefs too for this pattern of Betrail? Surly i speak no heracys for you all know of the extet the elites games go so why not into the spirit of man? So know then that NO LOVEING God would judge a "Sheperd or his Flock" for seekig to Verify What is passed down from 1 man to another, After all you where asked to simply have faith not Conviction, why? Dose god not like you to think? or to be sure for yourself? Ofcorse not, we have free will for a reason, time to realy use it for good for once, if the worshiped Entity's love is true then it would be expected that one exercize free thort, freewill and is keenly ensuring a future in harmony with truth, where proof he or she is not being decived by the trickstars' is apparent.

now to clariphy, im not saying its all hum drum an matirial, quiat the opersate actuly, its so much more then our dissolutioned minds could grasp as of yet. so be wary the truth is for us all to rediscover! and most of all have FUN! Thats what life is all about, you've gotta Enjoy the ride.

Love an bliss will swing us straight again, so have no fear or life or Birth(death) but remember as a forgoten quoteer once said: "Fear Calls us all but those to ignerant to hear her"
(cant remember name spelling)
but remember "The bright path seems dim, and the foward path seems backwards." by Leo tz..ow

well thats enough ps & reminders from little ol'me, again with love my brothers & sisters, Be well, Be Creative an Be FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE =)

Yours truly, without lieing, most serton and most true, prometheus here sighning out with the fires for you ):P