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December 30, 2014

This is going to be short, sweet and to the point, but first I need you to understand that I am not claiming to speak for black men, but for Christians of all hues.
   Al Sharpton is a fake ‘Reverend’. He displays no fruit of Christianity. He is a racial arsonist.  

There is a double-standard in America alright, but unfortunately it plays to the advantage of the black-racist provocateurs. Can anyone explain to me how Al Sharpton can still have his job at MSNBC?
Can you imagine the outcry if any white media figure had lead marches and protests that ended up causing the death of two minority Americans?

Al Sharpton should be fired from MSNBC.

Do you remember when Rick Sanchez was fired from CNN for what he said?

Do you remember what they did to Don Imus when he called some of the women on Maryland's basketball team “ nappy-headed ho’s?

Do you remember what they did to Paula Deen when she allegedly made racist comments?

Do you remember the attempted lynching of Phil Robertson when he quoted the Bible in regards to homosexuality?

Do you remember how they tried to destroy the Benham Brothers and their business merely because of the Biblical positions that they espoused?

All of the above lost their jobs because of something they said. Nothing any of them said got anybody killed.

Al Sharpton has a long history of “affirmative absolution.” He gets away with what he says only because he is black.
Al Sharpton is the national leader of the Black KKK. If Sharpton had a son, he would look like Barack Obama.

Where is David Duke's national “news” program? When did you last see the late Fred Phelps of “God Hates Fags” fame sitting in for Sean Hannity on Fox News?

It is unthinkable. Only racist black ‘Reverends’ get a free pass when inciting lynch mobs against the cops. Al Sharpton is a college drop-out. He is a fake-reverend, and he is a race pimp.
It is time to demand that MSNBC fire the pied-piper of racism, Al Sharpton.

He doesn't represent black America. He represents black thugs. I partner with godly men of color all across this land. I know many godly black Reverends, and Al Sharpton is no Reverend.

Christianity unites. Al Sharpton divides. His fake Christianity is an affront to all followers of Jesus.
Al Sharpton has the President's ear. He sits at the table with the Mayor of New York. They obviously approve of his divide and conquer approach to Christianity. He owes nearly $5 million in back taxes.
Reverend Jonathan Gentry should have a show on MSNBC. So should Reverend James David Manning, Reverend Mychal Massie, Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, or Reverend E. W. Jackson.

Who made Sharpton the “go-to” guy on all things black? He is Obama's Racism Czar.
Al Sharpton has spent the past four months stirring up racial division in America
. Neither the case of Michael Brown nor the case of Eric Garner had anything to do with race.

“Hands up, don't shoot” is a lie. Sharpton knows that. Holder knows it. Obama knows it. Yet they all support the race baiting of fake “Reverend” Sharpton.

Al Sharpton is an evil man. He has no business fanning the flames of racism on ANY national television network.

Sharpton has made a great living off of holding folks accountable for what they say. He is in hiding right now waiting for this storm to pass, hoping “affirmative absolution” is still in play for what he has ignited.

For years they have blamed the “rhetoric” of pro-lifers for the death of abortionists. Sharpton wants to say that rhetoric doesn't matter. Yeah, right.

Let's do to Sharpton what he has done to others. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. As his partner in racism, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, so famously said, Sharpton's “chickens have come home to roost.”

(Isn't it amazing how so many of the black race pimps hide behind the term ‘Reverend’.)

I am a Christian, and Al Sharpton doesn't speak for me any more than he speaks for blacks.
Enough of the double standard.
We are working on a plan. I am tying my shoes right now getting ready to head to New York.

It is not his race that offends me...it is his 'religion'. Will you join me and my friends in bringing pressure on MSNBC?

Fake-Reverend Al Sharpton's race-colored Christianity can no longer be tolerated.

We are serious. Watch this video.

The Manning Report.

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