Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Rumor: Do Prince William and Prince Harry have an older sister?

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Rumor: Do Prince William and Prince Harry have an older sister?
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Date: Wednesday, 31-Dec-2014 13:17:21

This is Rumor Mill News, after all. So here's the scenario:
In a 2011 book, "The Disappearance of Olivia", author Nancy E. Ryan extrapolated from known facts to produce a presumably fictional story of a female first child of Charles and Diana. It has been reported that prior to their marriage, embryos were produced in vitro from Diana's eggs and Charles' sperm to verify the viability of future offspring. The embryos were ordered destroyed, but according to the story line in the book, a doctor involved saved one and implanted it in his own wife, leading to the birth of a girl.
Now comes the Dec. 29 issue of the tabloid, GLOBE, with a story suggesting that this story is more fact than fiction. Allegedly (and that word applies to everything that follows), palace investigators decided to look into the story of the book. Perhaps they had some other information along similar lines? In any event, their investigation led to a 33-year-old woman named Sarah currently living in a small town in New England, USA, who was born ten months before Prince William. A few years ago, when Sarah was still living in the UK, her parents both died in a car crash. She then discovered a diary which revealed that she had been the product of a donated embryo. For several years she tried to determine the source of the embryo, until about two years ago when she received a threatening phone messages to cease her research. In fear, she left the UK and resettled in the US.
Now for the latest part of the alleged scenario. After she was located by palace investigators, it was arranged to have her secretly meet Kate during Kate and William's US tour. (It was decided it would be inappropriate for William to meet her.) During the alleged meeting, Kate was reportedly stunned by Sarah's resemblance to Diana. The story hints that a DNA test might have been arranged, but this would be a mixed bag for William, because upcoming changes in the rule of succession might place an older royal sister ahead of William in line for the throne.
Thus endeth the rumor, extracted from the Dec. 29 2014 print issue of GLOBE.


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for her if she has Charles' ears. They owe her a lot of money and should give it to her. As far as the line of succession to the throne, she would actually be the only true child of both Diana and Charles' DNA. William has Diana and King Juan Carlos of Spain's DNA and Harry has Diana and James Hewitt's DNA so they both are actually illegitimate children. However the family that calls themselves "the royal family" are all a bunch of perverts, satanists, and hijackers so there really is no royal family. It is only an illusion put into place as another power play by the Rothschilds.

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