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"Clarifying the Controversy with Kevin Annett ~ This is a great interview ~ Laura"

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Reader, fwd: "Clarifying the Controversy with Kevin Annett ~ This is a great interview ~ Laura"
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Date: Tuesday, 30-Dec-2014 19:45:42

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Reader B. forwards to us:
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From: "Michael Ellegion" [address redacted for RMN posting]
Date: Dec 30, 2014 5:53 PM
Subject: Fwd: FW: Clarifying the Controversy with Kevin Annett ~ This is a great interview ~ Laura
I’ve heard all the recent negative accusations from others about Kevin Annett, from Alfred Weber and many others. And to me it is very Clear, all that is going on here is how desperate the ‘powers that were’/cabal are determined to stop what he has actually accomplished; of helping to powerfully expose all of their evil crimes against humanity.
As is also mentioned during this very excellent interview with Kevin, various tactics [which also includes the use of very sophisticated remote mind control targeting & influencing of those who were originally supportive to him, such as Alfred Weber] are used in their desperate “character assassination”. Yes, “kill the Messenger”, and turn the focus from what the subject was about (in this case, child trafficking & satanic sacrifice, and how these are being effectively exposed for the first time in human history by Kevin), to how he is [supposedly] “just involved in a scam to take people’s money.” As is the claim, suddenly now from Alfred and others (who in my opinion, have either been “targeted” by the cabal), or in the case of a few women who claim that Kevin [supposedly] knew them, that he attempted to “manipulate them sexually”, etc. Total B.S. and lies!
But decide for yourself, what is true. I can truly relate to what Kevin is going through, because of all of the tactics of the cabal, to both attempt to use “character assassination”, as well as actual physical assassination upon one. This, I have personally experienced through the years, in my case, in the UFO & ET Contact field, of every “dirty trick in the book” was used against me and fellow contactees, because of our determination & mission to help expose the cover-up on this subject.
And I understand completely, exactly what Kevin has been experiencing for many years and especially now as he continues to expose the Truth of child trafficking & satanic sacrifice. And unless one has gone through it, as Kevin and others of us have, no one has any idea how extremely insidious these type of tactics can be. As Kevin also made the comment about during his interview, of many instances, that he knows of first hand, of examples of personal “Divine Intervention” he has indeed experienced, or he should have been dead many years ago after he began to expose these crimes against humanity.
The only statement that I in any way “disagree” with, that Kevin stated, was when he referred to National Liberty Alliance [NationalLibertyAlliance.org], that he thought that any attempt for it to use the public buildings & facilities that already exist that are presently being used by the corrupt admiralty courts, would “not be successful.” I would state that he is not that personally knowledgeable about some of the more very recent activities that have occurred with the NLA. Such as how many thousands of members have now more recently joined National Liberty Alliance, and our growing powerful presence; that the corrupt admiralty court system is starting to experience from us: As a National Common Law Grand Jury, we have actually Reviewed [and definitely “influenced” the corrupt officials to release people that were unfairly illegally locked up], and the recent filings of some very powerful documents with the corrupt courts that will, ultimately, force them to have to officially recognize the power & Authority of the Common Law Grand Jury. And then we will, definitely, be able to use the facilities and buildings, as the corrupt admiralty courts will be forced to openly & publically recognize the “lawful authority of the people.”
It is also true, that one of the reasons that Kevin formed the International Common Law Court [and also actually one of the reasons that the NLA was formed], is that we will help to finish up exposing [investigating & documenting] any crimes against humanity that involved child trafficking & satanic sacrifice, as well as exposing all the many “false flags” [and their “crises actors”] in recent years [such as Sandy Hook} and arrest all of those who participated in these events.
Michael Ellegion
From: [address redacted for RMN posting]
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2014 11:31:31 -0800
Subject: Clarifying the Controversy with Kevin Annett ~ This is a great interview ~ Laura

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