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     In military school I read the book by the 1937 French intellectual telling why Hitler was no threat to Europe as analyzed by American and European economists. He could not start a war before 1945 to 1951 at the earliest because he could not build up the German economy enough before then to try and start a war in Europe.

     Obvious to me as a military cadet who had studied a lot of military history, Hitler pulled off successfully some economic trick the economists did not realize could be done with a major nation. From then until I entered a university as a history major, on the side I read a number of German reports, etc. translated into English covering that period of time in Germany and finally I felt sure that I had successfully figured out what Hitler's economic trick was.

     When I got to Wash., D.C., I discussed my theory with some economists and they said my theory was interesting but could not be correct as it contradicted some main teachings of economics in America. They did not disprove me but asked me to believe that they were infallible like a Pope and could not be wrong in their stand. Later, I located an exile German captain who was in charge of the security for Hitler's mountain retreat and once in an idle moment, Hitler boasted to him of the great economic secret how Nazi Germany grew so fast as a national economy. And the Nazi code name for the top secret system was "The Inverted Inflation." I had not guessed the code name for this system, but I had correctly figured out Hitler like a blueprint how he boomed the economy of Germany in the middle of the World Depression then. It became the fastest growing economy in the world and made Hitler wildly popular with the German people as he had solved the economic crisis of Germany and suddenly everyone was getting prosperous and full employment in Germany while the rest of the world suffered in the World Depression.

     Later on due to a U.S. State Dept. report on Nazi spy operations in America once Hitler won power in Germany, I found out that their highest  priority item to do total research on was Bernard Baruch and how he organized the war industry for America under President Wilson in World War I. They were already planning on a future war and wanted all smart ideas that Bernard Baruch, "The Wizard of Wall Street," had on organizing a national war industry as Bernard Baruch did as wartime czar of the war industry of America in World War I. The Nazi also found Bernard Baruch's plan how to boom any industrial economy in the world based upon his experience organizing the war industry of America under Pres. Wilson. Hitler and advisers were impressed with this industrial economy plan how to boom any industrial nation out of a depression, etc. and turn it into a booming economy with full employment soon after.
     Putting a few German touches to Bernard Baruch's plan, they set up the industrial economic system they code named "The Inverted Inflation" in Nazi Germany and it worked like a charm! This gave Germany the basis to start a world war many years before the French intellectual and American and European economists thought Hitler could do this  being held back by a bad economy in Germany during the World Depression. The weird thing to this whole story is that Bernard Baruch acting as the front for key Wall Street Bankers financed Hitler into national power in Germany and looked for him to at some point start a world war which the bankers would profit from and gain more power from. Only Bernard Baruch never found out that Hitler had used Bernard Baruch's own master plan to skyrocket the economy of Germany so fast and powerfully. The irony of history!
     Economists and banking interests are predicting the likely collapse of the American dollar in 2015 or soon afterwards. I am glad that Hitler lost World War II as the Nazi society is not what I would have wanted to live under. I happen to love freedom and not state controlled slavery under a tyrannical national police state. But minus the tyranny and police state mentality of Hitler and co-leaders in Germany, if the American economy is suddenly crashing, make sure that my Omni Law has already been passed in America. Then if America needs it, I can explain to the American people how Bernard Baruch's "Inverted Inflation" worked, quick vote me the legal power to set it up, and America will go into boomtime for American labor and business in America. We can use this as a quick fix until the economy is calmed down and booming. Then systemically set up the more permanent economic system for America which does not need the tactics of the 'Inverted Inflation" and a booming economy and freedom become a permanent reality of life in America.
       When it was confirmed that I had successfully cracked the top economic secret of Nazi Germany that made her so powerful so fast in the world, my name skyrocketed in economic circles and I got to study under six of the most brilliant economists of America and Europe including a German economist endorsed by Albert Einstein as teaching the only true economic science in the 20th century. He taught scientific free enterprise which is how to wildly boom a national economy under free enterprise instead of Communism which Obama is strongly in favor of according to Putin of Russia who said that upon winning his second election was now committed to make America a total Communist nation and Wash., D.C. the Communist world government to rule over the rest of the world once Obama totally completed his Communist Revolution in America through Wash., D.C.

     Putin didn't state this, but Obamacare is the political front to set up a total Communist police state in America. They  have a death panel in it which is to plan how to kill you off once you reach 75 years old. They without even a court order but just whim of government can remove all of your money from any bank account of yours they target and instantly bankrupt you in life. And they grant to themselves several thousand pages worth of other police state powers over you the American people so you will live under such a total police state as to make Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union look like paradises to live in in comparison to America after Obamacare takes total hold over America. I suggest we abolish Obamacare under national referendum under my proposed Omni Law for America and rewrite a sensible, common sense national health plan for those that want it instead of private insurance plans or else do not want to bother with any health insurance for themselves. I happen to believe in freedom for the American people, not a Communist or Nazi style police state over you the American people as Obama and associates of his want for America. Obamacare was designed to take over America and abolish the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights as the national law and authority all government in America must obey as law governing them in ultimate authority.
     Okay, we pass the Omni Law and frankly fast as possible before the planned economic crash occurs in America as some are trying to set America up for. Then any moment the dirty tricks are pulled on the American people to crash the American economy by crashing the American dollar, you quick vote by national referendum under the Omni Law and vote for the establishment of "The Inverted Inflation" to get America out of its economic jam. Then special tactics will be used until the American Dollar will once more be the reserve currency for world trade and economies across the world will calm down including the American economy.

     I learned many brilliant economic answers from these six super geniuses in national economics and world economics. I already know the key answers America needs, but would pull in brilliant economists with me and what we as a team come up as the best answer for America is what would be done with the American economy. If I can't make sense to other brilliant economists, then something is wrong and we will go along with what basically all can see will work great for America. However, brilliant economists have loved ideas in economics I have suggested to them and I make good common sense in all economic answers I propose for America or elsewhere.

     One who's who type organization for America and Europe once wrote me up as economists who had heard me called me "The Einstein of American Economics." I don't claim to have all answers automatically by myself, but I drew the genius out of brilliant economists and we collectively make a fabulous team together and one to be totally trusted by the American people which you cannot say for Congress nor the White House.
     Okay, full name for the Omni Law is The Omnibus Civil Rights Act For America as shown on my national website Email is National movements run on national finances. If you send an order for products or else financial support by mail instead of through our website, our mailing address is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 . Make checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell us what you are ordering or else sending in financial support for this movement through our Omni Law Loan Program on our website. Everything helps fiancially. Let's work together to win America in 2015.

     Obama heads up the wrecking crew for America and almost all of his major moves are designed to set up the collapse and later fall of America as a nation and race on earth. Once the Omni Law is passed, we have got him and other traitors in government in Wash., D.C. in checkmate and the American people become once more masters over the government by national referendum and ten legal trustees designed under the Omni Law to keep the government honest instead of dishonest as it basically is now. The Americans regain control over government as masters over government instead of being subjects, serfs, or whatever under the government trying to be master over the American people instead of their national servant.
      As national politics is boring to me in comparison to science, engineering, industrial and agricultural development in America and other nations, I only offer to be a temporary legal trustee under the Omni Law until the mess is straightened out in Wash., D.C. If once the government is behaving itself again, let me move on to totally lead my Camelot Project which will greatly bless American and world industry, agriculture, health, etc. To me to be involved with the corruption and stench of Washington politics is about the same in my eyes as jumping into a cesspool and swim around saying it smells so great and is a Paradise to swim in. I do not like to associate with dishonest, corrupt people. Not all are corrupt in Wash., D.C. , but too many are is why the government is so messed up and hold in contempt the American people at this stage of history. As my history professor at the university said years ago and then I did not want to agree with him, he said that too many people when they move to Wash., D.C. to work there in the government are no longer American citizens but a foreign race now conspiring how to rule over the American people instead of serve the American people through the government.

     No evil cabal controls me. I am too independent and do not agree with their evil plans how to harm the American people and other races on earth. To me many races and nations are like a beautiful garden with many versions of beautiful flowers in it. Why destroy the beautiful flowers and make the world garden become ugly?!! To the evil cabal which exists for real and not fiction, the people and nations of the earth are weeds and roaches in their world garden which they plan to get rid of in order to make their planned garden beautiful where they rule over it and what remains of the human race are slaves to them to serve their every whim in life in their planned global plantation called the earth.
     Pass this report along as you want me in position to save the American economy from pending collapse if the evil are able to carry out their plans to crash the American dollar and therefore the American economy in 2015 or soon afterwards.
     Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (pen name for an American leader who is actually honest and dares to tell you the truth so you can save America from pending national disaster or death. If you do not know the truth, then how can you save America if the national economy suddenly collapses? Don't think that you can fall back on a barter system of economics if things go bad in America. The Doomsday Factor to Industrial Economics is that your cities are too highly populated to be supported by a barter system of economics. If the cities collapse, it has been calculated that maybe 10% of America would survive and the rest of America be dead if our money and economy suddenly collapses! You don't let things get so out of hand until this suddenly happens and nothing can save the American people then! I am the Paul Revere of national economics warning you so you do not later face mass national death due to the corrupt, cowardly, and traitors now running the government and not responsible as national leaders to you.)  


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