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Part I: Patrick Flanagan (Tesla II) says He Knows How to Neutralize Fukushima

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Part I: Patrick Flanagan (Tesla II) says He Knows How to Neutralize Fukushima
Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Wednesday, 31-Dec-2014 18:06:41

Patrick Flanagan recently gave an interview in which he addressed the problem, scope, and solutions for the Fukushima disaster. When asked, he said he would be willing to assist an international coalition to remedy the problem, which if kept unchecked could kill everyone on the planet.
I've had a chance to interview Patrick about his proposed solution. That report is below.
This graphic that was shown on the video (not at Patrick's direction) turns out to not be about the radioactivity but pertained to the tsunami and water height.
by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
On Monday, I watched a fascinating, troubling and inspiring video by BuzzBroz featuring a brief interview with our friend and sponsor, Patrick Flanagan of PhiSciences. It addresses the problem, scope, and solutions for the Fukushima disaster -- "The worst cover-up in human history."
He said that the rate and strength of radioactive pollution coming from Fukushima is equivalent to ten Hiroshima bombings per hour. He also stated that if something isn't done about this escalating problem, it could kill everyone on the planet, primarily through cancer.
As a preventative measure that anyone can do now, he suggested that you take 15 mg of elemental iodine every day, and he specifically recommended the product "Iodoral" from If I understand correctly from previous research, the purpose for this is to keep the thyroid populated with good iodine, otherwise radioactive iodine from environmental pollution can concentrate there, causing cancer.
But that suggestion pales in comparison to something else Patrick said in the interview. He said that he knows how they could remedy the problem, and when asked, he said he would be willing to head up an international coalition to implement the solution.
Just think if instead of talking about going to war with Syria the people of the planet instead galvanized behind resolving the Fukushima fiasco?
Here is the video I watched: [6:10 pm Update Memo: This video was made private for reasons that may be more clear in the solution interview below. If I remember right, the last time I saw the video, it had around 50,000 views in just three days.]

So, who is Patrick, that we should take him serious with his proposal, and be considered as one who might be involved in heading up such an initiative? I'm sure he wouldn't mind if someone else tackled some of the business aspects of heading up such an endeavor.
Some of you will recall that last year on July 10, 2012, Tesla's birthday, I went on Coast to Coast AM with Patrick and made the case that there are many reasons to believe that Patrick Flanagan is the reincarnation of Nikola Tesla -- including that unlike typical births, when Patrick was born, he didn't forget his life as Tesla. This was the first time Patrick had gone public with this information.
When you consider the magnitude of the Fukushima fiasco, it makes sense that someone such as Patrick/Tesla would be on hand to step forward with a solution.
Tesla's technology has become the bedrock of modern civilization: AC Power, Induction Motors, Radio, X-Ray, etc. And that is just the stuff he did in the first half of his life. We're still trying to figure out and implement the free energy stuff he was researching in the last half of his life. And don't forget that nearly half of what Tesla worked on had to do with health.
Whether or not Patrick really was Nikola Tesla in his previous incarnation, Patrick certainly has a lot of attributes that are consistent with that possibility. So at a minimum, his proposed solution for the Fukushima fiasco should be given strong consideration, even based on the Patrick Flanagan accomplishments, skills, and abilities alone.
In this lifetime, Patrick has the attribute, like Tesla, wherein he can see a solution in his mind, and work it through in three dimensions to its completion, before building it; and when he builds it, the device works as he envisioned it. That's one of the reasons why Westinghouse dared invest the sum of money he did on Tesla to build an entire power plant to harness the hydro-electric potential of Niagra Falls, even though no such plant on any scale had ever been built before.
In the first 17 years of his life, Patrick was doing all kinds of things that resembled the work Tesla did. For example, at 8 years of age, he had built his own ham radio set from scrap material, and was licensed to communicate. Soon thereafter, he was building Tesla coils and literally shocking the neighborhood. At 11 years of age, he invented a nuclear missile detection system, which captured the interest and attention of the U.S. Department of Defense, who purchased the technology.

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