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DR WILLIAM MOUNT - Mind Control And You

Mind Control And You

We all know about the pictures of Popcorn and Coke used in theaters to stimulate the purchase of these items during the movies but let's get a little more sophisticated. Yes - these techniques are still used today - why else would someone consider Margarine and White Bread good for your health.

(((Please pray (Visualize) your mind is opened to the truth)))

Let's get a little more advanced - Cognative Disidence. This theory is where the mind becomes confused when it hears two different theories about the same thing. For example:

President Obama make s a speach where he clearly states that the US Created and funds ISIL/ISIS and then states we are bombing our enemy ISIL/ISIS.

So in your mind you get confused - is ISIL/ISIS our enemy if we created it - did we create ISIS/ISIL to destroy?

Freudian slip? Obama vows to speed up ‘training ISIL’, WH edit adds confusion (VIDEO) — RT USA

You see Obama's Lips moving - you hear the words - but you cannot believe it because you are pummeled with news about the US hating ISIL/ISIS.

Now you even read that ISIL will bomb the US?

Is it ISIS or is it ISIL?

The confusion allows people like those in Congressman and the Obama Regime  to go behind your back and do anything it wants to simply because you are too confused to figure this out.

For Example: The real John Kerry is in a Coma after being shot. I told him that since he put his wife in a Coma and then killed her to get the Heinze Catsup fortune GOD would do the same thing to him - well - htere he lies in a Coma.

The New John Kerry - Deep Eyebrows, wide chin - just got a huge sum of cash (See Jim Willie's Last Interview) and is now transferring 20 very high tech Nukes on 3 US Air Force Jets to Iran right under the nose of Putin.

Russia will be targeted with these nukes - 5 cites to be exact for each nuke comes with it''s own transponder tied into the USAF through Satellites and it's own US Trained technition.

Tom Lehere

Since John Kerry and Hillary gave Vietnam 12 Nukes, North Korea 128 Long Range Nukes, and Saudi Arabia 50 Nukes the idea is to give Iran 20 Nukes that are very high tech  (Back Pack 25-35KT) weapons in about 2 weeks. These new weapons are almost undetectable to with satellites.

A Limited Nuclear War means Israel will launch a whole lot of missiles at anything with in 2,500 miles - the Samson Doctrine.

Samson Option - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The intent here is to have a limited Nuclear War in the Middle East and then drill side wells to suck out the last of the Oil after most people are dead.

According to the United Natiosn the war on Earth represents the War in the Heavens as this solar system is called the Prison System and Planet Earth hte Planet of Death.

There are - according to the United Nations - about 70 total planets in hte Physical Plane here in our Solar Syatem - many are in the IR spectrum that can only be seen with special telescopes but all seem to be warring for the Soul of Planet Earth and the battle is almost over as the Rothchilds and their allies the Bankstas are loosing miserably.

So all the US has is Planetary Destruction: Spetnatz being paid by Northcom to blow Oil and Chemical Trains off the tracks, US Nukes transferred to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel, Egypt, North Korea, Vietnam to create limited Nuclear Wars, Creation of Earthquakes, Fukushima, etc.

Tom Lehrer - We Will All Go Together When We Go - YouTube

So while you are still wondering about ISIL vs ISIS in  comes a limited Nuclear War.

Russia - Coming in on a train and disembarking in a Green Car - small - inconspicuous - in the Southern Train Station of the city just south of Moscow - try possible dates 12 August, 17 September more likely. Could use some help here SVR ----Are you awake yet?

Too many possibilities - too tired to find the exact train station. I was right on the Nuke 8 Feb, hte 6 attempts on Putin, and many other things do you think GOD is wrong on this one?

Time will tell.

More to follow - you missed the one on the way to Murmansk and the one that detonated 8 Feb 2015 north of Donestks. The one with the broken Fuse was abandoned and buried near a particular home.

I would be a little worried about the Palestinians buying a Nuke form a CIA agent last week in Upstate New York.


At least now I can get some sleep.
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Dr William B. Mount

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