Friday, July 31, 2015

Obama's End Game Completely Exposed: Civil War In America

Elite Trying To Overturn Reality Itself As FEMA Comes To Texas 
Obama's End Game Completely Exposed: Civil War In America


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By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With an ongoing purge happening right now of US Veterans and anybody else who would be able to help to prevent a total takeover of America by a dictatorial, totalitarian government, Steve Quayle joins Alex Jones from Infowars in the brand new video below to talk with us about Barack Obama's 'end game' for America, civil war, and the attempt by the 'criminal elite' to overturn reality itself.

With the elitists in America now stealing a page from one of the most brutal and dictatorial regimes in world history, they have 'created the lie big and they keep repeating it, over and over and over again' in the hopes that Americans will believe it - and many Americans continue 'drinking the koolaid' to theirs and their own families' ultimate detriment. However, with more Americans 'awakening' now than ever before, we've reached a point in time where it's 'hair trigger' time... it's 'now or never' for the desperate 'criminal elite'. 


In a recent story on RT, we learned of a leaked document that showed us that nearly one-third of the 847,000 US Veterans in a health backlog died while waiting treatment - that's more than 238,000 Vets whose lives were lost due to negligence or was it something more? Were these men and women allowed to die to help the criminal elite complete their fascist agenda for America? 

We also take a look at several brand new pictures sent to All News Pipeline from readers in Texas and North Carolina as seen above and below showing a FEMA HQ bus sitting in the middle of a Texas parking lot as well as a military train convoy well over a mile long (seen above). We also see several more machines of war (to be used against Americans?) parked on a flat bed truck, hidden behind a gas station, in North Carolina.

Jones and Quayle talk with us about the confirmation of what was once known as merely 'conspiracy theory', the red list and the round up of Americans, and share with us the bigger picture....much bigger than martial law in America alone... the COMPLETE OVERTHROW of America to bring in one-world government as the American flag, too, is soon to be relegated to the dustbin of history. 

Telling us that it's critical to understand their 'end game', Quayle emphasizes that they are attempting to divide the American people as a house turned against itself cannot stand. Warning that we are at a 'hair trigger', Quayle tells us that they don't want us as "United States citizens" but "citizens of the world". To be able to do so, they'll have to take away Americans guns we are told.

With the US Military having to beg for funding while Obama's own private security gets anything at all that they want, we can see what the Weathermen warned of years ago unfolding in America now, with US Veterans being handed death sentences by the government putting them on 'do not treat' lists while Obama warns that his biggest disapointment while in office has been that he has been unable to take Americans guns away.

With Jon Stewart recently 'joking' with Obama about FEMA camps for law-abiding Americans, Stewart also tells Obama that if he's going to take Americans guns away, he better act fast. Why would anyone LAUGH about martial law in America and the disarmament of Americans? Barack Obama did! What does this tell you?


This video is a must-watch for anyone who wants to know where we stand now as a Republic and the obvious plans that the NWO has to 'take down America', leaving MILLIONS of Americans dead and the rest under the brutal arms of a dictatorial world government where the rights of humanity are outlawed and a government worn boot stamps on a human face, till the end of all time.

These photographs were sent to ANP by a reader in North Carolina who found these machines of war parked behind a gas station, hidden away, out of sight.






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