Thursday, July 30, 2015

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Some personal thoughts and commentary
By Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.
Wednesday – July the 29th, 2015, 1030Hrs; M.S.T. (Arizona)
Among the many changes occurring in our country the ability and freedom to laugh at ourselves is, and has, quickly become a victim of a dastardly disease called “political correctness.”  I personally think it is more the “humbug” virus that seems to infect many without regard to education or social status, political or financial standing.  The humbug virus really manifests during seasons of joy like Thanksgiving and Christmas, but a growing body of evidence depicts a vicious bug that lives just below the surface of our humanity just waiting to make itself known, and without regard as to where or when it will seize its’ next victim and lay them low.  Historically in-check by the preponderance of good will and natural immune boosters formed from the long-standing American Spirit, this virus has gone rabidly through the political process of our country much like a hot knife through butter.  The virus aggressively attaches itself to a host who already has a co-morbid factor to stir division and strife where none existed previously, and then spread and bring acute self-doubt, pernicious low self-esteem, inability to speak-up, pervasive weakness and fear to others; leading to the ugly end of absence of laughter! 
Where are the clowns within our ranks who use to keep this ugly cynical disease of political correctness and humbug virus at bay?  Where are the clowns so many of us grew up with; the clowns who knew how to make us laugh as we saw ourselves from the clown’s perspective of life’s conditions?  What happened to the doctors of laughter who could simply help us feel better and more alive by their wit and comical perspectives?  These doctors of fun were able to show us the dangers of this humbug virus all the while helping us to strengthen our immune systems to withstand the evils of those who would prefer to exploit weakened systems, distorting them for their own agendas of darkness and evil; promoting the illness of cynicism leading to perpetual group unrest and dis-ease.  These physicians of humor never, ever forced medicine down our throats that would cause denial of truth to the condition of man; rather, they promoted a healing protocol wrapped in laughter and good-natured humor affording us the safe environment to look at ourselves in comparison to those in need around us, and giving us the permission we sometimes needed to make a difference outside our own antiseptic space.  Where are the clowns of good-natured laughter and kidding?  Those specialists of humor who delicately knew just how to unlock the best of ourselves so we may begin to reach higher and further to correct the ills of our society, allowing us to laugh at those very same ills that intended to keep us isolated, morally bankrupted, and impotent to real and significant change.
Jesus loved parties; He loved people as He walked the earth.  Jesus loved to laugh.  Terribly, our country has forgotten both – Jesus and the gift of laughter.  Look around…are we better off having become so enlightened and politically correct?  The comedy clubs of today are not even close in comparison to the clowns of yesteryear.  Rudeness and foul language has replaced a humor that could be telegraphed simply by expression, no words, just a simple gesture here, and a look there.  Where are the clowns of yesteryear?  Maybe they were only meant for a season, but if that is the case…then Oh, how I miss that season of yesteryear.  Take a moment and enjoy some of the best clowns who brought the medicine of laughter, the balm of healing from division, and the ability to soothe broken hearts and shattered dreams.  Watch and listen as Frank Sinatra remembers the clowns.
People everywhere still need the medicine of laughter.  I pray the pernicious disease of correctness is eradicated, and once again we can laugh at ourselves and one another without rancor or meanness of spirit. 
Where are the Clowns…send in the clowns…well, maybe this year!  
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