Friday, September 23, 2011

BLESSING DELIVERIES IS STARTING ----------------------------------Finally!

This refers to the deliveries of Blessings from OPC - which results from cashing in of the Dinars after the R/V. Remember Buy Low - Sell High?

This is not from the PP distributions which has been blocked and blocked by the Bush Cabal.


Anonymous said...

Cut back on the CRAK.

There has been NO official word on this and you cannot possibly know when deliveries will start.

Anonymous said...

May the king of the universe bless the works of your hands JM. God bless!

John MacHaffie said...

To respond in proper protocol to anon 4:27

Hey Bubba --- if you now how to read ---- we have been saying OPC WILL be funded by Dinars being cashed in initially. ------ to be followed by PP shortly after. We have the Needs folks identified and ready for deliveries of there blessings from the OPC program. And where was this posted --- in the OPC blog. Geeeee - is there a connection.
PS I don't and have not taken drugs or whatever. I am HIGH on Our LOVING LORD!

Bob S said...

Let's hope that this will take place next week. It's been a long ride and the well is drying up. It's in God's hands. I will keep the faith no matter how long it takes. I can't wait to play Santa Claus with my blessings. Go RV

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Deliveries were ongoing during the Super Bowl five years ago too.

FROM POOF >> "The trust has been open waiting for the go....all we need indeed the world needs is for the rvs to go thru. Not just iraq...139 countries. If that happened today as was scheduled, then the drops can start."

There has been no rv as yet anywhere in the world.

John MacHaffie said...

to anon 6:53 --- you got the same problem as Bubba!
I am talking about OPC deliveries of Dinar Funded blessings. Not PP at this time.

Anonymous said...

Good job reporting John M; I've followed your posting on the RV for many months now and glad to hear about the OPC. One has to wonder, though, how the PP will be distributed to the masses of the world, like what will they use as a distribution list and medium of exchange like gold and silver and will it be safe and secure transaction from greedy governments. Come on man, can you imagine everyone walking around with $10,000 in their pockets, the greed factor and thefts alone, and the chaos on the streets in every country??? I don't know if it's true but hey when your at the bottom everything looks like up to me!!!

Anonymous said...

Is this the silence before the attack?
Governments around the world on "vacations" next week?(4th week of September 2011)
I guess something is going on. I hope so.

Sending light and good energy to white hats, whosoever you are!
Thanks for everything you are doing for your brothers and sisters!


Anonymous said...

When will this take place. I do trust God, he said Faith something we hopeful . And. By evident not seen, so if it trust Praise the God, by how it come.Amen