Wednesday, December 30, 2015

4-Year-Old’s Wishes Come True

Garbage  Men  Make  4-Year-Old’s  Wishes  Come  True

December 28, 2015

A young boy got his Christmas wish granted when the only items on his list were delivered straight to his home … by the local garbage collectors.

Four-year-old Jobiah Wells is fascinated with garbage. He loves waving to his local Folsom, Calif., garbage truck workers as they pass on their route, and he even rolls the trashcans up the driveway for all 17 of his neighbors on collection day every week.

So when his mother asked him what was on his Christmas list year, Jobiah’s request was simple: four new trashcans — two for recycling, one for yard waste, and one for trash.


“It started as waving at the trucks each week, and then [the workers] started waving back,” Jobiah’s mother, Rachael Wells, told KCRA.

Jobiah has since developed a relationship with the garbage-truck operators, who say they adore their young fan. “He loves it so much, and I’m just amazed at how he goes up and down this neighborhood and puts everybody’s back, and it just has to be perfect, too,’ Cliff Kallis, one of the truck workers, said. “It warms my heart, it really does. It’s just amazing.”
So Kallis and his truck co-worker, Aaron Wilson, were thrilled to be able to personally deliver the young boy’s Christmas presents last week. “He loves garbage. He loves all things garbage,” Wilson says. “He loves the drivers. He can’t get enough of the drivers.” 

After the two men finished their regular route, they returned to Jobiah’s house with all four trashcans wrapped in red Christmas bows, and Jobiah couldn’t contain his excitement.

Though Jobiah also got a remote-control garbage truck and other gifts, nothing compared with his brand-new trash bins.

“I love them,” the young boy told KCRA. “So I’m  going to keep them, since I love them.”

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