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Jimmy Hoffa’s Corpse Found In New Jersey

Jimmy Hoffa’s Corpse Found In New Jersey
                The National Enquirer                    
Published on: December 30, 2015
Photography by: Corbis

One of the most baffling mysteries of the last 40 years — the shocking disappearance of union boss Jimmy Hoffa — has been solved!

Image result for JIMMY HOFFAS CORPSE FOUND IN NEW JERSEYAfter vanishing in 1975, Hoffa was finally found buried in a garbage dump, sealed in a barrel — and a bombshell National ENQUIRER investigation reveals the Teamsters kingpin was murdered on the orders of Sen. Ted Kennedy!
The monumental discovery has been hushed up by the Justice Department. But a crack team of G-men unearthed a 55-gallon drum containing Hoffa’s remains in a New Jersey dump shortly before Thanksgiving, confidential law enforcement sources revealed.
The sources said a top-secret dossier that pointed the feds to the burial site also fingered two hitmen — and one of the killers was working for Ted, the powerful Massachusetts senator who hated Hoffa!
“The lead came from papers written by Hoffa’s killer to a one-time lover,” said a law-enforcement source. “These papers specifically mention Kennedy. “We believe this individual took his direct orders from Senator Edward M. Kennedy.”
Agents also interviewed close associates of the heavyweight Democratic politician — and at least two are convinced Ted ordered Hoffa’s death.
The execution of Hoffa — the infamously corrupt, 62-year-old former president of the powerful truckers union — was Ted’s revenge for the murder of his brother Bobby, who was assassinated while campaigning for the presidency in 1968.
“Bobby Kennedy and Jimmy Hoffa were bitter enemies,” explained the source. “Bobby helped send Hoffa to prison, and Teddy always believed Hoffa was involved somehow in Bobby’s assassination.
Hoffa got the payback he deserved.”
But someone is silencing people involved in the murder, the source said.
One hit-man involved in Hoffa’s gangland-style execution died mysteriously in a 1997 house fire later ruled as arson. His partner in crime is now on the run and laying low, an insider close to the investigation revealed.
“The surviving killer has links to the New York crime family formerly headed by Carlo Gambino, which once struggled for control of the Teamsters,” the source said. “He was last spotted in Italy over the summer, but is now believed to have fled to South America. Word is he now suffers from severe arthritis and often uses a motorized cart to get around.”
The assassin was ratted out by his former lover, now a 68-year-old woman who turned over a treasure trove of documents to the FBI. The papers detail the thug’s meetings with Kennedy and the grisly way Hoffa was slain and horribly mutilated.
One of the killers emptied his revolver into Hoffa’s head and then sliced off the union leader’s manhood as a gruesome trophy of the killing. Hoffa’s body was then chopped into pieces and stuffed in the drum, which was welded shut and shipped to the Garden State — in a Teamster-driven truck!
Lawmen revealed the hit team secretly met with Kennedy on three different occasions — including a sit-down just 11 days before Hoffa disappeared.
A key document also pinpointed the dump in New Jersey where Hoffa was left to rot, but sources remain tight-lipped about the exact location of the burial site.
“They want to get the last killer before he realizes Hoffa’s remains have finally been located,” said the insider. “They don’t want to spook him. But they’re worried now because they can’t find him.”
Investigators also fear that if the location of the dump is disclosed, the place will be flooded by the media and the public seeking souvenirs.
Before he died, mobster Phillip Moscato claimed the union head had been entombed in a drum and buried at a toxic waste dump under Jersey City’s Pulaski Skyway.
Sources refuse to confirm that was the burial site. But they say a team of four FBI agents and two Justice Department officials removed Hoffa’s remains from Jersey and took them to Washington. There, forensics investigators positively identified the body parts as the former Teamsters boss.
The ID brings some closure a case that has confused so many.
Hoffa was targeted by then-Attorney General Bobby Kennedy for his ties to the mob, and convicted in 1964 of fraud, bribery and jury tampering. He spent four years in prison before President Richard Nixon pardoned him in 1971.
Hoffa was last seen on his way to a lunch meeting with two mobsters at Machus Red Fox eatery outside of Detroit on July 30, 1975.
“Teddy always suspected Hoffa was tied up in his brother’s murder,” says the source. “In the end, he found a way to even the score with Hoffa.”

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