Thursday, December 31, 2015

Proof Gun Control Won’t Stop Crime

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Proof  Gun  Control  Won’t Stop  Crime

Every morning I peruse through dozens and dozens of news stories in search of topics to report on and one thing I’ve noticed is how many news reports there are about criminals and illegal guns.

Convicted felons are not allowed to own or possess a firearm, but that doesn’t seem to prevent many of them from obtaining a gun. In just one day I saw 8 reports of law enforcement arresting someone for illegally possessing a gun or guns. Those reports include raids on drug houses or illegal marijuana farms and law enforcement officers responding to calls and finding firearms in the possession of convicted felons.

In all of these cases, none of the firearms discovered and confiscated, had been obtained legally. Some of the guns had been stolen, some had the serial numbers removed and most of them were purchased off the streets from other criminals.

I recently spoke to a gun store manager and the effectiveness of the FBI background checks. He told me that at his gun shop, it’s rare that a background check comes back flagged and banning the sale of the firearm. He’s had a couple of background checks come back identifying the purchaser as a convicted felon. 

One of those instances turned out to be a case of mistaken identity where the FBI confused the purchaser with someone else of the same name.The gun store owner also told me that several of his customers used their legally purchased gun to stop home intruders or from being mugged out in public. He added that to the best of his knowledge, none of the guns he’s sold have been used to commit a crime. When I asked him how he felt about gun control and universal background checks, he told me that he believed they were illegal intrusions on our Second Amendment rights.

I spoke to another gun store operator and he said he thought background checks were good, but was not thrilled about many of the other gun control laws already in existence and those being pushed by Obama. He told me that as far as stopping crimes, criminals don’t usually walk into a gun store to buy a gun they plan on using in a crime and that it’s really easy for criminals to get their hands on guns from other sources.
The bottom line is that most gun control laws have little to no effect on preventing crimes and gun violence. Just look at the high incidence of gun involved crimes committed in the cities and states that have the strictest gun control laws. Gun control laws only serve to make it harder for law abiding citizens to protect themselves and their families.

Americans need to stand up for their constitutional rights. We need to vote out every politician that wants to take those rights away from us and if Obama wants to take our guns away from us, then it’s time we take America away from him and return it to the nation it was!

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Anonymous said...

There are no laws! Only corporate codes that only apply to corporate employees exist. You must have an SSN to get a carry permit. Only a Federal employee can have an SSN according to 20CFR 422.125 et.seq. Why would anyone want to be an unpaid federal employee with no rights, only licensed privileges. We are sovereign,the Fed isn't, and the STATE is just an alter ego of the Fed. Time to start using those guns to fight back and retake our freedoms. To help with these corporations that have usurped power. Time to round up and deport or hang all attorneys and foreign agents posing as judges. If they won't leave we should hang them from the Courthouse till they quit kicking. God Bless the American Republic and the sovereign people!!!