Monday, December 28, 2015

Weather wars over Texas?

Below is a copy of a message sent by a Texas resident regarding the storms and tornadoes that caused death and destruction in Texas over last weekend and several weeks earlier. Both storms appeared to be two identical storm systems.  Thought you may find what was shared to be of interest as concerns and information expressed can be applied to every state in this nation.


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Yes - definite 'weather wars' over Texas.  There are obvious signs everywhere of the cabal gov / military having increased their ability to create these deadly storms IF one knows what to look for. 

Example:  Americans have been led to believe the lie that the 'cell phone towers' are to provide cell service to their cell phones.  While there are cell towers, in truth, there are also 'cell phone towers' that are actually also used as links for HAARP manipulation to create and to direct the path and intensity of those weather disturbances. How do we know this?  We have been closely monitoring the weather activities in Texas.

Many have reported that they have noticed more and more of these towers being erected throughout their communities.  This is definitely true within the Dallas - Ft Worth metroplex which, from the outside appearances, look like tall round towers.  But what are they really? And for what reason?  

Well, several months ago we pondered this question, trying to find a way to peer inside one of the towers, and suddenly an opportunity opened up for us to observe two guys working on one of those 'towers'.  One tech was waaaaay up (300 feet or higher?) on the top side of the tower, working with the wires inside while the other was below watching and assisting from below.  Their vehicle, parked immediately at the foot of the tower, was a small white van with no recognizable name or markings.  

We could see that a side of the tower at the top had been removed for the tech to be able to work with all the wires and other electronic 'stuff' inside at the top.  These wires and other electronic stuff inside those circular towers are apparently communicated with by HAARP to manipulate these storms, guiding the storms up to and through certain areas.  

People just don't pay attention to these towers, or hear about or know about or suspect them.  Most people are totally oblivious to what is going on around them.  Some how information and an open door to find out more always seems to be provided for us to investigate, but when sharing that information with others, it is surprising how na├»ve and unbelieving the people are.

I was raised here in Texas.  Through 70 years I can recall only seeing a handful - if that - of tornadoes through the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex or any other place in Texas, in to and through east Texas/Tyler where I was raised.  Now, in one HAARP created 'storm,' these criminals can manufacture more tornadoes in one storm passing through a city than have ever been in the entire state of Texas in the past 70+ years.

The pictures below depict various examples of the 'cell phone towers' and some of the many disguises being used by the criminals to hide the HAARP transmitting devices.  Note the tall circular poles.  Inside are the wires that respond to directions transmitted to them to direct the path and intensity of these storms.  Some appear to be trees of various kinds, others lamp posts, flag poles,  cutsey things like a cactus in front of a tourist attraction, etc.  HAARP can be directed to connect to any of these locations which then can be used to send to another location, directing the storms and the intensities.

We have also noticed here in the past four years that there appears to be (more?) locations where access to underground facilities (rail system? road system?) are available but highly doubt few to none are aware of these. 

Gov Abbott and the TX legislature have been working several issues against the cabal in DC.  The Texas State Legislature has been considering adding the secession of Texas on their 2016 ballot.  Texas is passing open carry gun legislation.  Texas is doing what they can to step up border patrol - even if done by Texans themselves volunteering on their free days as opposed to 'federal border patrol - which has been and continues along with other important issues. For some reason the criminals in Wash DC are offended by the Texans taking on personal responsiblity to defend their own state (Republic), refusing the intrusion of the federal cabal in the affairs of Texas.

These measures by Texans are in open defiance of the rogue criminals in Wash DC.  So ------ one way to punish and to threaten Texas, according to the cabal, is to destroy Texas grazing and farm land​ via flooding from these storms, etc. Also to put Jade Helm in to play in south Texas. The cabal has used mind control on military bases to program a couple soldiers to shoot to kill several people - a way to further encourage gun control, even confiscation of our guns.  

Personally I have no idea how much further Texas will push against the criminal cabal in DC, but allot more Texans are getting involved and motivated to defend Texas.  Gun sales here are through the roof along with attending gun courses.  Frankly, most Texans are estactic about the open carry and even strongly considering Texas' secession from the criminal corporation control because the numbers of muslims and illegals in Texas continue to rise through the roof and their threats and unlawful acts are becoming more of a problem.  It is about at the point now where being 'white' puts you in the minority and the blacks, Mexicans, muslims and everyone else are against the whites - the ones who work their hind ends off so the feds can extort huge sums of monies from their paychecks to give to the muslims and illegals flooding in to Texas and who live way above most of the rest of us.  

Case in point.  I am giving you our own personal situation as an example of what is happening here in Texas:  our combined monthly income is approx. $1,800 month which is well below the poverty line.  We are paying $580 month for a slum landlord apartment.  This dump plus all the utilities, including insurance for the car and constant maintenance on it continue to go up and up and up.  Food is almost unaffordable for us now. We cannot afford doctor bills so we don't go. We try to heal ourselves but even the items to attempt that are going up and through the roof. Our credit is trashed due to job losses from American corporations shutting down operations here and moving the jobs to Dubai, China, Taiwan and other locations.  We are on a fast downhill slide to our ends.

In contrast, the monthly cabal federal benefits for the incoming muslims and illegals - freely provided to them by the criminals in DC - are a base of $4,000 month PLUS a free home, PLUS free education, PLUS monies for each child, PLUS job guarantees, PLUS a $36,000 refund from the IRS for monies they never earned or contributed to the IRS (but we did), FREE healthcare, FREE cell phones, and not having to get a job - and the list goes on.  

NOTHING is 'free' for us. What little we receive in Social Security and Medicare came out of what was collected by the 'government' from our paychecks (along with monies extorted and given to the illegal IRS) via hard work through the years.  Add to these insults are the FACTS that our Social Security is not being increased that tiny little amount historically it has been for several years but has now been frozen and in some cases reduced.  Also hearing that many needy 'whites' have had their SNAPS and Medicaid program benefits reduced.  Now folks, don't look down on the people receiving these as there ARE MANY who are truly in need and who are WORTHY of receiving these unlike those who are couch potatoes, those who COULD work and take care of themselves but who are living off others most of their lives, receiving benefits from the hard work that the rest of us have undergone - some for 50 or more years and whose every day is a struggle to get to the next while these freeloaders live off what is actually ours and which should be given back to us. Few to none contribute anything positive to this nation but, instead, continue to espouse hatred and threats against the very ones whose lives have provided the benefits they are currently freely living off of.

Perhaps now you can understand why we and many others are livid at what is being done by the criminal cabal against Texas, and why more and more Texans are listening and getting involved in the issues.

Most to nearly all people just don't 'see' or 'discern' what is going on around them.  I pray that it is not too late to wake the people up and to learn who is for them and who is against them so that, in the coming civil war, we are not fighting against those of like mind and heart but uniting together and fighting the TRUE ENEMY WITHIN.



Anonymous said...

Can we petition Putin to nuke D.C.???? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I suffer from this every storm. You can hear a frequency in my home coming from Tv and other electrical items. It has stopped one of my dogs heart 5 times over 2 yrs. It sounds like white noise. It makes your skin crawl and skin tingle. It hurts your eyes and cause the dogs to act afraid. It also causes pain and swelling to hands and feet. Needle like pain in tips of fingers and toes. There is a pattern to it after a couple days storms begin. I had posted on face book a few days before the tornadoes happened it was coming. If the frequency is very loud and then low you know its going to be bad. I am tired of the pain and seeing my pets suffer along with me. At times its up so high you can hear it outside. Right now it is 10:23 dec 28,2015 in Georgia and it is up so loud ya can't stand it. I sometimes wake up and my face is swollen for a few hr's. Something has to be done. I have also seen people acting odd driving and can feel my thinking change and confusion set in at stop lights in city. Wal-Mart also is using some kind of frequency too. I have even told them it needs to be turned off. I was so sick from one in Dawsonville Ga that I had trouble staying awake and felt very ill. My daughter was with me and has gone through this also. Since she moved away she said she has not suffered anymore. She knows there is something wrong here. Please help us. Thank you for your time.

Olive Oyl said...

Here is another major problem for us. Smart meters have been installed on all homes and apartments - like it or not. These are very very dangerous to our health, far more cancer causing than cell phones which are very bad in themselves. The smart meters broadcast microwave non-ionizing radiation that penetrates the walls. The meters tie in to all your appliances and to the wiring in your home or apartment. Check where the meter is - hopefully off the garage or in the yard and not on a wall where you spend allot of your time, such as bedroom, living room, kitchen, bath. There are methods to insulate the back side of these meters. One way is to install a shield between the meter and your outside wall. See if you can check in to this and get the insulation done. You can always 'paper' the inside of the wall with heavy duty aluminum foil. The entire wall has to be completely covered. You will have to use a tape that will stick to your wall paint. Perhaps readers can also make suggestions. This is important. Best of luck.

Olive Oyl said...

Forgot to mention that the 'cell phone towers' are also being used for mind control of the population. The frequencies broadcast can cause confusion, etc. Also, the flouride in the water and the nano particles in the air, water and foods can also be used in conjunction with the frequencies to cause the dizziness, confusion, etc. Again, there are things you can do. This is a real problem for the entire nation. You are not the only one suffering from this. We are, too. Some days it is really difficult to focus. God bless and protect you always.

Unknown said...

If you Google "smart meter shield", "EMF protection", you will find a number of companies, as well as, that carry smart meter covers, shielding fabrics for walls, clothes, etc. There is even a paint that you can apply to your inside walls. BE SURE to research FIRST to avoid the scam products that don't work. Get yourself a good EMF meter so you can verify that what you are doing actually does the job. Perhaps rent it out for a small fee to recoup costs and help others. There are small devices that will neutralize the EMF from your home wiring. Nobody is going to help you, before it is too late. I know this all costs money, but perhaps you can go in with a friend and pay them back in small payments that will work.

Concerned2015 said...

I like a lot of folks fail to see how these towers can guide a storm or create one. But, facts are as I have observed in Texas. They are upgrading cell towers like crazy in the Dallas area. And thru east Texas. I watched them in so many places. I have witnessed a new kind not shown in any of your photo's. Just a straight pole upper half looks black or rubber over parts. These I have seen all over. They just finished installing one at I-30 and bush. They covered it up with cream colored panels right behind the motel close by. I am willing to believe you can find one of these poles along the route the tornado made.