Thursday, December 31, 2015

Cops' 3.5 MPH chase

Image result for cops 3.5 mph chaseCops’ 3.5 MPH Chase

Published on: June 30, 2015

It’s the most famous low-speed chase since the O.J. Simpson case!
The Washington State Police switchboard lit up like a Roman candle when folks spotted a state trooper pursuing an elderly woman on a handicap scooter – at 3.5 mph!
“You can’t make this stuff up!” said Andrea Ruth, who taped the incident from her office.
The 85-year-old driver had hopped on her scooter and headed out for a cup of coffee one day in early June.
But she wound up four miles out of her way on Route 246 – a heavily traveled highway near the Canadian border.
That’s when State Trooper Dave Hintz roared into action, and pulled her over.
“There’s no license plate. She’s in a little cart,” recalled the 24-year veteran, who quickly determined the driver wasn’t a “Grandma of Anarchy.”
“I just treated her the way I would’ve wanted somebody to treat my mom,” he added. After that, the pair started the long crawl home, which took more than an hour!
“When he got her to her block, she told him she could take it from there,” said Trooper Mark Francis, who said the woman didn’t want her identity released.
Dave added: “Our motto with the State Patrol is service with humility. This particular case took a little more patience and humility.”

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Anonymous said...

state troopers or the SS are the worst sort of scum on the earth.
never ever trust one it could mean your life!!!