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Published on Sep 26, 2015
The pedophile Pope has no place or authority in our sovereign constitutional republic and to try and undermined our republic by confronting our representatives is beyond unacceptable !
Links :  The Pope Arrives In US For UN Agenda 30 -


Anonymous said...

Trumps connections to the Jesuits and Pope's NWO; allegations see 10:50 mark
Is Trump a Judas Goat: Infowarriors Smell A Rat

marie said...

Trump is a business man. He was going along to get along to get his business to where it is. Do you blame him as this is the system. Trump worked within the system to do what he had to do as far as being friends on both sides of the isle. If there was something else to him being evil trust me they would have exposed it because Bill Clinton told Bush to not worry about Trump because he will take care of him. Has he? We will see this time next year who is true and who is a wolf in sheeps clothing. FYI, Rand Paul is controlled and Alex Jones show is pushing Rand Paul. So who is who??? Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

'Trump is the same as all the rest of them in the fake government...Get out before it blows, none of them are to be trusted. Get the picture that the entire government is just a fake charade.'

Unknown said...

Pope has acted on behalf of ALL people as Global Estate Trustee with his unprecedented 7/2012 Motu Proprio(among other things, inc. U.S. & UN visit) & doing/done his part to free world from "elite" Corp[se}control & tyranny, removing perceived "immunity" of all public officials from charges for trespasses upon the people.
This man is NOT a pedophile, but has certainly had to associate with a few in fulfilling his calling.
Much is not as it may now appear; accusations leave 3 fingers pointing back to oneself...
Judge Anna's company Vatican visit prior to Benedict's unprecedented departure was more historical & impactful than many now realize...
Read the "comic book" & Learn so one can be part of the peaceful lawful solution. We are all in this together & the sooner we wake up to same, the better for ALL. :D

Anonymous said...

So far, no one that I've heard has made any mention
of the uncanny physical resemblance of Pope Francis,
to the Royal Academy trained 'actor', Jonathan Pryce/Price.

I have been wondering for sometime if this is one
of those high inside masonic pranks, on us..

Considering control over the world and it's wealth
is at stake, I wouldn't put it past all the ones
who consider themselves 'illumined'.

I sure hope it all comes out in the 'cosmic' wash;
Right after their mega structure is exposed, busted
open and dismantled:
Northern Trust, Inc.
American Bar Association
Department of Justice

By the way, those of you 'flashing' your
'two finger' horn hand gestures, to each other,
in the 'inside' secret circle,
look and are ridiculous.

We read your arrogance loud and clear.

Anonymous said...

'The real pope disappeared and vanished long ago....

That is actor Jonathan Pryce for sure, everything is an exact match.

He's just playing the "baddie" card as a charade since his movies tanked. Look to the Middle East for the real villains that emerge out of the turkish sun...'

Popeye said...

Hi Tricia, Perhaps a good spot you NEED to start with is..... http://childabuserecovery.com/pope-francis-found-guilty-of-child-trafficking-rape-murder/ , ............... http://itccs.org/2014/12/08/common-law-sheriffs-will-arrest-convicted-criminal-pope-francis-during-september-2015-usa-visit/, ...........................
http://beforeitsnews.com/blogging-citizen-journalism/2015/10/pope-francis-found-guilty-of-child-trafficking-rape-and-murder-2521482.html ....... Pope Francis is one very wicked man / rep. He has been found guilty by an International court of Justice and sentenced to 25 years in prison. The problem is he is being too well protected to arrest...When he made his visit to the U.S.A. he had over 700 body guards....

marie said...

IF you google actor Jonathan Pryce under images the pope is right there in the middle. Very interesting.