Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Baltimore Riot 2015: Police Car Smashed While Driving (RAW VIDEO)

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Anonymous said...

No wonder the elite aren't worried a bit about being ill-trained for combat!

They already know most of their assassins are dead to rights, and because of all the hysteria they sense by triggering Yellow stone to erupt that will kill off two-thirds of the population and swarms of nwo leaders so those left can just install a dictatorship.

These events are coming quick as foretold! There is no way out. Everyone should call up their state national guard to put all resources on limiting the damage of yellowstone's fallout.

People need to pray to God with all their might, that volcano damage is limited to a smaller general area. I mean that with the most serious candor!

Those who survive the radiation will have to go after the final remaining elites when it is safe to do so as the judgment on the elites will kill them as well.