Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Frontrunning: April 29

  • Police enforce curfew in Baltimore, disperse protesters (Read More)
  • Saudi king resets succession to cope with turbulent times (Read More)
  • Euro-Area Bank Lending Increases for First Time Since 2012 (Read More)
  • Riksbank Increases Bond Purchases as Key Rate Left Unchanged (Read More)
  • Greek Banks Get More Funds as ECB Weighs Collateral Discount (Read More)
  • Greek bank deposits drop 1.36 pct in March for sixth month in a row (Read More)
  • Sarao Remains in Jail After Failing to Pay Bail at Hearing (Read More)
  • Barclays Boosts Expected Bill for Foreign-Exchange Fines to More Than $3 Billion (Read More)
  • Thailand Unexpectedly Cuts Rate After Growth Forecast Cut (Read More)
  • Berlusconi to meet Thai businessman over Milan stake sale (Read More)
  • European Bond Rally Set to Stall (Read More)
  • Indonesia executes drug convicts, sparks anger from Australia, Brazil (Read More)
  • Fewer Parents Are Saving for College (Read More)
  • Europe Unseats U.S. as Best Place to Invest in Bloomberg Poll (Read More)

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Anonymous said...

This is bullcrap! Though most of maybe even all of it may be true, to make people pay money for information that is this critical but that Williams guy right up there with the thugs he's talking about. If he were really the "man of God" he claims to be, that info would not be charged for but would be sent freely around the world, with no strings attached.