Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Nepal: Death, Destruction & Recovery

India, Nepal KathmanduNepal: Death, Destruction & Recovery
With continuing aftershocks and avalanches, many thousands of people are now homeless from the devastation in Nepal.
Reports are surfacing that the death toll from Nepal’s deadly earthquake has touched 5,057 and could go up to 10,000 displacing as many as 500,000, injuring 10,000.
“The death toll in the devastating Nepal earthquake has crossed the 5,000 mark with latest figures putting the toll at 5,057.  The United Nations has said that over 8 million people – more than a quarter of the country’s population – have been affected by the quake. About 1 million of those affected are children.” (source:  firstpost.com)
Tents have sprung up with multitudes still in the same clothing they wore when the earthquake struck.
Water supply is in dire need, as well as food, clothing and durable shelter from the cold nights.
“Many people use plastic sheets and cardboards to sleep on. Blankets have become a much sought after luxury, forcing the government to send out appeals to the international community to send more aid — and fast.”
“The home ministry said Kathmandu and Sindhupalchowk districts, among the worst hit, have reported 1,039 and 1,176 deaths respectively.
Rescuers, including from India, are engaged in massive operations in Kathmandu and other places. Hospitals are overwhelmed and treating many of the wounded in the open due to lack of space.”
“Power outages continued, crippling many ATMs. There are few vehicles on Kathmandu’s streets. Food and other essential items are in short supply — sparking anger and disaffection with the pace of relief work.” (source:  firstpost.com)
7.8 Nepal India Earthquake & Tibet Earthquake unbelievable Footage

Humanitarian Relief Efforts:
International aid has been rapid.
The U.S. Air Force has landed in India:
India US Air Force has landed
The U.S. Air Force tweeted:
“The U.S. Air Force continues to support the NepalEarthquake response efforts.
Airmen ready to answer the call.
Our airmen are proud to deliver critical humanitarian relief and comfort to others during a time of need.”
The District of Gorka, close to the epicenter, experienced almost total destruction.
“Rebecca McAteer, a US doctor who was one of the first to arrive in the district of Gorkha close to the epicentre, told Associated Press that 90% of houses there were “just flattened”.
She said most residents were older men and women and children, as the younger men had left to find work elsewhere.
Many have also lost livestock and have little food.
But helicopters are now air-dropping tents, dry food and medicine – though they are yet to reach many isolated communities.
Where helicopters manage to land, they are mobbed by hungry and fearful villagers pleading to be airlifted out.” More… (source: BBC.com)
Donate Now:
There are numerous “Donate” organizations springing up #Nepalearthquake donate appearing on twitter, including one on Facebook.India Facebook Donate
Should anyone decide to give for relief efforts, please be careful which organization you choose to use, including the Facebook Donate button.  You need to protect your financial information–thoroughly research first.
The “text to” button may have hidden fees in addition to collecting your financial information–research carefully.
The situation is ripe for unscrupulous false organizations.
Check within your local areas to see if anyone is already in progress to collect food, clothing, or cooking eating utensils, etc.
Continue to pray for Nepal and her people, plus the surrounding villages and areas also affected in China and India.
As always, be safe be blessed.


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