Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bill of Rights, Document 5, Pennsylvania Constitution of 1776, Declaration of Rights....

Bill of Rights, Document 5, Pennsylvania Constitution of 1776, Declaration of Rights....

Thorpe 5:3082--84 I. That all men are born equally free and independent, and have certain natural, inherent and inalienable rights, amongst which are, the enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety.

      We now find ourselves in a time where this other class of people are now actively engaged in genocide and destruction of the biologic fabric of the planet - disguised as Geo-engineering [in the writers opinion]; profiteering,  criminal bribery, constructive fraud and are desperately trying to tank their false NWO economy - even though the planets elders have been on standby for decades to wipe out the FALSE debts created by the ZIONazi privatly held FEDERAL RESERVE military script ponzi scheme and restart the American economy with out any debt [See www.godskyearth.org as just one example].  Of course this would not suit TPTW that designed this system to collapse so that they could raise their phoenix (The OWO) from the ashes!  Their MO being - "Out of Chaos - Order."  The same orchestrated acts of insanity are going on in all other nations under fire by the banking cartel! The real wealth holders of the planet are on standby to  bail out all nations neutralizing the FIAT system Monopoly money & false debt and they are being blocked from doing so!

     The truth known to the whole world now is that We the Peoples and the Peoples Trust were betrayed by selected leaders of the CROWN SYNDICATE and its domestic terrorist agents operating on the shores of North America and other Private Family's who operate as a closed shop criminal cartel. Principally those that control finance and law who answer to those in the vatican enclave of known as the Corporation of London.  We are aware that our nation suffered its greatest blows by the shadow government in the lead up and post the orchestrated civil war.  See the UNLEARN menu for detailed explanations on this conspiracy against the American People and the Republic.

     Today - an increasing number are aware that a class of men operate a board of directors for a foreign US corporation unlawfully created in 1871, a Congress that has created a foreign law form outside of the original enumerated powers granted to the government. A parasitic class have infiltrated every seat of local, State and National government aided by the foreign BAR Association (CROWN Temple BAR) who now illegally run our courts (Adminsitrative tribunals directed under a fiat bankruptcy / admiralty rules) even though the acts that required proper ratification under the Constitutions of most States was never Lawfully Ratified. What we have is insurrection!

     This is certainly true in California and Oregon and all of the 50 States. TODAY!

Further the Original 13th amendment barred titles of nobility from operating in these United States - the insurrection was enabled by the foreign BAR flies who were the ones that have handed our Republic to the Banking mafia. A re-affirmation of the still standing original
13th amendment will rapidly make BAR flies beholding to a foreign power incapable of holding any office in this country overnight. Such a move would peacefully, rapidly turn out of the People's offices those beholding to a foreign power - like the CROWN and ZIONist interests that run America and the world today. It would also mean those holding two passports would also need to step down! In one simple move America's troubles would be curtailed. Once re-oathed and bonded, we would have our government back, our courts back and our banking back under the Republic and lawful money created by the States for the people at no interest and for no tax!

    The irony is as far as I can tell - this amendment was never lawfully undone - all that was done was the actors created a near duplicate Corporate Constitution in 1871 that quietly rewrote the 13th amendment... 

Those working to the tune of an international criminal cartel beholding to a secret agenda for humanity - one best described as a ONE WORLD SLAVE PLANET. This secret agenda was brought to our attention by John F. Kennedy seven days before he was assassinated and Dwight D. Eisenhower at his exit speech on Jan.17,1961 where they warned us of the threat of the military industrial complex to the American people and the world.

      We know that the plan of the international cabal is diametrically opposed to the principles of Freedom, Independence and those foundational principles that at all men are created equal and are endowed with unalienable (un-a-lienable - rights that can't be lien'ed away ~ licensed away!) rights; those that were enshrined in the American Declaration of Independence
and that each State is sovereign in perpetuity.

  The above realities came to light as we have directly experienced first-hand the blatant violation of our unalienable (un-a-lien-able) rights, the violation of the sacred trust between the people and the once trusted,  for their petty selfish personal, private financial gain, political favor, and their pursuit of control of all resources and power at any cost.

     The tyranny perpetuated on 'We the people' across the world by the International criminal cartel has been at the expense of the sacred guarantees provided us for the health and welfare of all people. We are now witnessing a now daily erosion of individual Freedom and Independence in favor of creeping collectivism, Totalitarianism and a rapidly encroaching Fascist Global Police State. 

     Unending frauds now bring a bout a reality that is visibly, negatively impacting our daily lives, our quality of life, our environment, our families, our communities and the very fabric of the American Nation, all sovereign Nations worldwide and this movement now stands to jeopardize all life on this planet as these Dogs of War try to trigger yet another moronic war for the bankers profit and sadistic pleasure.  

      It is clear to anyone paying attention to this lunacy that the only programs being funded today are One World Government agendas - principally acts of Genocide - provably been directed by a Private Criminal Cartel - and programs aligned with the
UN Agenda 21 - and designed to impose lunatic restrictions on all people. The lunatic fringe seek to commoditize or destroy the integrity of our  food, air, dna and water. They have created endless programs  literally intended to cull the people in line with their desired number now enshrined in the NWO monument to agenda 21, the Georgia Guidstones to just 500,000,000 globally down more than 95+%.

Our Conclusion - We the People must take on the challenges of our time directly ourselves!


       After several years of researching the above controversial issues, our team concluded there was only one way for us to fix the problems that we see in the world today.  That the informed amongst us needed to step up to the plate, to organize ourselves, share the knowledge we have amassed with those now ready to wake up, so that we may collectively help others unlearn and re-educate. To help all fully appreciate the causes of the real challenges of our time, and in turn, we may then come together and directly solve our common problems, while circumventing those that have and do deliberately stifle innovation while creating the very problems that We the People now must work at solving before they destroy our world.

        We intend to provide our members with the core solutions that will allow We the People to successfully develop self sustaining communities; those that are self reliant and that will have the means to retain their limited economic resources in their local and regional economies with out reliance on foreign private exchange tokens from those pretending to be bankers.

       We will help bring about homes and communities that are able to operate as water and energy independent.  Our goal is to see all people in all communities around the world, living as a truly Free and Independent people, and thriving instead of just existing.     
For those who want to go deeper, the unlearn links above further explains the insidious nature of the long conspiracy to take down the republic by the international banking mafia - read on! 



Anonymous said...

I have the report done for congress by a private firm at the cost of millions of dollars that proves the original 13th amendment is the law of the land and was ratified. When the Congress found out the report did not disprove the thirteenth amendment but in fact proved attorneys and BAR members cannot be American Citizens or hold any public office they ordered the report destroyed. The original is in our possession and the person in charge of getting it done for Congress died long ago from cancer. I also have the Congressional report titled; The American Lawyers Guild, the Bulwark for the Communist takeover of the United States of America. Does anyone know where I can send these reports without risking being killed by the kharzarian mafia currently running D.C.? Will the recipients take measures to have all of these people arrested and deported?

Anonymous said...

The private Federal Reserve had commercial liens placed against it at the end of 2012, which is why we are seeing the strengthening of the frn, which we all know is to be replaced with the trn anytime now.

Anonymous said...

We can quote the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and all the laws 'til we're blue in the face and it isn't going to matter. The courts, including and especially the supreme court, are corrupt. Congress is corrupt. Most local police departments are corrupt. The Joint Chiefs of Staff are corrupt. Who is going to enforce the law for us? It seems God is not ready yet.

Anonymous said...

I do know to whom those reports could go to and you would be safe but wait as the new Republic will be in charge very soon as they are very busy at the moment putting things into place. 30 days would be great. We could make contact through FREEWILL. Ken T.

I would get copies to other people you trust to hold as well.

Popeye said...


Popeye said...

PLEASE SEND THIS COMMENT DIRECTLY TO freewill2015nesara@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Re:9:42 A.M.
"who is going to enforce the law for us" ?
That's the problem. You want someone to take responsibility for what needs to done by you!!
God is ready, your not!!!!!
God helps those that help them selves!!
I lost everything fighting these bastards because people like you would not join in.
I'll bet you still pay the i.r.s. and have an ss#
Get up off your ass and fight, JOIN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freewill said...

Send me the info. I will put it up with the info we have in the interim De Jure republic.
I can post it up for the public to view and enforce if you chose to.

Thanks ~Freewill

Anonymous said...

RE: We intend to provide our members with the core solutions
Who is "we"..who wrote the article, what is the website, does anyone know please?

Anonymous said...

How do we stop paying taxes? Will someone please fill me in. I thought "they" would just take our houses, through us in jail etc?