Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fwd: ALERT: Brace Yourself for Fed Statement?

There is unease in the market. Everybody knows that the valuations are all out of whack but they don't know when it will end. They don't know what will prick the bubbles or will ignite the flames of the seriously depressed commodities.

Unease + Uncertainty = Crazy and Rash Trading

The Federal Reserve will come out with their statement in a few hours (2pm EST) and there is talk that no matter what they say...volatility will follow. It is already written in the cards.

Dovish, Hawkish or Neutral - people think a change in position may be needed based on what the Fed says.

Yes, totally and utterly crazy that this institution has that kind of sway on the markets but that's the world we live in. Oh - I have not forgotten that the Fed and the US Treasury will do it's best to sway the markets (silver and gold especially) the way they want them to go with their computer programs...but where is that? Are they ready for the End Game yet? Are they planning on easing into the End Game starting from here? If they are there will be panic in the streets to a much greater extent than what happened in Baltimore.

I think the Fed will keep it calm the best they can at the moment as there is bound to be more protests in Baltimore this weekend. I'd expect those protests to spread to other parts of the country so stay safe if you live in the major cities of the US.

Also, this is likely the last pre-Greece implosion Fed Meeting so it adds a little emotional juice to the potential for kicking up the chaos.

This is just a heads up that anything is be ready for anything.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

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