Tuesday, April 28, 2015

BREAKING! Texas Gov. To Send State Guard To Monitor Jade Helm Exercise

Is Gov. Abbott truly concerned about the Army's mission?
by Rob Dew | Infowars.com | April 28, 2015

Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted that he will be sending the Texas State Guard to monitor Jade Helm 15 operations in Texas “to safeguard Texans’ constitutional rights, private property & civil liberties.” 
Is this statement meant to have citizens let their guard down, or is Gov. Abbott truly concerned about the Army’s mission?

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Anonymous said...

O.K, so first off: "Jade Helm" is clearly not what the public assumes it is.


In regards to that, "J.A.D.E HELM" is too obvious for it to be an act of war against America.

Thinking about this rationally and forgetting the fear mongering, for what kind of rhyme or reason would the military announce the entire exercise to the public at all if it was sinister?

The NWO must have gotten horrendously stupid and desires to fall on its sword, to announce to the public the Jade Helm exercises in advance and let everyone in on their plans. So that type of commentary doesn't even make a bit of sense, since when do operations like this occur except in total silence?

If the NWO alerted the world of its plans, then everyone who owns a firearm could tear apart their operation like they are doing in many cities right now. It makes no sense, none of it does.
Is the NWO stupid and suicidal? Are Americans?

That said, I do not claim to know what "Jade Helm" is about I only know it isn't sinister. Likewise I do not know if Jade Helm is positive, I have seen no evidence it is positive either.

But in my personal view of the overall, I believe that "Jade Helm" while not a hoax is a conditioning model which is also there in preparation for disasters such as the one at Yellowstone to manage public perception.

They need the military products in place to prevent widespread panic, in case a real natural disaster or actual outbreak occurs. Likewise, as bizarre as it sounds they also are arresting a lot of bankers now who live in these areas that other legal strategies cannot reach.

So overall, I think there is plenty of reason to be concerned about the drills. People should be storming their city halls and state authorities, to revoke permission from state owned land.

While you can't do anything about public/private owned land, you can change the outcome very fast on any state owned lands and county properties. That step should truly be taken.

Yet overall, I do not sense the overall drills to be anything more than a psy-op to see if in the future the military can maneuver anywhere it pleases. Being on full alert is the best idea, but if you were expecting World War 3 I think you'll be highly disappointed.