Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ben Carson Says Government Should Silence People with “Extreme Political Bias”

Ben Carson Says Government Should Silence People with “'Extreme' Political Bias”


Popular GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson appeared with Glenn Beck earlier this week to talk about his candidacy and about his ideas for the future of our nation. It was during this conversation that Dr. Carson said something that should bother EVERYONE, Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal… 

At around 3:30 in the video, Beck asks Carson if he would “shut down the Department of Education?” 

Carson responds, “I actually have something I would use the Department of Education to do.” Then, “It would be to monitor our institutions of higher education for extreme political bias and deny federal funding if it exists.” 


Before I heard the context of the statement, I was willing to give Carson a pass for this answer, because I assumed it came during a larger “what if” scenario of some sort. However, after listening to the interview, I realized that this is something that Carson has obviously thought a lot about and this answer is a thoroughly considered idea that he wants to implement! 

Folks, this answer is exactly the thing we fear most from the Democrats! The only difference between Hillary Clinton offering up this “idea” and Carson doing it is that Clinton is a liberal and if she said we would see it for what it was… an attack on conservative ideology in the classroom. When Carson says it, we understand he primarily means liberal political bias… the problem is that it sets a VERY dangerous precedent. 

Perhaps Carson as President can force the Department of Education to be unbiased in their judgment of political speech on campus… but what happens when the next liberal is inaugurated and they don’t care about liberal political speech on campus? The Department of Ed could be used as a sword against conservative political activity on campus!  (It ALREADY is! Talk with students who are FORCED to remove campaign buttons, jewelry, clothing due to censorship.)

I like Dr. Carson, but sometimes I feel like he “overthinks” some of his responses in an effort to distinguish himself from other conservative candidates. He thought long and hard about finding a good use for the Department of Education, and while all the other conservatives say “abolish,” he says he’ll use it to make things easier for conservatives on college campuses. Sounds like a great idea… until you realize what it means.

Dr. Carson has made this mistake before on the 2nd Amendment.  After he received blowback for his gun stance, he changed his mind. I hope he does that again on the Department of Education.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Carson is anti-Christian and believes in forced vaccinations.

These come from his words not mine. Ken T.

Popeye said...

This guy Carson is known as Mr. Tyranny....If you want the same old same for this AHO.... HE WANTS US TO FEAR THE GOVERNMENT!!....Now if you want ....Liberty you want the Government to fear us.... Dr. Ron Paul or Judge Anna, or Judge Napolitano or judge Jeannie Tirro .... ....would be for Liberty.... I do not believe any belong to the BAR............ I will be surprised if this FAKE CEO (PREZ) CABAL ELECTION goes any where...

siriusvoid said...

Carson does seem a bit long on principles (which I don't mind) and little weak on policy, which can seem a little frightening. But I agree that something has to be done before political activists both inside and outside our government, and opportunistic trial lawyers finally succeed in toppling it. I personally believe that PACs, NGOs, corporate contributions to political campaigns and lobbying in general should be cut off at the knees as far as access to our govt and govt favors and funding goes. The US corporate monster needs to be suffocated... America must be restored to the grass roots... The individual citizens.